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Declaring "We Are All Militant Again," Sanders and Teachers Rally Against Trump's "Hateful, Corporatist" Agenda


Declaring "We Are All Militant Again," Sanders and Teachers Rally Against Trump's "Hateful, Corporatist" Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Emboldened by the wave of strikes that has swept across the U.S.


Bernie Sanders: The Real Deal

I weep when I think what might have been. Now we will have to fight for what should be. Of course, even with Bernie we would have had to fight alongside of him, but what a fight it would have been. An inspirational president–what’s it been 55 years?


From the article:

“…top 25 hedge fund managers of Wall Street make more money than all of the kindergarten teachers in this country combined.”

That’s a startling statistic, one that needs to be MUCH more widely known. But where, other than here at CD, will the public find such relevant details? Many of us know which side of the class war the corporate media are on, and it’s not ours.

As to the possibility of the Janus decision being the spark for a revitalization of the US labor movement, that can’t happen soon enough. What remains to be seen is whether Brand D will be able to co-opt and neuter labor militants as in the past, or whether labor will be able to continue organizing outside of partisan politics. The AFT checklist for candidates seeking endorsement bodes well.


“Stand up and fight back, you have nothng to lose.”
Jimmy Cliff
“Would you let the system make you kill your brotherman? No Dread no.” Bob Marley
Educate, renovate or remove those “Stiff necked fools, you think you are cool” (Marley)
Revolution is serious business, but good stuff, because it saves lives and creates a society more engaged in constructive, healthy thoughtful living.


It’s not just Trump’s corporate agenda, it’s the democrats’ agenda as well. Shouldn’t lose sight of that or might as well count yourself an opponent of decent society.


Bernie does what he can in this toxic political atmosphere - far more than others - he is out there education, energizing, and organizing. He may not be as radical or aggressive as some want but he is doing it and its’s his experience that tells him what he can accomplish…now is one thing, the future is another…

Where are the Democratic so-called “leaders”? Serving big-money, their own interests, and business as usual…Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Menendez, Cuomo, and all the other DINO sellout shills for vulture captalism and corporate exploitation… they all must be challenged and hopefully purged and their mechanisms of power radically reformed. The people who rallied to Bernie’s progressive “socialist” banner and then betrayed brought back into the movement for real change…a place millions were driven-from since Bill & Hill and into to Obama’s tenure of betrayal that continues to this day!


“labor” will either re-discover it’s “roots” of militancy or perish. Another deep cavern of forgotten history.


Exactly. And Obama who has now disappointed most of us here, has pretty successfully cashed out. He could easily pull one more chameleon move and start joining protests (putting on his “comfortable shoes” - http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/146091-obama-in-2007-ill-walk-on-that-picket-line-if-bargaining-rights-threatened as Jimmy Dore often says). With the post presidential benefits and book deal money, he and his family have absolutely NO financial worries - he could even make more book deals as people try to understand the second chameleon. Why not - is corruption an end state you just can’t get out of? I certainly won’t be watching any Netflix show of his, but I would be interested to see him wear out some shoe leather. I’m not holding my breath.


I agree Sierra. Radical behavior is warranted to express the beliefs we have of radical change that is so desperately required to bring this nation back together.

The Duopoly, by it’s name, will continue to divide us.

We the People must coalesce around a party representative of the People.


PonyBoy, please join with me and 10,000’s of others at the DSofA.


Obama will only join in when it benefits him to do so. He is overly cautious and will not step on any toes. Don’t expect one iota of support from Obama, he does not have it in him. He’s taken their record $65 million book deals and disappeared. Who the hell “earns” $65 million in one year? The Obamas. Is anyone really going to buy their books. BTW some say the Obamas book deals are not expected to fetch more than $30 million.


Austerity was a code word for transfer of wealth to the elite ruling class defrauding the working class. Privatization is another tentacle of the same monster intended to squeeze the last drop of blood from we the people to create their 2 tiered society of lords and serfs.


True, that’s the reason why these people spend millions and even billions to get elected to high offices. How could they ever serve the people and fulfill their needs.


We heard these words many times in 2016 from Bernie. Problem is we did nothing about it and from then to now everything has become much worse. We did not Really listen did we? After the last 2 years I do not recognize what this country has become. Millitant? Thats the least we should do!


Yes, it has. No time for weeping or hanging the head in despair- more action, volunteering, and just living!


These psychos are sick- sick I tell you. Nothing but empty vessels


Yes, I agree but even more importantly- unite with a cause , a purpose.


What is DS of A


Labor is not forgotton- in fact despite what the supreme court has ruled against unions- more people are joining.


Do not count on the neoliberal brand D- count on progressives like Keith Ellison, Sanders, Warren, Markey, ( not Neill)