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Declining Green VP Offer, Nina Turner to Keep Fighting for Soul of Democratic Party


Declining Green VP Offer, Nina Turner to Keep Fighting for Soul of Democratic Party

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Former Ohio state senator Nina Turner, a prominent figure in Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, has declined the offer to run as the Green Party's vice presidential candidate because she said she wants to continue to fight for progressive ideals within the Democratic Party.

"I'm going to keep fighting in the party, even though I'm disappointed," Turner said in a telephone interview with Cleveland.com. "I'm a Democrat, and that's worth fighting for."


I wish her much luck but I don’t see much chance for her mission succeeding.


There are times when the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And at this
time in history, Sanders supporters and Trump supporters have a common
and very dangerous enemy, which is the corporate globalist elite. These
are the same corporate globalists for whom Hillary Clinton is a
mouthpiece and who filled up the coffers of the Clinton foundation and
would give Hillary $500,000 for a tiresome speech. The same corporate
globalists who have already fulfilled Hitler’s dream and turned the EU
into an unelected supra-national dictatorship in all but name and have
plans to do the same in this country.

A vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary.


Hope you do what you know is best, Nina, although I wish you’d go Indie, caucus Dem until Indies get more power.

Apparently her VP pick called Sanders supporters collaborators with imperialism. Many of us will still vote Stein to get a third party in the debate, but very unenthusiastically.

No wonder Nina said no. She’s a collaborator with imperialists!

The Greens wouldn’t be anywhere near debate numbers if it weren’t for Bernie lighting the progressive fire.


I disagree with Turner’s decision here, but I can respect the effort. She might want to sit down and have a lengthy chat with Cynthia McKinney about what is going to happen to her career. Oh well.


Unfortunately the Democratic Party is hopelessly corrupt and I have come to the conclusion that it can no longer be saved.
Years ago I tried to change the Democratic Party through their internal processes and was totally frustrated by the effort. Their corruption is so ingrained that it is virtually impossible to fight.
Bernie Sanders tried to change it from within and was squashed like a bug.
He has now succumbed to the Dark Side.
The only way to address the rampant corruption is to abandon the Democratic Party lock, stock, and barrel.

I am voting Green Party from this day forward and will no longer support any candidate who embraces the corrupt Democratic Party.


If we can defeat Hillary in November Nina can be part of the group that helps take the party back for The People from within. She is probably done as an officeholder under the current “leadership” of the party. She wouldn’t be a good girl and fall in line for Hillary. But as someone with credibility as a rebel outsider she could be a future national office candidate in a remade party. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


No, a vote for a third party is a vote for a third party.

Here, let me explain it, since so many seem confused on the issue of where your vote goes if you don’t vote for a Republican or a Democrat.

Here’s my vote: MY VOTE

Here are three buckets I can drop my vote into:

CORPORATE PARTY A----------------------CORPORATE PARTY B---------------------------THIRD PARTY

Okay, now I’m going to vote.

CORPORATE PARTY A----------------------CORPORATE PARTY B---------------------------THIRD PARTY

Now, how many votes are under CORPORATE PARTY A?

Zero. Very good.

How many are under CORPORATE PARTY B?

Yes. Zero again. You’re on a roll.

How many are under THIRD PARTY?

Excellent. Just one. The vote DOES NOT add to either of the other parties. It only goes where I put it.

Unless someone moves it or throws it away, but that’s another lesson.

Now that you’ve learned that one vote doesn’t reproduce and have its progeny wander off to another candidate, or wander off on its own, will you tell your friends? It’s a common misconception.

Glad I could help.


Unfortunately (and I post this as a Green party member), this bespeaks ill of the state of the American Green party which could not get itself on the ballot in all 50 states (something our current rivals for vaguely viable third party status, the Libertarians, managed to pull off).
Sadly, the American Green party has regressed from the Ralph Nader 2000 candidacy, and has seemingly forgotten the formula, win local office and build from there, that propelled our comrades in Continental Europe to relevancy. Thus it is not surprising Nina Turner declined the offer as trying to ‘reform’ the Democratic Party seems a more viable option. This should be clarion call for the Green Party USA to get its’ act together.


Nina may be sincere, but from my perspective, the democratic party is just so corrupt that it will never be changed to any degree. After what happened to Bernie, I would have thought Nina would realize that fact and joined the Green party.


I was excited to hear that Sanders may have been offered the top of the GP ticket and saddened to find he was going to tough it out in the lions den that is the DNC. To hear Nina was offered VP made me even more excited after the Lions den spat what was left of Bernie out.
Nina would bring some much needed legitimacy to the Green Party and a lot of votes. To hear today that she has turned down the offer doesn’t make me sad though, I am actually angry that the establishment has silenced yet another strong progressive voice. I will not believe for even one second that Nina really believes she can change the lions den from the inside. I will believe she has been either promised or threatened, the DNC’s corruption is overwhelmingly powerful.
A strong voiced Bernie Delegate from Michigan has maintained since the campaign editing (dog and pony show) in Florida-There is no Unity, they either promise or threaten. That is how the DNC works!
So did Nina succumb to the promise or the threat? I think we all know deep down it was a threat that got Bernie…


The authoritarians and abusers who currently control the D party will demand subservience from Nina, to atone for her sins.

And it appears she’s willing to go there. That woman is going to grovel before her party masters like no other.

Whatever happened to honor in this country? In this new American century, it appears honor is something only military people can claim.


There are many people like Sanders and Turner who still believe the Democratic Party can be reformed from within before a viable and winning alternative party comes to fruition. They actually have pretty firm ground to stand on, as the US structurally (constitutionally) maintains a two party system. A third party taking power has happened only once to my knowledge, when the Republicans came to power in the mid-1800s. The Democrats in one form or another have been around since John Adams. I’m not saying an alternative party can’t win, just that it’s harder to do than amending the Constitution.

I am in the camp that an alternative party must develop, that the Democratic Party is beyond redemption; it’s name forever tarnished with dishonor and suffering. It may be the Green Party, or it may be another party like the Populist Party that sprang out of the populist movement, but an alternative is most definitely required; the time is ripe.

My point is that there are people with their hearts in the right place inside the Democratic Party pushing from within, and there are people who are not in the Dem party pushing from the outside. It’s a good thing. Those of us on the outside should find as much common cause with those on the inside as possible, and welcome them wholeheartedly to our community when they eventually seek us out. I had an epiphany about the Democratic Party decades ago and attempted to work inside the party before completely disavowing it as a waste of my time. I read here regularly about lifelong democrats leaving the Democratic Party. A little graciousness towards those who share our common aspirations, even if they remain Democrats for the time being, will be rewarded in the end.

None of us can predict the future with any accuracy. Only time will tell who’s on the right side of this argument. So let’s play nice and take it to the real enemy in a movement that deconstructs neoconservative/liberal ideology and replaces it with the Golden Rule. (A prominent theme in the Green Party’s ten key values and political platform, I might add before someone else does.)


Interesting,when Nina Turner ran for Sec of State in Ohio she got no support from Obama.

I hope Cornel West would run as VP for the Green Party

And yes Bernie Sanders has opened a door for the GP


This is a stupid argument no matter which angle it’s made from. No, a vote for the candidate of your choice, is a vote for the candidate of your choice.


Staying off line after 5 PM and doing mindful meditation at 8 PM are spirit renewing.

Only if Turner can hop on a time machine and return to the New Deal era will she find any “soul of the Democratic Party”.
Short of that she needs to seek therapy for Stockholm Syndrome.


You say the D party has no soul.

Is Nina a fool for not recognizing what the rest of us can clearly see?

With the Clintons and the likes of DWS running the party (there are many), there is no wiggle room for uppity behavior.

Nina will grovel before her corporate masters. Count on it.


There is no mention of political parties in the Constitution.


We’d be lucky if it were business as usual. My concern is that Hillary is going to be the most dangerous warmonger we’ve ever seen in the the White House. And that includes Bush the Lesser.


The Constitution does mention the Electoral College, though, which inherently leads to a two-party system. The founders figured no matter what happened concerning political parties, the Electoral College would ensure governance from the center. (Direct democracy was to be avoided at all costs, and they didn’t conceive that one day the corporations they fought against along with King George would become legal people and take over the political system.) That Article has been amended a couple times, but the electoral College remains, and it’s a huge hurdle for alternative parties. See: https://www.aei.org/publication/third-party-candidates-face-a-high-hurdle-in-the-electoral-college/