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Decades of Heavy Air Pollution Could Make Some Areas More Likely to See High Coronavirus Death Toll: Study

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/07/decades-heavy-air-pollution-could-make-some-areas-more-likely-see-high-coronavirus


From the article:

“… we need to have a real and honest conversation about the failure to tackle harmful air pollution.” (emphasis mine)

I’m more inclined to call it a “refusal.” The parasitic rich are trying to adjust the odds in their favor by killing as many of the 99% as they can (see also the “living” conditions in for-profit ICE concentration camps and other carceral sites).

A certain red-diaper baby used to dismiss my environmentalism as petty bourgeois, until I showed her the correlation between grossly polluting industrial facilities and minority and poor white neighborhoods. It’s no accident.


It is becoming obvious that the many people who are and will die as a result of our reckless policy will be those traditionally viewed as disposable under the reign of neoliberalism. These include the elderly, the destitute, poor people of color, undocumented immigrants and people with disabilities — not to mention the front-line medical workers who lack the equipment they need to be safe as they treat the elderly, sick and dangerously ill.

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Air pollution is one of the files that documents how extremism rules as tradition. Even ‘environmentally friendly’ admins have allowed life killing levels of pollution to flourish and take lives by the 100’s of thousands a year. Corporate capture is writ large on the corpses piled up across the nation because making money is way more important than ending wasteful combustion of fossil fuels to enrich our Dark Overlords. To rub this into the numerous faces of families who lose members to elite enabled pollution, “the Trump administration said it would weaken Obama-era restrictions on vehicle tailpipe emissions, even as the EPA acknowledged doing so would lead to more premature deaths associated with air pollution.”

The fact that this is not recognized as a multi-decadal crisis marks the pervasive corruption of politics and the foolishness of the electorate which votes to continue mass political-economic homicide. We literally choke to death on our votes if we vote ‘center’.

Hi Davidcarson:
And Blue Skies came to China’s dirty brown ones when they held the Olympics. Of course, they stopped a lot of vehicles during that time, and it was truly amazing to see how quickly the sky went from dirt brown to clean sky blue. : )

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By the time we get to the “other end” of COVID-19 we will be experiencing more air pollution than we have in four decades thanks to the GOP’s decriminalization of environmental regulations during the past three years.

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Nothing more cruel to nature than mankind.
We are systematically destroying the life support system of the planet .

This comes with consequences.

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