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Decriminalize Dissent


Decriminalize Dissent

Cecily McMillan, Michael Gould-Wartofsky
September 17 marks the fourth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, which inspired a new generation of American dissidents and a global wave of protest against economic inequality.


I do believe in the Occupy movement and all the branches of that tree. The tree of Liberty. Over the course of time, time and time again the voice(s) has been Loud and Clear. Sadly there is nothing new to be said. So, be quiet. March, Occupy, take a stand or walk a mile but do it in Silence. Screaming, yelling and using bull-horns only adds to the inherent distraction within any protest. Do it quietly, in silence and in solidarity. If done in this manner, any reaction that is negative will be seen for what it is. To quote Robbie Robertson, "with eyes of fire, no one can see". Making sure that there is no fire in your eyes proves rationality. To be truly non-violent includes the voice.


When you are in disagreement with someone and the voices get louder and louder, you have lost the power of reason. A cop doesn't care, but, the louder you get the odds of being hit with/by something increases. Why are photograph's so powerful? Because they are silent. One of great measure during the 60's was a man putting a flower into the barrel of a rifle held by a National Guardsman. Recently there was a demonstration in Russia, not unusual to be sure, but, it made global news because no one said a word, it was in silence. Silence says You are in Control. The shame is then placed at the feet of the opponent and this silence/shame causes a response from them. How can anyone (opponent) control a mob when it is already in control?


How do we stop and get rid of the Nazis?


Something has to change. Can judges be recalled in NY?


Sorry, it's the teachings I have learned from Buddha, Gandhi and MLK, JR, anger begets anger, violence begets violence...Gandhi was a great success at liberating India from England through non-violence...if anger isn't controlled at a personal level it will literally will make you sick/ill...for a good study of mass movements I might also suggest reading "The Temper of Our Time" by Eric Hoffer or The True Believer by him as well. On the other side of the coin, Hitler studied mass movements and used people's anger to almost destroy life as we know it. Silence/self-control is but one tool within the bag of tools to be employed by any great mass movement, MLK used it well.


1) Because he was up against people who basically respected him; had he been dealing with Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, Hitler's Germany or Stalin's USSR he would have been killed. During his government-supported visit to northeastern industrialised UK in the 1930s during the Great Depression he had scant sympathy with the British workers who were as exploited as any in India.

2) The UK gave India independence because such a need had been realised for a good number of years and in 1947 the UK was bankrupt. Ghandi could not stop the violence between Hindu and Muslim.


"had he been"...but...he wasn't

...in my view this C/D's forum function provides us with the opportunity to give short quip's in order to stimulate thinking in others, who on their own, may do a bit of research, again, on their own, so they can grow...there are those that demand a book be written with each posting...do not get me wrong, you are not one of them, what I'm trying to explain is that the sentence you quote, did in fact stimulate you and hopefully others but a point of fact is people do not take the time to read the small print...so I use KISS; keep it simple stupid, to get my point across...that is what I think of this "forum", it's not a college class-room and there are no term papers due...keep on truckin'...


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Ghandi was a very astute operator politically. But he was not solely responsible for "liberating" India, as some seem to think. Nor does non-violence work when one is up against those who consider themselves above the law e.g. the assorted dictators cited above.


yep, only 3 things matter, money and killing things


Using the internet , facebook,twitter and all social media to SHAME the judge in this case might prove effective. This man and his family live in a community where most of us believe in fairness. Out the villains in these cases.


Your equating violence with spoken words of truth is absurd on the silent face of it.


There is no such world aside from an idealized one where militarized police sent to "restore order" give one whit whether or not those committing civil disobedience are silent or not.


yelling and screaming does not equate to "spoken" dialog


it has been and it will always be the hardest thing to do, to turn the other cheek and speak of peace, to remain civil in the face of chaos...but oh, maybe I rant too much


I made two video's on the subject if you are interested.



I find it quite interesting that you put the onus of non-violence on OWS as an example when this movement WAS peaceful, respectful, helpful, insightful, and had a message that resonates today.


and just where and when did I do this? in point of fact it was a reference to christian ethic's