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Decolonizing Our Minds and Our Lands


Decolonizing Our Minds and Our Lands

Gathuru Mburu

Recolonization is happening. There is a second scramble, not just in Africa, but across the global South. Corporations started it. We need to name and shame these corporations – Monsanto, Syngenta, Cargill, and the program promoting them, AGRA [A Green Revolution for Africa] – to take this battle to the next level.

The wars [of conquest of Africa] have not actually ended – the artillery has just transformed into a different type against us farmers today. All of us are fighting.


There's also a Native American movement to decolonize as much as possible.


Beautiful, inspired words in this article.

Yes to complementary practices between men and women!

Yes to decolonizing the mind and liberating it from the Judeo-Christian myth that began with original sin as tied to nature and natural human impulses.... like Love!

Yes to reconstituting the soil and rebuilding the great, grand webs of life.

Yes to listening to the elders and drawing back the ancestral wisdom that the European conquerors sought to expunge through shame as well as far more muscular tactics (along with their legalized and education-based frameworks for enforcement).


The Food Co-op movement, which has been around since the 1800s, is I would submit, essential regenerative infrastructure that most people can reach out to and engage at a spectrum of levels. Strengthen the coops, get to know and support local and regional organic farmers. Buy fair trade in imported food-stuffs.
While the behemoth bloats so badly in its toxicity, cultivate the existing options. Every little bit helps, every lesson learned is a treasure to share and pass on.