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Decrying Greedy Vulture Funds, Sanders and Warren Call for Relief in Puerto Rico



Let the vulture funds take a LOSS. They claim that the rationale for their obscene "rewards" is that they take a RISK. Prove it.


Michael Hudson's "Killing the Host" explains exactly how the parasitic financial class works. Puerto Rico: Greece West.


Austerity: Economic policy of removing money from an economy to improve the economy. Akin to taking food from the hungry to eliminate hunger.


Sanders and Warren would be a good team for this country. We've had bank bail outs and trillions in tax cuts for corporations and the rich, maybe we America needs a bail out instead of austerity.

Sanders and Warren.


The thing is, the ultra-wealthy control money - seems simple enough, but that control of paper, not gold or silver, a paper mirage, a monopoly. That control of vast wealth and the ability to grow it over generations creates vast power to corrupt and the ability to loan money for interest - enormous profits for nothing tangible - parasites on civilization.

The game is played to create onerous debt - debt for nations (Greece, Puerto Rico, et al), for students, for individuals and families, debt for towns and municipalities. Politicians and governments are complicit to this cycle of debt and profit, they support and maintain the mechanisms of debt and protect the institutions that gamble with the worlds economies and people, and are "bailed out" by governments in collusion with the scam when things go wrong for them - bailed-out by the 99% who suffer making the rich whole again! Governments and politicians gift the Uber-wealthy trillions more by lowering inheritance taxes, further increasing the wealth and power of the few to current obscene levels.

Citizens/nations have become inured to this financial usury, hey just business as usual. This is a very old game going back hundreds of years, for some families to amass wealth and then control the game, and people, making wage and interest slaves of millions, including entire nations.

The debt owed to financial parasites must be eliminated - nations and individuals saved from predatory wealth, greed and usury of civilization by the rich.

"the financial sector has taken over the economy. Its lobbyists and academic advocates have persuaded governments and voters that they need to protect banks, and even need to bail them out when they become overly predatory and face collapse. Governments and politicians are persuaded to save banks instead of saving the economy, as if the economy can’t function without banks being left in private hands to do whatever they want, free of serious regulation and even from prosecution when they commit fraud. This means saving creditors – the One Percent – not the indebted 99 Percent."



Maybe THIS time Puerto Ricans will unify on the issue of independence. Solidarity!


Where is Clinton on all this? Backing the Wall Street parasites?


Maybe Rachel Maddow should have asked Clinton this question. We rescued the banks in three days! And why don't we hear much about this situation(DN has done a great job on coverage).This is blatant racism!


Sanders should make a campaign stop in Puerto Rico and discuss the evils of capitalism.


Very interesting how politicians, in order to get themselves elected promise everything they know well they can't deliver, get their country (or territory) into huge debt and when it's time to pay, the bad guy is the one that lent to money.


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That's a winning combination. I wish Liz would consider it and let it be known before the nomination. With this ticket, I think Bernie overtake Hillary.


Interesting that they paired so easily on economic issues ... Sanders and Warren sounds so good to hear. Lol.

They know we want that too. You have to wonder whether the dems can free themselves from the clutches (talons) of the big money supporters enough to back this winning team.

It wouldn't be the first time the dems were sabotaged from within by the corruptible elements in their midst.

Lol... it is a scary leap to back people with ethics instead of with big money backers but if they want to win the White House and have the support of the people too... Sanders and Warren would simply be unbeatable.


I am sure that Greece is the first step in dismantling whole countries by privatization. Puerto Rico is being put in the same position as Greece. America is already owned by the Corporations who are engineering this process. Globalization is merely privatization of the World.