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Declaring Chelsea Manning’s Voice against Torture Contraband


Declaring Chelsea Manning’s Voice against Torture Contraband

Marcy Wheeler

As a number of outlets have reported, Chelsea Manning faces a disciplinary board on Tuesday for four alleged violations, including brushing crumbs on the floor, disrespecting an officer, keeping toothpaste past its expiry date, and keeping items deemed contraband, including the Vanity Fair issue on Caitlyn Jenner.


How do prisons justify prohibiting prisoners’ speech and reading material based purely on political content? Not that that is the worst thing prisons do, but it does seem like a glaring symptom of the lack of oversight of prisons.


There’s plenty of oversight. The prison authorities are doing exactly as they are told.


No doubt. I just meant, if prisons have written policies actually stating what political content is prohibited, something that excludes the government’s own torture report, would politicians openly defend that if challenged? I guess nothing should surprise me anymore.


I am 71 years old. I think I will live to see Manning’s jailers exchange places with her. This regime is already in failure mode as profound as ever was that of the Soviet Union.


I confess supreme naivte. The blatant torture of Ms. Manning is shocking; where is our protest? As one poster noted, it could happen to any of us. Such behavior shames our country as much as anything could. We have lost our way.


Willful ignorance and apathy on the part of the citizenry has allowed the criminals to codify their takeover of the government. Most Amerikans are just like the complacent Germans that allowed themselves to be propagandized into believing the exact same things. Torture and murder of humans is necessary for the security of the homeland. The vast majority of my friends and family are in denial that “It could happen here.” They don’t have a clue, and continue to “Support the Pawns,” who “fight for our freedom.” It’s nauseating to watch the blind patriotism of those who will not see.

Chelsea Manning is a global hero, as is Julian Assange. I commend them both for continuing to speak truth to the most atrocious power on the planet, the terrorists who own and operate the US Government. Lady and gentleman, you’re part of the reason I still get up in the morning.

I have a dream that the real criminals will be in prison one day soon.