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Decades After Atrocities During US-Backed Civil Wars, Nations Take Promising Legal Steps


Decades After Atrocities During US-Backed Civil Wars, Nations Take Promising Legal Steps

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In promising and long-awaited developments, Guatemala and El Salvador, where U.S.-backing and training helped the military forces commit crimes against humanity, this week took legal steps towards justice for victims.

In El Salvador, more than 25 years after members of the U.S. backed-Salvadoran military forces killed six Jesuit priests, the government has said it would arrest 17 former soldiers accused of the committing the notorious massacre.


We see the very cheap workers in Vietnam being used to destroy American workers. That was the plan when the US dark-side began its empire. They moved south of the border using fascist special forces to assassinate and capture nations for their dictators to run. When Congress stopped their funding, the Saudi's assisted the secret US system to continue their dirty work. There is only a legal recourse if their are courts sensitive to criminality. Perhaps that time has come. If so US citizens used, but kept in the dark by those doing the dirty deeds will pay a price too. Same for the Middle East.


As Tomjohnson wrote, these wars were not "backed by" the US they were created by the US! All the dictators, oligarchies, coups and atrocities against civilians, teachers, activists, unions and the clergy were planned, funded and covered-up by the US using our troops or hired and US trained thug murderers, rapists, and torturers.

We still continue the subversions of Latin America even now (along with the new areas of subversion and war) and given the opportunity our spook agencies and their agents will expand their crimes yet again.





Pa'lante mis hermanos. Sirven como ejemplo de lo que nosotros tenemos que llevar a cabo aqui con quienes violaron derechos humanos en nombre de los EEUU.

Many thanks to my Central American brothers and sisters. They are providing the leadership that is needed here, in the US, to ensure that US government officials, military personnel, and contractors who committed crimes against humanity as part of the endless US wars against 'terrorism'.


This is the Blow Back that comes from Ronald Reagan’s anticommunist misunderstandings and the US history of spreading Corporatism as practiced by the Dulles Brothers. One might also ask George HW Bush exactly what his involvement was in Iran/Contra in the basement of Reagan’s White House with Oliver North. Also, what about the “supplies” being flown in and out of Mena, Arkansas under Governor Clinton’s nose, so to speak?


Some USers work to counter present-day subversion of democracy and indigenous communities in Central America. Here's the Indiegogo page of someone i know preparing to do accompaniment in Guatemala, standing with people seeking justice for genocide, and those resisting imposition of dams:



We need a new, expanded version of the Church Committee, one which takes on the full, massive scope of the Deep State's monstrous criminality, dating back to at least 1945. One with the broadest subpoena power and a special prosecutors' office, to arrest and bring to court the surviving criminal actors (Pappy Bush should spend his remaining days on earth fighting his prosecution from an isolation cell in Fort Leavenworth) and sue the estates of deceased bosses of Murder Inc. (the Dulles brothers would be a good start) in order to fund the $ billions in reparations owed to its millions of victims in dozens of nations worldwide. Reagan called his favorite psychopaths, the Miami Contras, "the moral equivalent of our founding fathers." Perhaps he was right.

Yeah.... and I dreamed I saw St Augustine as alive as you or me....


Wait a minute, why sue in El Salvador? If these guys were only doing what they were paid to do, then it is those who paid them to pay for the choices they made. Federal court baby!


I'm still waiting to hear about this most important news story on the mainstream media.


Here is a compelling interview on "Democracy Now."


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Thanks Norcal. I hope that Democracy Now will soon be in the mainstream.


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David Talbot's, The Devil's Chessboard- another recent treatment of those events, with much new information gleaned from Freedom of Information Act original sources (many of which remain heavily redacted):


Talbot is still digging.


maxbeaverbrook/towhee you're onto it, I'm sure of it. Damn shame...


Thank you President Reagen for helping to initiate and for supporting these heinous acts of violence against the Mayan people. No, one can't hold the Gipper responsible for the atrocities perpetrated against the indigenous people of Guatemala and El Salvidor, he was living in Alzheimer's magic world of dementia. He was probably as conscious as a windup doll by 1995. But I'll bet there are plenty of US armed forces and their accompanying cohort of CIA butchers that can be prosecuted along with the RĂ­os Montt mass murders.


"When Congress stopped their funding, the Saudis assisted the secret US system to continue their dirty work."

As did Israel. I read recently that after Jimmy Carter cut off funding to Somoza in Nicaragua, the Israelis sent a boatload of weapons to Somoza and Carter forced them to turn back.


I've been reading about the various iterations of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation organization and find it very interesting. Some think that these "deep" investigations into government corruption should include criminal prosecution, others not. I have some mixed feelings, but it seems that this type of public disclosure is now the only way out of the apparent failure of politics as practiced today.


Hard to know the dark forces within the US had global support while using American tax-payers to fund and fight their wars. They used Nazi-style tactics setting up squads of murderers throughout South and Central America. We knew something bad was going on. As usual the media sanitized it. One who fought for the natives was Che Guevara.


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