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Declaring Clinton’s Premature Victory


Declaring Clinton’s Premature Victory

Joe Lauria

Hillary Clinton needs to win 613 of the remaining 775 pledged delegates to clinch the Democratic Party nomination for president. That’s the math, though not what you’ve been seeing in the corporate media’s headlines.


The last time I remember the "Man" being this scared was right before the people forced an end to the Vietnam War. Back then, "revolution" was in the air the the establishment WAS scared.

Since then, they have learned how important it is to manipulate the public with a tightly controlled media. And they have taken appropriate measures to do so.

But they did not count on Sanders. They did not consider him a threat early enough. Yes, they were frightened by RFK and Wellstone and they took appropriate measures. But they dismissed Bernie early on, maybe because they thought no one would follow a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist. (They really got THAT wrong!)

They have to be really afraid of Sanders to pull a stunt like they did today. Will it work? Time will tell. But in the meantime, Bernie please watch your back. We need you and they are very, very scared. There is no telling what their next move will be and instead of merely inciting violence and blaming it on Bernie supporters, they may actually resort to drastic violent measures.

Good luck today (you will need it) and please take care.


I think the final paragraph is most unfortunate: "And that could bring a self-fulfilling prophecy by establishment Democrats of a violent reaction in Philadelphia." To evoke the idea of violence is not at all in keeping with the stance of Bernie Sanders and other nonviolent leaders, nor of his true supporters.


Seeing how the Obama Administration will never indict Clinton and the GOP will wait until well after the convention to do so, replacing Clinton on the ballot with Biden or some other modern day Humphrey seems very likely.


'Sanders is a greater threat to elite Democrats than the billionaire Trump is".

Bingo. The DNC would rather risk losing with the execrable Hillary than back an alternative Democrat who is clearly the better candidate and more likely to win. Trump would not upset the oligarchy and Bernie is a threat from the left....can't have that. The Democrat oligarchs have shown themselves particularly ruthless when dealing with left leaning insurgents.
Bernie should run as an independent.


Lauria sez: "Even if he suffers a blowout loss in California – possibly made more
likely by the AP’s report on Clinton clinching the nomination ..."

In the big picture, this seems the most likely reason for the call at this time. Clinton was always going to have more votes and pledged delegates, but has been fading vis a vis Sanders the longer the campaign has gone on. This call on the eve of the primary season's second-largest delegate haul seems designed to suppress the vote and snap her run of losses going into the convention.


Interesting photo in this article. Little Miss Clinton has THAT look on her face. As cynical as Obama.


This declaration of victory, shows they don't have the least respect for voters. They claim victory before seven States even had the chance to vote.


Watching the debates, I wondered how many hours she had spent rehearsing the various phony "Looks", "Poses" and "Laughs" she was using.

I.E. : "Bernie is speaking, turn, look directly at him, use "Unimpressed, Slightly Disgusted Look #4". Wait for his punch line, turn towards camera, look at audience and use "Dismissive Cackle #3."


The "triumphant" posturing by Hillary looked a bit phony as if practiced in front of Bill and Chelsie for way to long. It was disappointing to see the California vote as it came out. I think we were all hoping it would be lopsided in his favor, but that would have been difficult given the media and presses one sidedness over the past year. Basically big business and wealth dictating what the people see and hear. We are a touch better than countries with Government owned media, but we used to be a million fold better. We are close to being, if not already, an oligarchy. AND, Hillary will move us much closer than we are now.


Interesting thought. Hitler used to practice in front of a mirror. In fact, we all rehearse in some way before appearing in public. I must remember Missolini Clinton's use of body language; it may yet enable me to be more competitive.


I rather think that the USA has been the preserve of the wealthy since the tax-dodgers of 1776 first laid claim to power. Nothing changes but the name of the regime. Perhaps for a brief time the USA's insurgency allowed opportunity for greater upwards social mobility, just as did the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution, but, as Stalin proved absolutely, once the upwardly mobile achieve power, they cement their position very solidly.