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'Deconstruction of the Administrative State' on Hold? Steve Bannon Out, Say Reports


'Deconstruction of the Administrative State' on Hold? Steve Bannon Out, Say Reports

Jake Johnson, staff writer

This post may be updated.

Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's chief strategist, is reportedly out at the White House, according to multiple sources.

Axios's Jonathan Swan initially reported Friday that a decision on whether Bannon would keep his job was "imminent," and subsequent reports indicate that Bannon is departing.


Mr. Mueller, please hurry.


So this gentleman was feeding at the public trough but had no “projects or responsibilities” to hand off? Why were we paying him a salary then? Just to mouth-off his Leninist ideas and cause internal dissension in an already dysfunctional WH? Good riddance. The man was a loony.


“He has no projects or responsibilities to hand off.”

As I suspected his only function was to whisper nihilistic limericks in the king’s ear.


Good Riddance!

F#€k you and the horse you rode in on!

Can’t wait till all the Secretaries start resigning!


May the White House-of Cards continue to collapse! Off with you!


Maybe good news but as bad as Mr. Bannon is, he is not the head of this rotten fish called our President.


Quick, Find a large bus. Bannon may be in a throwing mood.


A tv Republican pundit said Bannon was going after the deep state. Who is the deep state and whose feet was he stepping on?

Deep State: A large group of people, typically members of government agencies and the military, believed to have long lasting influence in politics in such a way that is difficult to counter by the administration that was voted into power.

Direct Democracy


Who writes these headlines?
Why would Don and his “Cabinet” reverse their progress?
The whole stinking lot has to go (Pence supporting Don’s statement on Charlottesville was super).


There is no way Bannon ever should have been in the White House. Clearly we can’t even think about getting back to any semblance of normal until Trump is gone but for what its worth this is a positive development.


the pundit may have misspoken. Perhaps he/she meant the ‘seep date’. … ya never no


You’re use of the term “gentleman” is way to kind.
From bits and pieces of information, I think we have a lot of people on the public payroll in the WH. just like this. Stealing from the taxpayers. Doubtful it is just the Trump WH, but most likely expanded.


We will have to see what’s true when things settle down.

Conservatives Turn On Trump And Threaten A Revolution After Steve Bannon Firing (Resignation)

"The far-right conservatives love drama. They thrive on it. They eat it up, and they believe that Trump is the enemy, they will go to war against him and split the fractured Republican Party into pieces. The creaky and tiny coalition that made up the backbone of Trump’s support is coming unglued.

Steve Bannon is very powerful within conservative media. He holds a lot of sway with the same media bubble that got Trump the Republican nomination. If the Bannon minions go to war with this White House, Trump will have no base of support, no constituency, and nowhere to go, but down as President.

The war is on, and the weak and failing president is about to have his last legs cut out from under him."


Yet another friend Trump has thrown under the Bus.
Hoping that it will somehow save him

This U-boat is going down
And we are waiting on Mr Mueller’s torpedoes

Damn the Torpedoes Full Speed Ahead


News Flash: Bannon Hands Trump 10 Lbs of Shit & 3 Lb Bag. Here, You Deal With It! That’s a good start.
The other jackboot is about to drop. Trump may just jump off his own ship, after all. Hard to run away when the Feds think you’re a criminal. Turkey and Erdogan, perhaps. They like the Alt-Right thugs, too.


Chris Hedges speaking yesterday on fascisim starting with Rome - the more things change the more they seem to remain the same… uncanny


Really, lets have another civil war?

Civil War
Bloodiest War in American History: Not the Civil War – World War Two. Although more American died in the Civil War, more Americans were killed in WW2. It’s a pedantic technicality perhaps, but the Civil War was America’s deadliest war, World War II its bloodiest.


People can talk about the Mueller investigation, and I get why, but what is really being done about a system that produced Trump in the first place? He didn’t emerge out of nowhere, and he did win more than anything because of the alienation that people feel towards the system in general, and the Democratic Party (presently, Trump’s opposition) in particular. What’s changed in the Democratic Party for the better, to this point, and if nothing or little has changed, what alternative is there? If we have no answers, that’s kind of a problem. Pence as president is more terrifying in some ways than Trump, since Trump’s incompetence is getting in the way of the right wing really making everything worse. I think that is one of the big reasons they are starting to oppose him. They might not have a better opportunity to push through a radical and unpopular agenda, and he’s wasting their precious time by being a dumbass.


You must be a Democrat, who else except a Republican would link Bannon and Lenin.