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Deciphering the Mideast Chaos


Deciphering the Mideast Chaos

Robert Parry

Few Americans seem to comprehend what is unfolding in the Middle East – with the latest conflict involving Saudi airstrikes against the Houthi rebels who now control Yemen’s capital of Sanaa. In this swirl of regional wars, it’s often not clear where the U.S. government stands and how American interests are affected.


Trying to tie the current Middle East cluster-f**k all back to beyond-ancient religious and cultural “schisms” is crap piled on crap piled on crapola. Parry leans on his past “record” as if it absolves his limited “permissible dissent” position. If there was no oil/gas to be exploited in the Middle East (or anywhere), there would be no wars over such desolate and strategically inconsequential places.

Before oil was commercialized, the Middle East chaos may indeed have been primarily rooted in religious/cultural issues. Since oil colonialism, inflaming those religious/social issues have merely been means to an end… foreign/corporate control of the oil, the profits to be made and the elite power that follows on from that.

Journalists should simply follow the money if they want to report truth to readers and speak truth to power.

The kabuki theatre that passes for Middle East “policy” can only continue if the public remains unaware or “confused”. Writers like Parry and Cole, by focusing on the obviously manipulated religious/cultural factions, do little to dispel the confusion. The factions may be real, but why they violently oppose each other has more to do with profits than from-the-top ideology. We KNOW al Qaeda/ISIS and other purportedly ideologically-driven"terrorist" groups were/are created and supported by US-backed agencies and/or puppet regimes.


Too many of them are following the money. It’s just that it’s the money in their paycheques and not what is supporting the turmoil in the Middle East.



It is simply Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard” playing out. I expect future editions of the book to contain the subtitle: “A Pre-History”. (Ukraine, too.)


So is Perry hinting that a saudi israel alliance may have been the go behind
9-11 to give bush the political capital to drag america military power into the mid-east to do their bidding?


Parry gets a lot right, but here, ignorance extends to his own evidently poorly-examined acceptance of the Official Narrative:

"Yet, over the years, the U.S. government has exploited the general lack of knowledge among Americans about the intricacies of Middle East religions and politics by funneling the anger against one group to rationalize actions against another.

For instance, in 2003, as revenge for the 9/11 slaughter of 3,000 Americans – carried out primarily by Saudi extremists under the leadership of Saudi Osama bin Laden – President George W. Bush shielded the Saudis from blame and ordered the invasion of Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein, a secular Sunni dictator who was a fierce opponent of Al-Qaeda and other religious fanatics."

In other words, the general “lack of knowledge among Americans” extends to TOO many otherwise important journalists & reporters when it comes to the False Flag that ignited all these pre-planned Middle East wars & related rollbacks on Civil Liberties. How else to make the world safe for corporate “free trade” and an all-out rape of The Commons?


Don’t forget the massive flow of arms sales and how that pleases U.S. war profiteers and bankers.


You certainly are. But neither had the power to remove evidence before an actual investigation, issue a stand down order to air forces, or clean-up the Pentagon so that no debris (or lack of same) could be visible to witnesses. In other words, Inside Job may have had its outside partners… but that hardly means no insiders were IN on it; and my bet is still on former Blackwater and its patron saint of mass killing, Eric Prince. He and his boys probably studied a thing or two about the hardly universal art of controlled demolition.


“In this swirl of regional wars, it’s often not clear where the U.S. government stands and how American interests are affected.”

Well, actually, there are web sites devoted to revealing “where the US government stands” and they do a great job of revealing this in terms of which candidates get the money. But they reveal little or nothing about how the money can, and it most likely can, predict where military wastelands will next be created so the contractors and bankers and oil giants, et. al., can rake in the war-spending millions, billions, and trillions.

The troops we routinely sacrifice are only there for adding superficial patina of patriotism to that routine, systemic treason.