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Decades of Denial Lead to Exxon’s “New Climate Reality”


Decades of Denial Lead to Exxon’s “New Climate Reality”

Andy Rowell

Earlier this week it was announced that we had entered a new era of “climate change reality”, with scientists warning that carbon dioxide has permanently passed the symbolic threshold of 400 ppm.

It is not expected to fall below that limit again for generations.


We are dealing with these mendicants in Monterey County. Here ExxonMobile, Chevron and Shell are injecting millions of gallons of contaminated wastewater from their oil operations into the aquifers beneath the Salinas Valley. They have to steam inject their tar sands to get out oil from the most carbon intensive field in California, but their lies come out like gushers. They insist that if the people make them act responsibly they will shut down and take our schools and fire protection with them. The only thing big oil values more than their profits is the truth, which is why they use it so sparingly. Help http://www.protectmontereycounty.org/


Come help us pass Measure Z. We are the only place in the country voting directly on fracking and wastewater injection this Election Day.


“We share the view that the risks of climate change are real and require serious action.”

No mention that humans are the main cause. By action does that mean mainly building sea walls?