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Declaring Critics of Price Tag 'Dead Wrong,' Sanders Unveils Proposals to Pay for Bold Progressive Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/25/declaring-critics-price-tag-dead-wrong-sanders-unveils-proposals-pay-bold


Bernie, truly a Man For All Seasons. His concerns are for all people regardless of color, religion or no religion, gender identity. His plans are a good beginning for becoming a society that values all people as equally valuable. He heralds from the very best Jewish tradition of social justice. So much of what has needed to come into our collective awareness is happening and this is a good thing even if it confronts–especially–our comfortable myths.


by @jellyroll @cd

I’m just sayin that his goals line up. My wife said that its ironic that the only Christian running is a Jew.


This is not new. In his 2016 campaign he gave detailed funding plans for each and every progressive agenda item that he proposed. He may not be the New Deal, but he is THE REAL DEAL.
BERNIE 2020!


He’s certainly done his homework. If i was an american citizen he would get my vote.


Bernie is a very canny sort of swine. No doubt his saboteurs and right-wing DINO’s are, or were, planning divisive BS attacks during tonight’s “debate”, but by this move Bernie (at least partially) denies them their false rubbish and lack-wit blather!
The attacks from mayo pete are especially infuriating, loathsome and vapid; attacking not only Bernie, but our progressive American issues and chances of taking the WH, and Congress back from the trump regime rot. Buttijudge’s smarmy line of tearing-down to serve another agenda is now transparent. His shill candidacy is done…

This country has lots of ways to provide the “how to pay” but entrenched forces, driven by greed and self-interest fight against the Republic - the people’s future. They protect predatory profits from financial usury, for-profit wars of choice and the “defense” industry, the MICC, wall street gambling & speculation, banker frauds and worthless “instrument” scams, corporations making billions but paying zero in taxes, while they export jobs - all manner of taking from the people and society to enrich themselves and crony thieves without giving-back!

Its way past time for all those sectors and corrupt players to actually serve the nation and people that makes their success possible .

The thing is, when our society is strong, our people healthy, and wealth spread more over the population, all residents, including the “rich” are better-off and all lives more productive, more worth living.

GO BERNIE! For a sustainable and secure future for all!


Nice of Robert Reich to chime in with support for these proposals.

Except that in the end, if Bloomberg were to buy the nomination, Reich would would chime in with support for someone whose approach to major challenges will be (well, I’ll just use Reich’s own words):

“Doing nothing or doing too little [which] will make them far worse.”


As you noted in another thread, Bernie had best be prepared for a particularly savage onslaught on the debate stage tonight. In pushing back on the topic of how to pay for ambitious programs that help people, I hope he exploits the opportunity to lace into Trump’s deficit spending – because the same media attacking the price tag for Bernie’s proposals never seem to question Trump running up $trillion deficits as far as the eye can see.


Those who ask, “How much will it cost?” fall into the transactional trap of wanting to know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

The question that needs asking is this – “What is the overall economic VALUE to the American people and society?”

Those who worry about only costs get nothing or cheap junk — not a viable option for the US given its rapid downward trajectory in education, healthcare and general bleak future for the majority of its citizens.


Here’s why Bernie. Without Bernie gaining traction, THIS probably wouldnt have happened

Blackrock is the world’s largest asset manager, with $7.4 trillion in assets under management as of end-Q4 2019.

Read CEO Larry Fink’s letter to CEO’s worldwide

A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance

Climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects. Last September, when millions of people took to the streets to demand action on climate change, many of them emphasized the significant and lasting impact that it will have on economic growth and prosperity – a risk that markets to date have been slower to reflect. But awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.


Given the groundwork we have already laid engaging on disclosure, and the growing investment risks surrounding sustainability, we will be increasingly disposed to vote against management and board directors when companies are not making sufficient progress on sustainability-related disclosures and the business practices and plans underlying them.



Bernie is answering the question. That won’t stop the other candidates from ignoring the answer because they can, and asking, “No, really, honest, how will we pay for things.”

I want an answer to the flip side of this spending question. How did W. Bush plan on paying for the wars? The answer is that he piled onto the national debt and then kicked the debt down the road.

How did Barack Obama plan on paying for the wars? The answer is that he piled onto the national debt and then kicked the debt down the road.

How does Donald Trump plan on paying for the wars? For that matter, how does he pay for the military equipment buildup? How about the monster tax cuts for billionaires on top of that? How does he even pay the interest on the national debt these days? Don’t be silly! The United States government is made of money! Paying for things is for saps. Congress shall collude in this rather short term strategy.


Agreed - but I think we also need to think abut another key point. People are already paying for medical care - but under the current system, they needlessly have to throw in an extra sum to the insurance companies and to administrators that add only negative value. People are already paying for college - but under the current system, they needlessly have to throw in an extra sum to the banks that add only negative value. Our children and grandchildren will pay dearly for every particle of carbon spewed into the air - because, under the current system, we needlessly thrown in a harmful sum to the oil companies who add only negative value.

It’s not just whether these things must be paid for - it is who will pay.


Long ago, the only Christians were Jews.


All my BLK shares sold themselves off over the last month. Thank GOD! I’d felt pretty icky having them. Betting against my own & sick folks in China could’ve turned me into a dead-eyed Democrat?



ttps://en.m.wikipedia.or/wiki/Military_budget_of_the_United_States#/medi/File%3A2018_Federal_Budget_Infographic.png (basically, EVERYTHING on the right, interest discretionary or “other” is "forever wars, for the gas & oil multinationals)


You can feel the momentum building as the Bernie Train comes down the tracks. Stay on message everyone and drive his nomination home. It could be over in 10 days; more money and more volunteers. I have never been so excited as I see a once in a life time candidate with a moral center become the presumptive candidate.

He is showing everyone how you fight entrenched power and win!

Bernie 2020 & 2024; AOC 2028 & 2032


So current total costs 3.5-3.6 trillion. The clans put out last night state he anticipates saving 500-600 billion by eliminating inefficiencies. So 3.0 trillion. Funding is there for 1.7 trillion. Where is the other 1.3 trillion? The meta-anlysis in the lancet was pretty clear that this saves money and lives only if it’s actually fully funded. If we are really thinking about doing this you can’t say people will save money on the fully funded plan and then not fully fund it. The plan should save an average of $135 a month for the hypothetical average person. But it only does that if you can find an extra $321 in funding per person per month. When asked about it not adding up to full funding just based on his own camps estimate, Sanders stated “no. We get there” crowd cheers. He moves on having never answered the question in an obvious mathematical lie.

I’m a physician who wants single payer healthcare. I’m a really rare find. But not funding this enough is how you turn an unfair but functional system into a broken system. Just fund it appropriately. Tell people the actual cost of having their health covered so they can realize that it costs a lot but is still worth it. Then let’s talk. But at long as he is only selling a half funded plan I cant take it seriously and long for someone (more like Warren but less disliked by most people) who wants the big goals but also will level with people about what it will take to get there. Bernie is selling half truths and dreams without realities. (I like some of his other funding though for other programs).

…in a galaxy far far away


Hmm, I think your numbers are off. The last time I looked, the administrative costs of private health insurance companies alone, is ~45% of every health care dollar. It’s around 6% with Medicare. There would be additional administrative cost savings at hospitals as you simplify the payment structure. The numbers add up pretty easily.


The Democratic Party is just another commodity, like pork bellies. The initial sale of the Democratic Party to the Koch Brothers (and others) in the 80’s (and involving the Clintons) was a start of turning it into the New Republican Party. So now the Party has been resold to the next highest bidder - Bloomberg and the march to the Reich continues.

from the nakedcapitalism article

Essentially, Bloomberg will be running the election for the corporate wing of the party, even if Sanders is the nominee .

We will either need to crush this shit to pulp or go through the process of launching a new Party - on the Left


Bernie is going to crush the competition at the debate tonight.

Loving this.