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Deconstructing Thanksgiving at Standing Rock


Deconstructing Thanksgiving at Standing Rock

Medea Benjamin

It is with a heavy heart that I travel to Standing Rock to give thanks and serve meals to the water protectors who, in the freezing weather, have braved attack dogs, tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets, percussion grenades and other forms of state-sanctioned violence. This Thanksgiving comes on the heels of a particularly heart-wrenching day, Nov. 21, when over 150 activists were injured, receiving treatment for hypothermia, contamination by tear gas, and traumas from rubber bullets.


I expect a lot of famous (women) people will show up this Thursday to wish the Standing Rock Protectors a Happy and Deconstructed Thanksgiving. And many that aren't there in the flesh are there in spirit.


Thank you for this view - a view that far too many citizens are ignorant of thanks to a complicit media and our elected reps. and president mostly remaining silent.
"It is appalling that these fierce attacks against peaceful activists are happening under President Barack Obama’s watch" - it is appalling and is criminal state terrorism, but is what Obama has stood-for and allowed/built during his tenure.
From standing Rock to Occupied Palestine to Latino families torn apart by Obama's deportations, to the police-security-state, political destruction of Occupy and contempt for progressive issues, leaders and voter base, we have seen the most contemptible betrayals from the "progressive" fraud, Barack Obama.
Obama is complicit to the rise of Trump & Co via countless failures/betrayals the Clintons and Obama contributed to and fostered including the nomination of HRC rather than Bernie Sanders.

There is no joy in mudville, this thanksgiving, or at Standing Rock and so many other places, except that hopefully "neoliberal"/DINO power is gone forever - one can only hope a new Democratic direction/party power is formed to represent the 99% and counter Trumps destruction!


On a daily basis, I deal with hundreds of people where I work, and I find it incomprehensible that when the majority wish me a happy thanksgiving and I respond with the same ' be blessed' that I say on a daily basis I get strange looks as if I am being rude. Why is this supposed to be a day of joy, this is an anniversary of genocide and repression for my people. There is but one reason I am not at Standing Rock at this moment, because I do not feel that I could control my outrage at the inhumane treatment of my people; but I will not disrespect my people by bringing hostility to the table...the protectors have shown me what true bravery is; I will be vigilant and I will be there.


Appears all activist are terrorist now. I wonder if they would be so if they had enough free $$$peech to buy what they want.


Jane Fonda is showing up and it doesn't seem to be going over too well:

For as long as I can remember, thanksgiving has been a day of mourning for me on many levels---- mourning for all of the suffering inflicted on humans and nonhumans due to: ravages of empire, factory farming, gmo's, all the isms that are still rampant and more fully revealed in this age of Trumpism.

This is a day of grieving for me. It is a day of introspection as I grapple with what to do to help alleviate/prevent the ongoing destruction of life on earth.

I am a white woman of privilege -----through a fluke of being born at a certain place, to certain parents at a certain time . . . ..

When I read articles like this below, I am left with my head spinning----and yes, I feel shame over being a white woman of privilege:



Not sure how that will happen since the rump has already named a sec. of education that only believes in charter schools and to hell with the public schools even though we know many were not doing a very good job of trying to teach kids that were not interested or parents that were not interested. It will take years of re-building after 4 years of disaster to ever re-gain whatever we thought we had.


" We have seen the most contemptible betrayals from the progressive fraud, Barack Obama."

Your post just corroborates my contention that Presidents are selected before they are elected. That is why I called Obama in 2008: the consummate, con man, because Obama conned so many well meaning but albeit, sophomoric people in the election of 2008 and 2012.

Obama's latest fraud this Thanksgiving, is no pardon for Manning or Snowden; however Obama did take time to pardon a turkey!


America's Palestinians


Just ignore this pest Shantiananda. This jerk has accused me of being a racist many times.


You go around calling people racists who have never made a racist comment.

I won't waste my time in a serious debate with you. Be gone pest.


I've spoken out on racism many many times, and you know damn well what you are doing here.

CD please ban this poison from this community.



Thanks for your reply.


He is intentionally defaming character on this forum, and CD should ban him for it.


Medea, you hang with the best! I just read that the vets are comin' up to lend support. The whole world is watching. The [you] Water Protectors ROCK! Thanksgiving fasts & foodless get-togethers, from dawn to dusk, have me stoked, like not since Occupy. Take care.

We, out here in panic mode America, are waking up. Due to just the brute force and cruelty of the state of North Dakota, I and millions have witnessed injustice. When has arresting with due respect, non-violent protestors, who may have broken the law, been a reason, instead, to torture with mace and water cannons and rubber-coated steel bullets? Who ordered this preposterous unforced attack on civilians, when simple arrests and bookings should have been automatic? Unlawful behavior by law enforcement is unacceptable by millions of Americans. We are seeing that first ray of light, exposing that the "emperor has no clothes", wow, and about time. We the People are turning to Standing Rock for guidance out of our corporate-created "consumerism". Consuming and never giving back is a fools errand. But I digress.


Each day, all we are asked, is to do the best we can, to the best of our abilities; Seems to me you are doing that...keep on; as will i, for my brothers and sisters, and our Sacred Mother Earth! And, Yeah, if we all pull together, making that effort, there will be brighter days!


Whoa... the mass murderer in chief has an obomberbot still spouting lies! Tell your lies to those that still survive from the drone murderers terrorist acts in the Middle East!


Beautiful and sad. Words have meaning for people with integrity. For others not so much.


But somehow DT is going to be our next president. With inspired new Democrats chosen and groomed years before ascending the political ladders that lead to the presidency the neoliberal right has put two eight year presidents in office. No one even questioned Obama's political connections as he was to be our shining light into a darkening future. The pigheaded obstructionists combined with his right leaning efforts to meet in middle ground ground that hope to dust. Neo liberal right wing fiscal policy has brought us to this crisis presented by an ignorant new administration. Where we go from here is in the wind but the continued construction of this ill advised infrastructure over using these resources to mitigate the looming chaos is certain to contribute to the disaster that awaits. The coming droughts and crop failures will surely lead to mass migrations that show the Syrian crisis as a mere precursor to the carnage that Climate change promises. The ostrich defense is unworkable but extremely profitable in the all too short term.