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Decrying 'Dog-Eat-Dog System,' #PoorPeoplesCampaign Launches 40 Days of 'Moral Action'

Decrying 'Dog-Eat-Dog System,' #PoorPeoplesCampaign Launches 40 Days of 'Moral Action'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In Washington, D.C. and more than two dozen states across the country on Monday, supporters of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival gathered to kick off 40 days of "moral action" to highlight "the human impact of policies which promote systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, and environmental devastation."


“We are witnessing an assault on the poor, on immigrants, on black and brown people, and on the Earth,” said Rev. Joan Javier-Duval in Vermont, “and we can’t let it happen any longer.”

This administration and its attacks on women make clear the nature of its male-supremacist beliefs and that they see the cause of women-rising as a threat to them.

Anyone who saw Ann Coulter’s ridiculous comments on “God” and the Eagles win, should also note that “Christianity” supports Elite-Patriarchy and has acted out many times in its attempts to oppress women by violence. We are at a crossroads now where Patriarchy is unraveling and Elites recognize that their system of “white” male-supremacy is being strongly challenged. Women are more than half the world.
Oppression of women results in the oppression of children, their exploitation and their sexual abuse.

“Patriarchy is a political system just as Colonialism was a political system.”


What? No poor people in North Dakota? I guess the Lakota Sioux do not count as being poor.


Inequality in the US and globally is systemic. It is a consequence of immoral, unconscionable greed by a few who seek to exploit and oppress the many…


Tom –

What I’m saying here is basically for anyone who hasn’t been exposed to these ideas …
Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

Our Founders actually created an Elite-Patriarchy here while proclaiming “all are equal.” And gave them immense access to the wealth and natural resources of the nation.
Christianity invented Capitalism and both have been the strongest tools in the Elite toolbox used for conquest. And, I think Trump probably has the greatest chance yet of overturning Roe vs Wade, if not immediately then in the next few years.

The GOP has been working for decades on studying Hitler/Nazis and their methods of control.
Nixon’s White House was very active in that regard studying old Nazis films and Nazi propaganda.
US/CIA even took up torture at Abu Graib, but mind control and torture had already been protected here in Congress’s funding of MKULTRA - a mind control and torture program.

We might also note in one of the articles we see Scientology and Raytheon back to back in Football evidently being played for the personal satisfaction of some God in the sky…
It seems more likely that, as “Christianity” and male-supremacist religions began to fall in the wake of democracy, that other means of Mind Control became necessary. (MKULTRA)

Scientology certainly looks like it might be one of those systems invented by the CIA under MKULTRA
and why it has been so protected and threatening to accusers and challengers.
Jonestown may have been yet another of their mind control endeavors connected to CIA.
And also causes more concern as to how our allegedly “democratic” government has managed to preserve the Taliban’s influence, while also downgrading the position/status of women in so many of the countries they’ve invaded.

In wielding of religion/Christianity … we also have to recognize that our CIA also wielded strong control over Islamic religion.

The US spent $100’s of millions shooting down Soviet helicopters yet didn’t spend a penny helping Afghanis rebuild their infrastructure and institutions.

They also spent millions producing jihad preaching, fundamentalist textbooks and shipping them off to Afghanistan. These were the same text books the Western media discussed in shocked tones and told their audiences were used by fundamentalist teachers to brainwash their charges and to inculcate in young Afghanis a jihad mindset, hatred of foreigners and non-Muslims etc.

Have you heard about the Afghan Jihad schoolbook scandal?


Good post! Right on spot!

I would just like to make the point, in addition to what you have rightly stated above, that this particular administration has taken it to a new level by appealing to the worst instincts of its base, thereby giving approval and encouragement. They have brought out what was already there, but was generally seen as deviant, as normal and respectable.

I believe with all my heart that this country is crossing the Rubicon during this administration,
in my opinion by far the worst in our history. I hope time proves me wrong, but I think the Nation’s divisions may become permanent.


True. My spouse who is Native American, says her people have never been counted as being legitimate people! .


Except for growing up in a middle class family from 5-19 years old I’ve been poor. The upper end of the working poor when I worked and only because I was single and poor now do to a disability and reliance on SS and Medicare. This country has never really done much for the poor throughout its history but of late it’s taken a turn towards the Twilight Zone with the present Trump administration. The few supports that have been hard fought and won over the last century are being dismantled and the poor will be left with little but rampant criminality to support itself. And no, it’s not their fault. Not everyone can be a CEO or bank president or even the poor, low wage bank tellers for that matter.


Wages have been stagnant for forty years, as computers and off-shoring have taken good-paying jobs away. Warren Buffett recommends a “big-time” increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit to reclaim money from those profiting from the low wages.

Warren Buffet is correct.


Psalm for Distribution
–Jack Agüeros

on 8th Street
between 6th Avenue and Broadway
there are enough shoe stores
with enough shoes
to make me wonder
why there are shoeless people
on the earth.
You have to fire the Angel
in charge of distribution.


Not sure who your question is directed at. This campaign, or the people in North Dakota who haven’t yet joined.

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The vast majority in this country, poor or well into the “middle class” are just one major illness away from deep trouble. Once the full force of privatization has taken hold of previously public facilities/infrastructure, and the taxation by corporate profit will further chain millions.

Works great for the Corporate State as a form of oppression. For them, win/win.

Sorry, not exactly adding any optimism here.

As soon as I saw Christian ministers were leading this, I stopped reading.

Will there be any questioning of the bible which promotes slavery, hatred of women, genocide, hatred of gays, and basically says that heterosexual men are the moral default?

Will it question heterosexism in general and the role of overpopulation in creating poverty?

Or will it once again rely on archaic arguments that if you pray hard enough, resources will magically appear out of thin air? It’s not that there isn’t enough, it’s that people don’t share. It’s not all these children being born, it’s greedy people.

Whenever Christian start talking about a moral revolution, be very afraid.

Also the biggest threat to the science of climate change has been the promotion of superstition by religious groups who prefer to make up fictions rather than study facts.


Good to see that The Earth, the interdependent web of all existence, is included in this campaign.


Except it’s being promoted by a religion that totally ignores the science of ecology and the limits to growth.

Just pray. God will provide.

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“‘Christianity’ supports Elite-Patriarchy.”

Is it possible, in your view, Greenwich, to distinguish between progressive and right wing Christian outlooks? As the Reverend Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign literature is quite clear about, their movement seeks to follow in the footsteps of MLK’s strongly Christian poor people’s movement of the late 1960s. And they have…er…christened…the present as a “Kairos” moment - a theologically Christian, God-ordained moment of action…

As to Christianity historically oppressing women - I quite agree. But - as, again, the PPC literature on the U.S. historical roots of the present movement is quite clear about - the first poor people’s campaign arose out of what MLK regarded as a Kairos moment: a moment when his “reformist,” racially concentric movement focused on racial justice could expand into a “revolutionary,” multi-group movement that could succeed…in MLK’s view…when all oppressed groups recognized their commonality and joined together…

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Oooooo, you are so right on!!

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Thanks. I’ll pass. This time let’s just join together without first having to agree that heterosexual Christian men have some sort of special powers.

Further, I did not write the bible and the passages that promote slavery. I did not write the parts that tell women to shut up around men, or that it’s okay to sell your daughter into slavery and how many livestock you can get for them.

I did not write the parts about supporting genocide of non-believers.

Also, and, further, Martin Luther King did face the same questions about his support of a religion that historically has had a VERY bad record on human rights.

Can a group that does terrible things have a charity potluck? Well of course. However, in 2018, let’s just have the potluck and skip the oppressive religious nonsense. Or at the very least, let’s all do yoga and then have a veggie potluck afterwards.

Christian ministers make a lot of us very scared, and we don’t buy it anymore, for good reason.

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Yeah right- too bad money is the only rating of “poor” in their world. I also wanted to let people know this: I have been getting hate replies to posts from an Edmund Bentivengo. He targets white male Jews.

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