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Declassified: US Cold War Nuclear Marks Included 'Population' Targets


Declassified: US Cold War Nuclear Marks Included 'Population' Targets

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The National Security Archive on Wednesday for the first time declassified a list of potential Cold War nuclear targets, and the picture is chilling.

Among the industrial infrastructure and military sites that analysts concluded would achieve "high levels of damage" for the Soviet Union is one particularly troubling type of target: "population."


Human Intelligence- Oxymoron?


You tell us.


This is news? We targeted their cities, they targeted ours. Duh.


As one who lived through the Cold War, I cannot recall a time when U. S. Presidents and diplomats, in the service of this country, insulted a foreign head of state, in the manner that Secretary Kerry, and other representatives of the Administration, have treated Putin. Again today, in the Chicago Tribune, there is a story written by Clarence Page about Trump and Pooty Putin, the murderer of reporters. It makes me wonder who is in charge of the cuckoos’ nest. Do these people actually think the U. S., or any power, can win a nuclear war? Is it wise to play “Russian Roulette” with the Russians?


Yeah, I wonder if the Russians have a similar report about the levels of damage to U.S. populated cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles ect.!


Don’t we still target Russian cities? Maybe it’s now cities in Iran.

Nuclear weapons is another area that most Americans live in total denial. As far as I know (it seems really hard to get precise numbers), the US continues to have thousands of nukes, with destructive capacity literally thousands of times the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When we use those things – and it’s a question of when, you can only play Russian roulette so long without getting your brains blown out – there won’t be much of the human species left.


It’s on my top 10 list of best movies ever. The high-farce satire was soooo deep and profound and hilarious! Absolutely Kubrick’s and Seller’s best flick!

Trouble is, when I saw it as a kid at the tender age of 8, watching it on the 9 o’clock movie on TV only a few months after it was in the theaters, all the parody and humor went right over my aspie head - and it scared the shit out of me and it (along with the serious movie “Fail Safe” at about the same time) gave me nightmares for a long time to follow


I agree, and as a lover of Black and White, it is stunning, this clip plays as good as it did when it was made, a truly great film, as satire it ranks with the Greats, Gulliver’s Travels, et. al.


The article says 7200 in our stockpile.


Reducing morale through carpet bombing tends not to work in practice. Killing great numbers of innocent people does make the survivors quite angry, sometimes for a lifetime.

Now, if your only goal is to set off minor paybacks, which helps you personally to stay in power, maybe you’ve got something here.


No, that would not be necessary, targeting cities in Iran. Israel already has those targets covered. Who is it that does the US targeting? The Executive branch, the State Department, the JCS, who? Is there a sub-department in the USAF that sets the targets, in which case would be represented by the USAF upper level command that is run by a staff of Born Again Christians, and that would chose those targets which represent the likes of the Gamorrians (what the hell does one name someone from Gamorrah) and the Sodomites, those dirty, smelly sodomists. Are Berlin and Budapest still on the vaporization list?

These are all interesting and important questions.


Since the invention of the airplane and the use of them to drop bombs, I think the idea of the “just war” has become obsolete. With the use nuclear and hydrogen bombs, the concept of a “just war” is now a total absurdity, we’re speaking about the indiscriminate mass murder of millions of non-combatants, not to mention we may be wiping out the best genetic strains of the species.

A full nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. would probably kill around 200 million human beings, and make life unbearable for the living. After a thermonuclear exchange our atmosphere, climate and agriculture - on a global scale - will be deeply altered, every city that was hit will have no electricity, no running water, no police, no firefighters, and, most likely, gangs of armed thugs roaming the streets breaking into homes, killing the occupants and stealing whatever food there is to steal.

The manufacture of nuclear weapons ought to be classified as a crime against creation, for that is what they are. Any person who authorizes the use of these hideous devices will become the biggest mass-murderer in the history of our species. If nation-states and those wannabe nation-states cannot learn to solve their problems without violence, our species is doomed.


A continuation of the policy of dropping nuclear bombs on civilians as was done by the only nation to ever drop nuclear bombs as was done by the USA on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Not sure anyone, whether the author of the article or those commenting, are
Fully grasping what nuclear war had become by 1959. Hydrogen Bombs made
The notion of using bombing to destroy ‘enemy’ morale anachronistic. We had by
1959 moved into the era of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), in which the use
Of such weapons by either side assures the utter destruction, not of population’s
Morale, but of the population. The targeting of the cities listed in the newly released
Documents is simply the operational side of MAD.


The movie “On the Beach” had A very serious effect on me for years-


Good grief. Now I know! Wow!

Now tell me something I didn’t know when I was 12 years old, half a century and more ago.

For historical interest. There are around 210 Russian cities of more than 100 000 people. There are around 18 USAian Ohio-class Trident nuclear submarines, plus others, floating around. Recollecting figures I read back in the 1980, these weapons of mass destruction can sport 24 ICBMs carrying several MIRVed nuclear warheads. So making an inspired guess that is around 18 time close to 100 MIRVed nuclear warheads. Back in 1957 there were enough nuclear weapons around the destroy civilisation 7 times over according to a book written then called “The Warfare State”. Even if these approximately 1800 MIRVed Trident missiles were aimed at solely military targets in Russia, such as ball-bearing factories and police barracks, there might be some collateral damage…

As they say in the Bible, when the last Trump sounds…


Sir, I send you a profound apology for giving up in 1783. However, you may blame the French for interfering in our attempts to re-establish good manners and civilised behaviour in our former colonies.


Deleted by Me-


From Wikipedia.

Ohio-class submarines.

24 ICBMs, each with 8 MIRVed warheads, so kiddies that’s 184 nuclear bangs for the buck per submarine. 14 of the 18 Trident submarines carry ICBMs, so that is 2576 nuclear bangs for 210 Russian cities of more than 100 000 people.

The other 4 subs carry cruise missiles each capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, not to mention all carry nuclear-tipped torpedoes. Then there are the other nuclear-armed submarines around the place.

Sure is keeping the world safe for freedom and democracy. Would you have it any other way?