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Declining Snowpack Threatens Water Supply for Billions Worldwide



Expect the unexpected! The future that is like exploring another planet when you don't know what will come next.

Will there be enough water to grow crops where there always was water before? Always ...that's going back thousands of years but not any longer?

In more concrete terms... plan for your future? What kind of future will that be? You just won't really know.

Having placed our bet, the gamblers wait to see on which number the spinning wheel will stop. The scary part is that it is too late to retrieve your bet no matter how much you regret having gambled so much.

Many things are just not the kind of things that we ever expect to change.

Planning a beachfront house for your retirement. It'll all work out in a thirty year mortgage. A walk along the beach in summer? What beach is that when the beach is under water now and the half paid for retirement home is condemned as unsafe and standing in a foot of water?

Pass along great grandpa's farm to your daughter. Dust bowl conditions and a tapped out aquifer?

Go hunting up in the woods? Fires took so much and beetles got the rest. Worse than a clear cut, no smoking allowed.

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink, damn that fracking was a mistake wasn't it?

Oceans blue... plankton dying less oxygen now ...dead zones devoid of fish thousands of miles wide... "Eat your jellyfish dear - Don't you know that there are people starving in America!"

Ah the future - where in winter the living is easy ...but in summer the heat kills hundreds of thousands.

Look to your children and imagine them old ...

and their misery is unrelenting.


I thought of my descendants and left Florida for the Mid-West in 1975. I was the first of my family to move north of the Mason Dixon Line, in many generations, if ever. I study Prophecies and when many prophecies target one time period, I pay attention. I also find it handy to watch the Insurance Corporations....
A person I know just Retired to Key West and I shook my head.


Only 2 billion lacking water? There are already nearly 3 billion depending on water from the Himalayan glaciers. When those go, and if the monsoon continues to meet the Himalayas, we will have massive intermittent flooding, huge landslides and mudslides and then drought for the remaining nine months of the year. That will entail a great many "climate refugees". Siberia and Australia, look out!


Excellent writing. Gripping and powerful. I only wish it were fiction.


Yes, good post Wereflea.


The children will be fortunate to live long enough to grow and be old, but one never knows. A lot of us saw all this coming on the first Earth Day in 1970. Back then we hoped that the subculture we were part of would grow and replace the Dominant Culture . . . organically. We were hopeful that those kids who smiled at us and flashed us the V sign when they caught site of our long hair and patched up jeans (done for real, not pre ripped out), that growing up in a world centered on free love ("girls say yes to boys who say no"), mind expansion, and musical and artistic creativity would seem more appealing than the pursuit of corporate careers and homes with a constantly increasing monetary value so they can be profitably "flipped."

Well, it didn't play out that way, did it now, early middle aging Gen Xers and millenials?. A lot of these are good people with hearts and minds in the right place, but many have produced children who are growing up in a world that is deteriorating before their eyes more rapidly than the predictions predicted.

This grudge against the future is, I have come to believe, the driving force behind murderous suicidal school shootings and the ease with which the Islamic State has recruited adherents to its attempted Islamic totalitarianism -- all this seems to speak about a group of people who aren't looking forward to the years ahead, that when they contemplate the near future they feel fear and anger at being made afraid. I can easily imagine many of them devising new ways to express this barely expressed rage.

I have no idea what if anything can be done to ameliorate this. I have grown old and would like to grow a decade or so older because young children have become part of my life and I would like to be able to see what they'll be like when they grow up and older.

So where do we want to go from here and can we get there and, if so, how?


Great commentary. Been there - done that and... oh wait... I remember hair (used to have some once! lol).

Yes friend, we were luckier than the younglings are today. We saw all of the world of history that was handed down to us. The oceanic fish catch in 1970 is mind boggling. We did to the oceans what pioneers did to the Bison. Upwards of 60 million Bison reduced to about 100 animals in a half century. We did that to the oceans.

We saw it all as had our grandparents and theirs going back millennia but we also saw this marvelous future ahead. We wanted computers and cell phones would be cool we thought. iPads? Supercool sci fi stuff. Everything in abundance and the future would be cooler too. Civil rights, women's rights, environmentalism and conservation... Super cool!!!

"What the Frack happened?" - they said while holding the dead carcass of the Golden Goose.

You asked how do we? I don't think we do but the young people will. They have their inspiration. We had the war and civil rights and they wouldn't wait.

The young have climate change and it won't wait either. They have no choice . There is no ignoring that future. The powerful are stalling change and delaying implementing necessary changes. It is a mistake of course. The powerful still believe their own lies but they will be getting scared much more quickly about climate change over the next few years.

I am encouraged by the young. It was always going to be up to them. We oldies but goodies understood what was needed but we don't have the energy. Help the young understand that what they do bears fruit. There are those who want to appear sage and wisdom heavy but all they do is whine that nothing matters and demonstrations don't work. They are so pathetic. They missed what we saw. We lived through the changes we helped create, they only lived afterwards when most of it was done already.

The young are actually closer to us in spirit than to their parents. We were out in the streets not their parents (our progeny copped out...lol). No matter, their parents are finally waking up too. But the young are the key.

I think that is why the oligarchy corporate elite are trying to create this ONE WORLD CORPORATE GOVERNMENT with TPP and other trade agreements. First the PatriotAct subverts our democracy, then Citizen's United and media consolidation finished the job. Our progeny remained quiet. I'm guessing we spoiled them as kids...lol.

The youngsters though are rockin' and God bless and keep them one and all. The big money powers are gonna fight tooth and nail but truth is as always on our side.

Nice talking with you.