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December 19 Coalition Gathers at State Capitols Across America for Protests


December 19 Coalition Gathers at State Capitols Across America for Protests

- Common Dreams staff

From December 17-19th, over 10,000 Americans are gathering at state capitals across the country for candlelight vigils and rallies at their state capitals, asking Electors to vote their conscience and reject Donald Trump when the Electoral College officially elects the President on December 19.


Alternatively, the December 19 coalition could try and convince some Generals and Colonels to stage a coup. Then they could just seat whoever they want in the White House.


If this works there will be millions of Americans fuming that they didn't get a fascist dictator for a president. Particularly the KKK, neonazis, alt-right crowd is going to be beside themselves. It would be a sad day for the self-proclaimed genetically superior people of European ancestry.


If this works there will be millions of Americans fuming that they didn't get a fascist dictator for a president.

There already are.
Oh, you meant Trump, not Hillary.


I am not an American but I tried to follow the election campaign. Is not the campaign the proper time for such protest? Where was everyone during the endless campaign? There is no proof at all of Russian interference. This is ridiculous. I understand the system of the Electoral College. Who can they elect? Just anybody?


Three common phrases come to mind when reading this article: "Pig in a poke" "Be careful what you ask for " and "Better the devil you know..." Yes, the prospect of a Trump presidency is horrifying. The only thing more horrifying might be the alternative you get by getting the electors to deny him the requisite votes to become president. Who exactly would replace him? (This is the pig in a poke problem.) The alternatives, including the one posited in the article, Kasich (or alternatively Pence or any other right zealot Republican) would likely be worse. (This is the be careful what you ask for/better the devil you know problem.) Trump is incompetent, irrational, immature and ... (we could all list a number repugnant characteristics here). But someone like Kasich or Pence, or Ryan, or virtually any other "mainstream" Republican will embrace a more coherent, and more evil, policy framework designed to destroy the government, eliminate civil liberties, impose extreme religious views, deregulate all commerce, wreck the environment, and so on. I'd rather have the buffoon than the zealot, thank you.

This is an extremely dangerous, and ill-advised movement in my view.


Now, if someone would please enlighten me what PSA stands for in this article. I have a real problem with writers using acronyms without writing out at least once, what they refer to.

If you google 'PSA' you will get Prostate Specific Antigens.

There is a big world out there outside of the writer's small niche of interest.

Now, that I have gotten that of my chest maybe I can try to make sense of this article while remaining ignorant of that specific meaning of 'PSA'


PSA = Public Service Announcement -- not an insider's term really, but I agree that sometimes acronyms in this type of forum can be a problem.


Yes, the electors of the Electoral College can vote for, or write-in anybody. But the body has to have to 270 votes for one candidate to decide on a president, otherwise, the selections falls to the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, who can install anyone they want.

This has never happened in America. Let's hope they don't use computers to tally the votes!


I cannot help, but endorse your last sentence. :slight_smile:


If the Electors fail to award 270 votes or more to a single candidate, the vote does go to House of Representatives. But they can't vote for just anyone. They can only choose from the top 3 electoral vote winners. This is clearly spelled out in the US Constitution in Article II, Section 1 and it has happened twice before in 1800 and 1824. Unfortunately, the Republican controlled House would likely vote for Trump and he would still become the 45th POTUS...


If you voted for Trump--- Congratulations......You will help Trump make America Great Again for the Ultra Wealthy. If you Voted for Trump, you have been deceived and lied to. Trump and his crew will quickly transfer what remaining wealth that you have to the top. Now Hillary would do you no better, that is for sure. The difference is that Trump does it in your face, whereas HIllary would do it behind your back...at least with Trump it is out in the open....for he is a showman......


What a ridiculous comment. A complete waste of bits and bytes.


RMV- Pence is already running the show as did Cheney with Bush. Pence is calling the shots and Trump is just enjoying the spotlight. And Ryan is their Partner for he will get the Austerity programs for which he calls.....As Austerity programs have been imposed in Europe, they are emerging here......
Prosperity for all (of the Elites) and Austerity for the rest......
United States of Austerity.....This Crew will quickly transform America into a 3rd world status country....


Even if they succeed in preventing Trump from winning 270 electoral votes or more and the vote shifts to the House of Representatives, it's highly unlikely that they would choose anyone other than Trump. Just imagine how many of the GOP voters would turn against the GOP if they voted against their own nominee. It's highly unlikely that they would risk everything like that. They would be in a safer position electing Trump, then finding a way to impeach him afterwards so that Mike Pence would take his place...


Impeachment is the Plan... (.. Let Trump put these people in place in the cabinet, then impeach him.. Hell, Pence is already running the shop, managing the transition team, taking the daily briefs.... And Donnie is out taking his Victory tour for more of the spotlight...notice which states that he is touring....the states in which Jill Stein demanded a recount,....WI, MI& PA.... Trump really does not want to be the President, nope he wants the spotlight the energy......No,he just wants to run his empire.....


Yes, RazedAwareness, Trump's only goal is to "Make America's EMPIRE Great Again".

Here's the origin of this scheme:

The only real goal of the imperialist cabal behind Trump is to "Make America's EMPIRE Great Again". Their strategic planning has gone on at least since 2011 in the metropole of the Empire: The Council on Foreign Relation's 2011 "Renewing America Initiative" has a lot more to do with Trump's "Make America Great Again" hat slogan than just the similarity of words and emotions --- and also a lot more to do with his 'winning' the presidency than is understood at all:

"The year 2011 also saw a major new CFR program, the Renewing America Initiative, a prime example of “mission creep,” that is, the recent tendency for the Council to expand its focus of activity beyond foreign policy to the domestic realm. The CFR leadership believes that this new initiative is needed because the underpinnings of U.S. global power are weakening as unsolved problems grow within the country."

Shoup, Laurence H. (2015-08-22). Wall Street's Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics, 1976-2014 (Kindle Locations 1586-1589). Monthly Review Press. Kindle Edition.

The sin of this reality, of course, is that instead of this Renewing America Initiative of the CFR's Empire lair, employing the emotion of ginning up some seriously disappointed Americans to be predisposed to an Imperial figure-head like Trump (who was just a puppet of the Empire using the patriotic appeal of greatness to subtly sell the real Empire itself which is our "Nemesis" [Charlmers Johnson]) --- Bernie Sanders had every opportunity, and was pushed very hard by me (and others) to get the jump on the 'Dark Side' and the protofascist alt-right, by expanding his weak, vague, inane, inchoate, and incomplete two-word sound-bite campaign slogan of merely "Political Revolution" --- without even an 'object' and failing as a short complete 'action sentence', to instead boldly expose the Empire with a "Political Revolution against EMPIRE". Which alone was the only thing that would have gotten him through this thing and WON.

The vast majority of American's --- including disappointed Republicans and Democrats would have voted for Bernie to get us out from under the boot of this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, which had 'captured', controlled, and nearly fully "Occupied" our formerly pround and sometimes improving country, that the Empire only used as its nominal global HQ, and merely 'posed' as America. That would have been a righteous (but totally non-violent) Second American Revolution against EMPIRE by 90+% of Americans.

But instead the Empire itself and its alt-right dupes have leveraged the false goal of Making America's EMPIRE Great Again to totally mislead (and enslave) the masses of good but confused and deluded people.

"And so it goes" K Vonnegut.


Thank you for the correction. I misspoke. It's the electors who can write in anyone. Once it goes to the House, I believe you are correct! They have to vote for the candidates with the most votes. So that would include who? And it has happened twice, as you said.


It's such an unusual occurrence, the rules are foreign to me.


Several of the comments from the Democratic establishment are ridiculous and are sour grapes following the Clinton loss. Some have commented about the Treasury Secretary having close ties to Goldman Sachs, but Treasury Secretaries for the past several decades have come directly from Goldman Sachs under both Democrats and Republicans, and that is only one example of their inane complaints. It is time for Democrat to accept their loss and look at reforming the party for the future. Sadly, with Schumer, Pelosi, and the old establishment in power, they will continue to be a party beholden to Wall Street and Silicon Valley, which will result in them being a small, ineffective opposition party.


Right, there is absolutely no proof of Russian involvement but there is absolutely alot of AIPAC/Israeli involvement. AIPAC and the Rothschild banksters are unhappy about looses in Ukraine and in Syria