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Declaring 'Train of Injuries Must End,' House Dems Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump


Declaring 'Train of Injuries Must End,' House Dems Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"If a crime is committed, you convene a grand jury, and in this case that is the House Judiciary Committee and we need to get started."


While Trump should be impeached the Dems should still be well aware that the ‘Train of Injuries’ to the constitution will continue with the GOP still in power. Impeaching Trump should be a step, not an end goal, lest it endanger a false sense of security.


This gets my full 110% support and have asked my Rep. in Congress beforehand to support this on my behalf. As stated above me by MCH, it is a start, it also puts the right on notice, the gig-is-up. Enough.


Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, hardly bastions of Left Leaning Liberals

Yo Trumppy… Here it Comes


Of course would love to see Trump impeached, if for nothing else it could avert nuclear war, but having said that, like Mr. Hedges has said, Trump is only the symptom of a much larger problem. Getting rid of Trump, gives us Pence, just another symptom of the disease. In other words, the only way to eradicate this miasma is with the antidote of a complete operation so the symptoms will not be able to reappear.


Super-agree. In the meanwhile this also happened today:

“In a bipartisan show of support for endless war and out-of-control military spending, the House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the nearly $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 that aims to boost war outlays by $80 billion—an amount that critics noted would easily cover the costs of free public college tuition and other initiatives that are frequently dismissed as too expensive.”


More proof that what is the highest priority to our most corrupt Congress is not helping and healing people, but maiming and killing people. What a travesty!


All who voted for this should be brought up for crimes against humanity!


Assuming we could impeach trump, the fact that the problem is far bigger and Pence would still be a disaster, is no reason not to impeach trump simply because it’s the right thing to do, if it is.

The bigger issue is a different issue and needs different solutions - take your pick, money in politics, the right-wing propaganda machine, educating citizens, reducing plutocracy - but you don’t ignore impeachment because of that.


Well, to be fair, because of Republican Gerrymandering, the few Democratic districts in Republican states are going to be some of the most strongly Democratic. So their being from Republican states doesn’t say anything about the public.


I think Trump needs to go, but I just wish Pence wasn’t there as his replacement.



Now, what to do about the 100 million Americans that think Trump and the GOP - with their racism, xenophobia, anti-Constitutionalism, hate-mongering, alt-right-coddling, pedophilia-defending, etc etc ad nauseum - is just peachy-keen?

That is an awful lot of minds and attitudes to change.


Yarmouth’s district is 3rd, which is basically Louisville. Jefferson County (Louisville) and Fayette County (Lexington) were the two blue counties in a sea of red in the 2016 Election. That being said, good for him! Nice to see someone from Kentucky with some sense. Needless to say, they’re the two most highly educated areas in the state.


It could be more than mere ‘minds and attitudes’ from what we witnessed during the primary season last year.

I do not think Trump’s base will simply take his impeachment quietly. And you know he’ll play them for all it’s worth . . . to himself.


We need at the very least a parliamentary system that will get rid of unfit leadership quickly.


You’re right. Most of them will VERY easily become the “Good Germans” of the 1930’s, and would quite willingly rise up, armed and violent, against the “libtards” with probably very little prompting from Der Fuhrer, to defend their Dear Leader. Everyone keeps saying “no, that’s ridiculous, not in America.” Probably also what most Germans said 80 years ago, as well…


This is a great post and I agree. Let’s see how many really have the stomach to do this.


I wish they would include impeachment of the VP and the entire gang of thieves and maladroit malefactors in the cabinet! Articles of impeachment also apply to them. Then up comes Ryan the Rogue as prez…the quagmire of effluent runs very deep throughout…top to bottom, side to side, inside and out.


But remember. The law is for impeachment, and elections are for bad candidates. So, the issues for impeaching trump are different than the issues for wishing Pence wasn’t his replacement. Impeachment is not an election.


Ryan’s ugly rise to power - he just keeps getting higher positions as being 'the only compromise between the corporatist Republicans and the tea party corporatist Republicans. First leadership, then speaker, next president? Ayn Rand in office.