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Decrying Defaulted Loans of Deadbeat Corporations, One Million Indian Bank Workers Hold 48-Hour Strike


Decrying Defaulted Loans of Deadbeat Corporations, One Million Indian Bank Workers Hold 48-Hour Strike

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move that reportedly brought "the country's financial nervous system to a grinding halt," about a million bank employees across India kicked off a two-day strike on Wednesday to demand higher wages and that corporations be held accountable for failing to make loan payments.


Tut, tut, tut…

That’s not how capitalism works—gains are privatized, and losses are socialized.

It gets old, having to explain this over and over.

Now get back to work before I summon the gendarmes.


Solution: Privatize the government and the gendarmes. Report for re-education that is also privatized.


The article was enlightening on a number of different levels. The fact that India’s work force, IN THEIR BANKS, is better organized and apparently much more willing to fight the system then America’s citizens, leaves me slack jawed. The fact that they received a raise at all, and were still striking was also amazing. There are Americans that have gone decades without a raise, who willingly accept their poverty, while a million bank employees in India will strike for a higher raise…well to me, that shows just exactly how far the mighty have fallen. Our unions are broken…the only true labor unions with teeth still in existence seem to be some teacher, and some nurses union. Both professions predominately female dominated…while the rest seem to be either gone, co-opted, or toothless. Together we would have such power for change, But most of us willingly surrender that power through ignorance, apathy, and social programming.

Things are going bad so quickly now I question this countries ability to continue to exist in it’s present form for much longer. The elite seem drunk on their seemingly unlimited power, and the peoples total inability to do a single thing about it. A perfect storm is on the horizon my friends…this cannot go on much longer…


That’s America…


Yep, the usual positions of power are not as effective as they once were but they still exist. Just have to find one an get busy.


Yes, but we have cable…


What I found interesting is that when I was working in Africa, I had better labor law protection than when I came back to the states.


Go India! We should have that here.


I like your post young man and am thinking that this event in India is one bright spot in the world this week.