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Decades After False Convictions, 'When They See Us' Highlights Media Failure

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/09/decades-after-false-convictions-when-they-see-us-highlights-media-failure

Beyond the egregious issues involved with these five men in a historical situation lies the impact of media dramas that were no doubt inspired by the story to one degree or another. In search of ratings, fear baiting has always been a strong player. However, the inevitable stereotyping imprints an impressionable audience who cease to know fact from fiction. Quite often I have had people cite fictional television dramas and movies to me as factual. This confabulation has been a problem throughout history from what I can tell (accounting for the media at the time). When incentives for money and power enter into a situation, truth is often the first casualty. When the bogeyman is obviously a stretch of the imagination, such as Beowulf’s Grendel, perspective is more easily kept than if the bogeyman resembles someone down the street, or even just in the “bad part of town”.


“Bands of marauding teenagers similar to the one that ran wild in Central Park last week are creating pockets of anarchy in the city by taking over subway trains”

We need to rescue the word “anarchy”. It doesn’t mean lawlessness. On the contrary, it is a reaction to the lawlessness of authoritarians, oligarchy and despotic rule.

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How did this end? Did the teenaged boys with 6 to 13 years of their life missing receive any compensation? What became of them—and what became of those in the legal system who so easily wrote them off?

Justice and equality for all. So why isn’t trump in handcuffs?

There was a $41 million settlement followed by another $3.9 million payment. How much went to the young men? No idea. Linda Fairstein, the prosecutor, recently lost her book contract, so, at the moment, she has no publisher for her “true crime” rubbish. Other consequences? Not sure off the top of my head. Justice? Probably not.

I agree. And it reminds me of the misinterpretation of the word liberal. Liberal, by the right, is construed as meaning “to give away, or take from others.” In reality, imo, it means open minded and ready for positive change.

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Hi EdsNote:
They got some money, who knows how much----but how can any people ever get back stolen years of their lives? : (