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Declassified CIA Documents Reveal How Disastrous America’s Post-9/11 Plans Really Were


Declassified CIA Documents Reveal How Disastrous America’s Post-9/11 Plans Really Were

Peter Frankopan
Scholars working on the contemporary Middle East are living through something of a golden age where evidence is uniquely plentiful for three reasons.

First, the disastrous failures of US policy in Afghanistan and Iraq have led to an unprecedented programme of declassification of documents (some with significant redactions) as part of the cathartic process of trying to understand how so many mistakes were made before and after 9/11.


" Cathartic process of trying to understand how many mistakes were made before and after 9/11".

Mistakes? Please! This whole Iraq war scenario was carefully, orchestrated. It is sophomoric to call it a mistake in judgement.


I stopped reading at the word "mistakes". I can't fucking stand it anymore.


What really makes me sick are the TV ads by some country music jerk asking for $19.00 per month to support a "wounded warriors" program. They blow trillions while committing hangable offenses and now they want us to chip in as if we are supposed to be thankful? Those wounded warriors were protecting our freedoms? By killing a million people who had committed no offense against the U.S.? By making us the most hated country on the planet? Then they end their ad by singing "say a prayer for peace." Revolting.


This piece misses so many significant events and precedents.

I also object to the constant and flagrant use of all-inclusive frames such as conflating AMERICA so directly with what is decided--on the basis of FIXED "evidence"--by specific elite players:

"Over the course of 2002 and at the start of 2003, pressure was ramped up on Iraq, with the issue of chemical and biological weapons and that of weapons of mass destruction taking centre stage. The US pursued this with an almost evangelical zeal. In the absence of “incontrovertible evidence” of a link between 9/11 and Baghdad, one report noted, only Tony Blair could be relied on to support war, while another underlined the fact that “many, if not most, countries allied with or friendly towards the United States – especially in Europe – harbour grave doubts about… an all-out attack on Iraq”.

Unless a country IS a military dictatorship, it is NOT what its military--as a military--does.

With more than a decade of hindsight, there's also ABUNDANT scholarly evidence available on the Internet and featured in compelling You Tube documentaries that exposes holes big enough to drive bulldozers through regarding the official 911 story.

Mention could be made about the Bay of Tonkin and Bay of Pigs and other false flags used--almost by routine--to start or expand wars.

Also missing--Carter's doctrine that essentially equated access to Middle East oil with "national security."


In order to fulfill the wishes of lobbyists working for Corrections Corp. of America, recreational drug use had to become criminalized. How else to assure prison builders that there would be profitable "occupancy" of their cells?

So there's this in a league as inane as Tom Englehardt's stable of writers opining at length over WHY the U.S military does not WIN wars... as if THAT was the main objective:

"It was not just the decision to invade Iraq that was spectacular for its idiocy; so too was the execution of the invasion plan. It was naively assumed that removing Saddam would turn Iraq into a land of milk and honey."

Milk and honey... sure. Confuse the sales-pitch of defense contractors with their actual goals.

Only an idiot would look past the kinds of profits generated by the new legions of privatized military outfits like Eric Prince's (formerly named as) Blackwater, or Haliburton's on-site military services providers.

How 'bout that oil?

How 'bout that petro-dollar... global currency reserve enabling U.S. elites to keep printing money?

How 'bout those weapons makers? After all, how many 3-5 star generals go on to take profitable positions at weapons-developing firms after their "proud service" to the land that delivers war so routinely... unto others? Like those prison builders and operators, the war lords of this land MUST move product in order to justify a need for new inventory. And there's nothing like war to keep the MIC engines turning.

THAT is what this is all about. Plus oil. Plus the primacy of the petro-dollar.


... This is what passes for scholarship at Oxford these days? You're totally right (although judgment is not spelled with an "e").


Humor helps in such instances.

When clowns use any of the following frames:

  1. Mistakes were made
  2. If we knew then what we know now
  3. Good guys versus bad guys (as if life is just another football game)
  4. ____________ is gassing his own people
  5. ____________ is showing aggression against his neighbors
  6. Why isn't the U.S. with the greatest army in the world WINNING wars
  7. If 19 hijackers hadn't hit the towers

Consider that just as in the times when science began to challenge the church-state orthodoxy, some verily insisted that the earth was flat. They were convinced of that and didn't wish to either stretch their minds beyond the artificial vanishing point, or test their theses. It was enough that their limited understanding was reinforced by a community of similarly ignorant souls.

THAT is what's going on.

The Control Group is able to sustain power largely by convincing people that what IS true could not possibly be so. And in lieu of the Truth, other narratives are not only repeated often, those who repeat them--always adding their own stylized tweaking of the same sorry lines--end up with status, secure jobs, and other accoutrements of comfort. Meanwhile, the courageous Truth tellers migrate to Brazil (Glenn Greenwald), hole up in Russia (Edward Snowden), hide in a Bolivian embassy in London, etc. Or they wait out this latest phase of tyranny.


It is one thing for partisan right-wingers to call the Bush /Cheney debacle "mistakes" but quite another, by one with the contrary evidence in hand, to do the same. Before any forum existed on CD I'd e-mail comments to those contributors gracious enough to allow and accept them. Naomi Klein agreed that what the W cabal envisioned was a sort of privatization theme park in their conquered subject Iraq. But nobody told the military arm of their MIC not to completely destroy the fucking place and all the functioning aspects of civil society. Brilliant!


Do you find this behavior any different from that of arresting Chelsea Manning for exposing extreme acts of brutality? Or hearing U.S. generals insist that they don't "do body counts" of foreign citizens, lie that drone strikes are precise when they take out 10+ citizens for every illegal, albeit Presidentially-targeted Kill? With CIA no doubt fomenting the dissolution of Syria and MILLIONS of refugees fleeing that destroyed land, can you see the parallels?

The Middle East was deliberately bludgeoned and it's part of an agenda (Project for a New American Century) that features dominance through complete brutality. Everything else is P.R. held up as cover.


Wish I could press "like" more than once.


Actually, "judgement" with an "e" is the UK spelling.


"THE men whom the people ought to choose to represent them are too busy to take the jobs. But the politician is waiting for it. He’s the pestilence of modern times. What we should try to do is make politics as local as possible. Keep the politicians near enough to kick them. The villagers who met under the village tree could also hang their politicians to the tree. It’s terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged today."

~G.K. Chesterton: Cleveland Press interview,March 1, 1921.


Yes, and thanks.


Like the old joke: America knows Saddam gassed his own people because the CIA has the receipts to prove it!


i thought that this article would discuss some "new" knowledge or thoughts but all i see are retreads of obsolete concepts like "the 9/11 terrorists attacks" and an overview of "mistakes" made.

you might think the author of a book on the area in question would have advanced his own knowledge but that is not evident in this article either. therefore the article fails in every measurable way to be of any practical use and i am left wondering why it was even given space here. doesnt someone read this regurgitated drivel before allotting it webspace?

for the record: 9/11 can be considered a terrorist attack ONLY if people like you insert the words HOME GROWN before the word terrorist. the same con artists responsible for the "mistakes" and "incompetencies" of that horrendous day when the MIC realized its insane dream of killing its own citizens to enable the incredible growth and profits from its Orwellian endless wars were planned as were the "mistakes" mentioned above. same cons doing the same con.

think for a moment: billions of dollars were spent over a decade to train what used to be considered one of the most formidable troops in the middle east and STILL no one is convinced of their ability to fight opponents who have not benefitted so immensely from our tax dollars. whats wrong with this picture? the same thing that is wrong with the kiddie toon fairy story explanations for 9/11 and other u.s. induced calamities.

btw,you didnt even get the name right. its always been called the SILK ROUTE , at least since Roman Empire times.

fyi, please read the following:

STRATEGY OF SILKROUTE The U.S. government developed a policy called “The Strategy of the Silk Route.” The strategy was designed to lock out Russia, China, and Iran from the oil in this region. This called for U.S. corporations to construct an oil pipeline running through Afghanistan.
In April 2001, Baker and the Council on Foreign Relations demanded immediate action and publicly released a Task Force Report entitled, “Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century,” by the James A. Baker III Institute.


The author might want to read
"Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?"
www1.ae911truth .org/


"The biggest cost of the war, as new research from Harvard suggests, is
the cost of looking after the 170,000 veterans who are 70 per cent or
more disabled as a result of their injuries. The long-term cost to the
US economy is estimated to be $6 trillion (£3.9trn) – or $75,000 for
every single household in the United States."

Now about those 4 million plus refugees; now about those Middle Eastern civilians afflicted with cancer because of the use of depleted uranium; now about all those Middle Eastern civilians suffering from PSTD because of being bombed and shot at and seeing their neighbours assassinated by thugs; now about those Red Crescent ambulances shot-up by US Marines in Fallujah; and in Afghanistan from Jimmy Carter's use of the muhajideen to destabilise a gov't friendly to the USSR in 1979. At least the 170 000 USAian veterans were volunteers and did not have decades of brutality, bombing, starvation, torture and disease forced upon them by the powers that be in the USA.

This article is just another poor-bugger-me-USA whinge, caught yet again in a "quagmire" by a sad fate. I have heard it all before; vide SE Asia.


"Judgement" is indeed spelt "judgement" having come from the French; as does the word "centre" and kilometre", though to confuse foreigners we spell "enter" as "enter" even though the French is "entre".

The English spelling "shew" for "show" is also correct and was still being used in the 1970s. Funnily enough, it doesn't rhyme with "shrew" as in "Shrewsbury" though oddly enough "Shreswbury" can also be pronounced "Shroswbury" depending on where one lives.

Now try Welsh..........


Mistakes? Bad intelligence? Read Susan Lindauer "Extreme Prejudice" and remember Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame. We really need a full examination of what happened on 9/11/01 in NYC and the Pentagon.