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Decrying Failure of For-Profit System, 1 Million Demand Senators Back Medicare for All

Decrying Failure of For-Profit System, 1 Million Demand Senators Back Medicare for All

Julia Conley, staff writer

Medicare for All advocacy groups visited the offices of several Democratic senators on Thursday to deliver a total of one million petition signatures of Americans who support a universal healthcare system.

The petitions asked senators who have not yet signed on to Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All bill (S. 1804) to join 16 of their Democratic colleagues—including several who are considered top contenders to challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election—in backing the proposal.

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In a rational and just society, so-called “private” markets (there’s really no such animal) would be limited strictly to non-essential goods and services.


In every other developed country, single payer is assumed. They’d never accept anything like our system, and trying to do so would tank their economies. Hard to put into words how little economic sense this system makes. Listen to the damn Conservatives in the UK. While many of them are working to undermine the NHS, they wouldn’t ever think about pushing for a horrific system like ours and many of them recently said as much in response to Trump. Yet, the recent nominee for president from the relatively “progressive” party here said it will “never ever happen”, which goes to show how well to the right the entire political center of gravity in Washington is. Well, she’s now out of politics, although given who beat her, I wish it was thanks to her losing an un-rigged primary to Sanders instead of losing to the monster in charge. However, Dick Durbin is useless and I hope we can get someone to take him on, let him go and become a lobbyist like the rest.


Good luck replacing Durbin – or any Democrat, for that matter – with someone who won’t betray everything they claimed to support in exchange for positive conglomerate-media coverage, campaign cash, and, if they play their cards right, a fat revolving-door payoff. Democrats will never deliver National Improved Medicare for All unless the public is holding a gun to their heads. “Figuratively,” of course…


I think we can find people better than him. Chicago’s a big city, lots of progressives there. The problem would be taking on the donors that pull his strings, but that’s always the interests we need to confront. I have little to no faith in that party as is though, and I hope something emerges to take its place.

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30 or 40 years from now (unfortunately), we’re going to say Medicare for All isn’t enough just like we’re saying now that ACA isn’t enough.

Everything is a lie out of the government mouth. Never ending lies set in undestructable stone of greed. The system is about letting poor people die, not about healing people without plenty of cash. Morally corrupt to the core. Here it is in mid February 2018 and the 2019 military budget is already set pushing 700 billion dollars. No crumbs left for poor sick Americans.

I have a strong background in radical economics and have produced some good damn work. I necessarily have to think outside of the box on a daily basis. You calling for revolution isn’t thinking outside the box, anyone can do that, and I haven’t a clue what policies and institutions would take the place of existing policies or institutions in your revolution, nor do I have a clue how you would map out a path from here to there. How would you deal with finance as it is, the WTO, trade agreements like NAFTA and the like? How would you deal with the environmental crisis? What would be the role of markets, what would potentially take the place of markets, how do you protect the commons? Just saying, “We’re out”, and go off to la la land? You might notice that countries led by leftist parties have struggled to create alternatives. They can be built, but as a leading politician in Bolivia said, trying to build socialism in the world as it is is akin to trying to change the engine on a car while it’s moving. I could answer what policies and institutions should take its place, cause that’s what I do. What I do know is that the left isn’t in a position to lead a revolution at this point in time since it hasn’t organized people, created alternative visions that people can rally around and clearly identify and the left is only now starting to grow across the country. If society collapsed tomorrow, what would fill the vacuum would be the most dominant and organized groups in society. Is that the left at the present time? Are you in the Black Bloc or Spartacus League, by chance?

Until the left has grown to fundamentally change the country, we’re stuck with what is. My opinion is that we should push existing policies and institutions to their limits, and if they aren’t sufficient, we should replace them with something better. Along the path, I don’t think letting people suffer and trying to be the most radical person in the room accomplishes anything, other than people suffering.


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In 2020, if it comes down to Trump and a Democrat that doesn’t support Medicare For All or halfheartedly supports a system which preserves the profit motive, I will not vote for that Democrat.

Many of us are clear done with these fake ass corporate lesser of two evils Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Either an FDR Democrat or no Democrat at all.


Most of us would be satisfied to have a nation that was not completely controlled by corporate interests.

We don’t need socialism, we need democracy, one where corporations are not people and money is not free speech.

That would depend on who’s running the gov’t. Are we the people represented honestly and impartially? Then if so, all’s well. Are we the people ignored and exploited by unelected and unaccountable powers behind the scenes? I wouldn’t trust that bunch to collect my garbage.

Just my opinion, but the chances of Medicare for All (Universal Health Care) happening in the United States is slim to nil. Sorry, but the American psyche is different than other western countries (including its largest trading partner and peaceful neighbour to the north), given that the people allow corporations (things) the same rights as human beings (people), given that the rulers of these corporations (along with Herculean lobbies) dictate the actions of most politicians, given that Americans are glued to a constitution that was written in the 1700s to address issues in the 1700s. Perhaps this may enlighten some who wonder if Universal Health Care is even possible in the United States. How did Universal Health Care come about in Canada in the 1960s, given that there was only private insurance prior to this? Take a peak at this (sorry, I had to write dot com): canadiandimension dot com /articles/view/the-birth-of-medicare. Until the US government acts in the best interests of the citizens it’s supposed to be responsible to (the 90%ers), instead of turning the country into an oligarchy (it may be too late), Universal Health Care is not possible.


Yup. I agree. As citizens, though, I would say that it’s more important than ever for everyone to GET INVOLVED in politics, specifically the upcoming November elections and don’t split votes among several parties or else the same bought-and-paid-for morally corrupt individuals will be elected again.

S 1804 (Senate version) IS NOT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. HR 676 is the Gold Standard for Us Americans going forward: S 1804 vrs. HR 676 (House of Representatives version)

Socialism is economic democracy, at least the socialism and socialist thinkers I am drawn to (Robin Hahnel, Michael Hudson, Michal Kalecki, Otto Neurath, Gar Alperovitz, David Schweikert, among others) and we do need socialism. We need socialism in healthcare, banking, housing and other areas. Capitalism and markets aren’t up to the task, and capitalism is a key driver in the environmental crisis. Environmental impacts have no prices and capitalism is a system that needs to expand continuously. In a world of finite resources and in a world where there is only so much waste that can be thrown in the environment before it causes collapse, how in the world can capitalism exist if we are to avoid environmental collapse? We also aren’t going to avoid the environmental crisis if we don’t either ditch or radically transform the WTO and deals like NAFTA. So, call that system what you want, but it ain’t capitalism.

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I don’t know if you understand what I wrote. First, Medicare is not free. Recipients still have to cover 20% of costs, and that’s after they deduct over a hundred dollars a month from your Social Security. So what I’m saying is that a less expensive single payer system like Canada’s is even better. I’m not comparing Medicare and ACA in the sense you are, ie that Medicare is way better than ACA. Of course that’s true, but let’s keep a progressive vision at all times.

I will not be here in 30 to 40 years, however, I will say right now, Medicare has been wonderful in the nearly two years that I have been using it.

I had an operation that removed cancer from my body 9 months ago, and it costs me absolutely nothing, except some pain.

I agree, we need a single-payer system if not a socialized one like the NHS in England. It is definitely scandalous how much clout the insurance and pharmaceutical industries have on our government. The link below tells you how medicare doesn’t fully cover because of deductible, coinsurance, and copayments. It’s a lot better than ACA though!