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Declaring 'No One Is Above the Law,' House Intelligence Committee Releases Trump Impeachment Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/03/declaring-no-one-above-law-house-intelligence-committee-releases-trump-impeachment

Limiting this to the Ukraine issue is a mistake. It should include everything impeachable that Caligula has done.

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Does anyone know if trump is impeached on the Ukraine issue alone, can he be dealt with over the Mueller report obstruction of justice and emoluments violations at a later date?

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While it is argued ‘no one is above the law’, there’s the response ‘but what was done was minor, no harm no foul, it was innocuous, it’s not impeachable…’. Please reframe the argument! We are not a monarchy. If it is not made clear this president can not defy other equal branches of our government by claiming monarchal liberties, then every future president will have rights to the same liberties. There will be no balance of powers - something currently being denied already, and there will not only be no representative republic, but no way to get it back.


One look at Nunes’ face in the above photograph tells you a lot about just how far Republicans have pushed the envelope in their unquestioning support of Trump’s actions. That ole deer in the headlights ‘damn they’re gonna get me this time’ blues!


Indictments are coming.

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It’s quite possible that things will get more interesting. Welcome to the community…

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This report is solid, and Trump should resign now.
Of course ALL of Trump’s crimes should be investigated in public, and the Ukraine
extortion/bribery is definitely a crime and has now been proven.
We should condemn the GOP and anyone else who opposes this and all other impeachment inquiries.

You are correct - because the Ukraine situation is minor league, a venial sin. There is no national security risk, other than Putin gets to smile. The Ukranians have received over 10 billion dollars in aid from the EU since 2014. Their army can stop russian tanks. Not like the Hungarians in 1956, whom we encouraged to revolt using Radio Free Europe.

Nancy was wrong not to impeach using verified evidence from Mueller. He gave them everything they needed. He used democrat investigators, lawyers, and dotted all the i’s for the dems. But they are pretty dumb and cannot even encourage our young people to join the party, vote and become active citizens.

Nunes may have very big ethics problem.

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May have?

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I was and am trying to be politically correct for the scoundrel. He snuck into the white house in December 2017 and acquired some documents that he then leaked - as i remember it.
He was chair of the intel committee at that time.
I think the person also used uber !!

This is an important committee and we should have our highly educated, well traveled, hard working representatives serving us. Not Schiff nor Nunes fits.

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Nixon got a pardon. Trump’s vanity has taken a big hit but at this point the deal maker is arranging to cop a plea and firm up his pardon if it becomes necessary. I am just absorbed by thoughts of Rudy… and what he will do if and/or when Trump does a Trump Dump on Rudy (throws him under the bus)! Will Rudy be willing (or able) to take the fall for Trump? The Repubs are looking ugly and desperately frantic. Every man for himself as the ship flounders and maybe goes down? The Repubs could give a damn about Trump, thinking of him as a useful buffoon who had so much free time on his hands that he golfed and tweeted but wasn’t really in charge or know how to be a president. But the Repubs are mostly worried about the 2020 election and how they will retain their seats and power if Trumpo the Clown is impeached. Repubs are vicious politicians generally and know full well how much Trump has left them all vulnerable, maybe even more vulnerable than after Bush/Cheney. They have no choice but to maintain the lies and deceptions supporting Trump… because what else is there? What else can they do but that? If Trump goes down then they go down in turn. So they (the whole f’king Republican Party) do their best to keep Trumpo from sinking the whole ship.

It will surely be one heck of an election year no matter what happens (and a lot has happened already)! Lol.


The house impeaching is not enough for this minor league Ukraine situation.
At least 11% of the American voters, preferably in the midwest, must become convinced that Trump tried for a big announcement on Hunter Biden.

For the dems to sweep in 2020, they need a senate conviction or at least four republican senators voting ‘guilty’.

Otherwise, trump wins, republicans win and we have five more years of nutzoid governance,

IMO impeachment is a heavy hit for Republicans as well as Trump. While Repubs may try to push the idea that impeaching Trump won’t matter nevertheless they are fighting tooth and nail to get Trump off the hook. That’s because the process isn’t over and an impeached but not removed from office Trump will have a real hard time promoting his election to a second term after being impeached in his first. Call it extreme bad press and the lack of a mandate to say the least.

Repubs know that if Trump is impeached then lots of them will lose their own re-elections and races. A black eye for all Repubs. A real big black eye.

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AS of this noon, 71% of citizens believe trump did wrong.
Only 50% want him impeached.
The house dems need to get the 50% up to 80% or even more before senate will convict. Based on Nixon case.

Polls of N=450 and +/- 4.5% need not apply
We have 335,000,000 americans

If senate does not convict. If no republicans vote guilty. My prediction is that trump gets re-elected and we have five more years of daily turmoil.
But, his health may fail.

I see your point. While a valid estimation of the course of future events, I think you discount the negative baggage that impeachment carries. No the Senate won’t remove him. I think even a few Dem senators would vote against that simply because they don’t want it in the historical record that any President was ever removed.

Nevertheless, impeachment by the house is and always will be a major blow to any party’s image and reputation. Yes, the game is rigged although the Dems seem to be too light handed rather than heavy handed even though Trump has handed them a slam dunk. Somehow Repubs seem able to shift opinion (albeit through cheap shots and theatrics as well as obfuscation and outright deceits) better than can Dems. I don’t believe that Trump will get a second term if the house impeaches him.

As to his health, mental or otherwise? Imo Trump would actually like to not be President anymore. It is too much work and just not as much fun as it used to be. But maybe you are right about his health. He did have that unscheduled visit to the hospital and all but that also could have been setting up a way for him to resign or not run again by claiming health reasons.