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Decrying Corporate Greed, McDonald's Cooks and Cashiers Descend on Shareholder Meeting


Decrying Corporate Greed, McDonald's Cooks and Cashiers Descend on Shareholder Meeting

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Calling for higher wages and fairer treatment, McDonald's cooks and cashiers will gather with progressive leaders on Wednesday and Thursday for large protests outside the company's shareholder meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois.


just a thought found on the net:


Having a conversation with my 18 yr old… who asks… and argues…
“OMG… why do McDonald’s workers need 15 and hour… i don’t even make that… she is going to Comm. college for Criminal Justice… and works at a grocery chain… she has moved up to supervisor… She said, these McDonald’s workers do not need that, she does way more on her job… what are they going to pay her if the 15 hr goes into effect…/??? I tried to explain… .she called me " too liberal”…
I’ll keep you informed… she’s home for the summer… or at least a month… this should be …fun… .


That quote is one of my faves. It’s from his first inaugural address (not mentioned on the cite)


Mention to her that, while the kneejerk rejection of parental values is something many adolescents need to do in order to feel that they’re their own person, one’s first real job as an adult is a very good time to abandon that rebellion and start thinking carefully about which side they want to be on.


Reading your post I immediately went to the bookshelf for Eduardo Galleano’s trilogy “Memories of Fire” , Volume 2, Faces and Masks, thinking I could pull a colorfully wise paragraph to pass along. Instead, after a while of browsing my computer went into sleep mode. I wish I could hand you the whole book to give her as a gift.


I have zero sympathy for McDonald’s the company and its employees. These thoughtless, arrogant butchers are causing enormous amounts of harm to the environment and human health. This company and its competitors need to go out of business. The employees need to work in sustainable businesses. And self-proclaimed progressives who eat at such places are phonies, indistinguishable from thoughtless, arrogant right wingers who don’t give a damn about animals, the environment and human health.


Most rich people do not earn their money. They are parasites who suck their money out of the working class.It is the pits when some of the largest and most profitable corporation have workers who are payed so little that they qualify for food stamps. Taxpayers should not be responsible for feeding Wall Mart or McDonald workers. A bill should be sent to the companies that the food stamp recipients work for.


You make an important point, but I’d ask how much we should be obliged to subsidise other people’s money-making ventures.

When Adobe came up with the postscript language and desktop-based font technology, probably a million typesetters were made redundant. Should we have somehow prevented that new technology from being propagated in order to preserve typesetting jobs?

It’s one thing to argue, as I’ve done and do, that everyone should have the means to a dignified life. In that world, the typesetters, like any other displaced group, would have been provided until they found something else, retrained and got something else, or retired.

But that’s not the same as protecting the lifestyle of the few at the expense of the many. I can’t think of any general principle that would support that.


What do you think? is this a good answer?

The Job Market of 2045: What will we do when machines do all the work? or is perhaps the imminence of services globalization, the need to get ready for a future where corporations, perhaps not McWhatevers but a multitude of international firms that replace the public sector jobs slated for liberalisation, such as schools, hospitals, etc, can move their workers around at will, locating in a favorable regulatory context and sending workers wherever their bidding earns them a contract.


I am a stockholder if McDonald’s and would like to work with the group which is protesting for a $15 per hour minimum wage. My email address is jamesnovak6008@hotmail.com. I would like to use my position as a stockholder to achieve this goal within McDonald’s and for all fast food companies.


Lincoln was an educated man. Obviously he’d read Hegel and Marx.


A response for your amusement or wonderment. Many years ago Steve Forbes (Forbes magazine) wrote that when he was a kid his parents would drive from New York to a summer place they owned in the midwest. First wonderment, ‘they drove?!’ He said that his parents didn’t much like the greasy spoon restaurants along the way, so they would buy bread and sandwich filling in grocery stores and have picnics. Second wonderment, ‘they did that?!’

Oh really? And what existed before fast food restaurants was better? Or you can suggest something instead?


It is dismaying that our current administration is ‘liberalizing’ the rules so much that more and more people qualify for food stamps, who formerly didn’t. If they keep moving the standard, then where does poverty really start?

BTW, that’s a sweeping generalization that “Most rich people do not earn their money.” I suspect that Oprah Winfrey, Steve Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Stephen King, Garrison Keillor, George Lucas, Peter Lynch, and many more have earned their money. I believe most of them started as ordinary people, and did mostly build what they built.