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Declassifying Records Will Shed Light on US Role In Argentina


Declassifying Records Will Shed Light on US Role In Argentina

César Chelala

In 1979, with Paul Heath Hoeffel, I wrote “Missing or Dead in Argentina: The Desperate Search for Thousands of Abducted Victims.” For this article, published as a cover story in The New York Times Magazine, we received the 1979 Overseas Press Club of America award for the best article on Human Rights. For that article, I used the pseudonym Juan Montalvo, to protect my family in Argentina from possible military reprisals.


Let's remember that a major catalyst for this event was American bankers' over issuance of debt into Argentina and many other South American countries. The Argentine military was enforcing the austerity brought upon by the bankers' miscalculations. The blood of the citizens was commoditized and used to pay back the debt along with resources that belonged to the nation. Classic neoliberal failure.


For some perspective on the US role in killings the World over , this a study attempting to come to a number. The numbers are direct and indirect (proxy killings)



Obama should be a case study in contradictions and utter confusion. It blow my mind that he will release these documents but then I realized that Shock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism outlined the strategy of US policies in Central America and Eastern Europe to destabilize and take control of resources/banking and..... all done over throwing democratic elected officials.

The US imperialism and association with rape and pillage by American corporations and interest has well been outed for how many years and it just keeps getting worse. Our human rights violations are well documented by others but nothing changes. We still go around the world expounding on our spreading democracy and condemning others for human rights violations.

I do appreciate some of what Obama has done or not done but............


I think we need to realize that this article doesn't display the passion and absolute disdain we should all have for the horrendous U.S.-sponsored events that transpired in Argentina.

For a different analysis and critique of President Obama's recent trip to Argentina and the declassifying of records, I recommend reading the entire linked article following this snippet:

In an emotive open letter, 20 Argentine and one Uruguayan family members of disappeared individuals repudiated Obama’s trip and particularly his visit to the Parque in the company of the right-wing president Macri:

“His arrival, forty years after the anniversary of the civic and military coup, is a provocation against those of us who have fought during decades against impunity. It is an insult to the memory of our 30,000 arrested and disappeared comrades to welcome to our country the president of the nation that promoted and supported the bloodiest military coup that Argentina ever experienced, as in other nations in this region. Many of us lost our sons, parents, family members and comrades, who were all victims of Plan Condor, operated by the United States, and out of which the activities of the armed forces and intelligence agencies of Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay were coordinated, to assassinate thousands of militant workers and students that kept resisting the dictatorships. … Now, forty years after, the US announces that it will open the archives related to the Argentine dictatorship…but we all know that companies such as Ford that had clandestine detention centers in their plants will remain unpunished and no American official will ever be tried in court for participating in the Argentine genocide. … Now more than ever: We do not forget, we do not forgive, we do not reconcile.”

Read the full article at:


I can't imagine the sense of vindication that Mr. Chelala et al feel, after these 37 long years.

For us, we would have to transpose this late disclosure to what we've seen perpetuated since then. When could we expect the records to be opened for the activities of the U.S. under Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama???