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Decrying Hypocrisy, Irish Americans Called to Stand Against Trump and Racism


Decrying Hypocrisy, Irish Americans Called to Stand Against Trump and Racism

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While Irish Prime Minster Enda Kenny traveled to the White House to take part in a traditional "shamrock ceremony" with his American counterpart on Thursday, Irish lawmaker Aodhán Ó'Ríordáin and other critics called on Irish-Americans to take a stand against President Donald Trump and his xenophobic policies.


I needed a good chuckle - don’t the Irish know that (the Berrigans notwithstanding) Catholic Irish-Americans are the most predictably hard-right-wing bunch of people you will ever meet in the US?

(disclosure: My surname is Donahue and my mother was a Callahan)


Garrett Connelly is my name. I stand against the US war on Earth and Life. (My mother was a Tobin).


I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. ORiordain at the Women’s Protest on March 8
in Wash. Square Park, NYC…He was anonymously handing out flyers to the event and we
just started talking. Mr. O’Riordain said that many Irish are appalled that so many with
Irish names are in Trump’s House of Chaos.
I am too…I am of majority Irish descent and I am DISGUSTED.
Why is it that thugs like this always give Irish a bad name., i.e. Reagan…
anyway, I’ll be there.


I can concur with this, rabid Trump supporters on my Irish catholic side of the family. Clueless that most of the right considers them Satanists or worse. Times have changed for sure, 40 years ago any known Republican would get his arse kicked on St Patricks day in Southie


God bless O’Riordan. Far too many of my fellow Irish-Americans are among the worst of the worst: Ryan, Bannon, Mc Carthy, Brennan. These kind of Irishmen incarnate the old old patriarchal authoritarianism of the Irish Catholic Church and should be called out by those of us who are embarrassed to share the same culture.


Thank you for this inspiring piece.
This Irish Stand is a call to action for justice and equality for all, and this Irish-American also heartily endorses it.
May we always strive to pursue these goals of justice and equality.


What struck me when I moved from Kentucky - where Catholics are a discriminated minority - to Pittsburgh, where they run the city (Irish politicians, Italian and Polish engineers/managers/cops) is how the churches and priests are on the left-leaning side down south, but in Pittsburgh, the church heirarchy is right wing as hell. I’ll never forget the way the bell-tower carillons of Pittsburgh were all reprogrammed to play martial music like the “Marine Corps Fight Song” by the 6 pm vespers on Sept 11, 2001. I called to complain about the church playing war-music, but the priest all but told me to go fuck myself.


I wonder who may be “English” Americans and if they would use St George’s Day for an equivalent stand? After all, St George did slay the dragon.


You would have had the same reply from the Catholic Church in Spain between 1936 and 1939. It loved General Franco.


Is a ‘Tobin’ like a ‘Hobbit’?


Now I’ve seen everything. Hilarious. If one actually believes in ‘diversity’ then they also believe in ‘the freedom to be xenophobic’.

My question these days is ‘so what is the new left’s final solution to the xenophobia question?’ Camps? They seem to really be creaming over the new red scare…so maybe some kind of HUAC committee to discern the ‘true nature’ of every citizens ‘xenophobia’. Or maybe just more mass surveillance?

Is it okay to ‘hate the haters’? I mean the heavy violence at ‘protests’ is simply unequivocal.

Sigh! The hypocrisy of the new left is so rabid…its truly more terrifying to me, as an old-school liberal, than the obvious ‘wear it on their sleeves’ evangelicals and conservatives. Do-gooders are capable of anything in the name of ‘progress’. Violence. Censorship. Surveillance. Every form of coercion they can think of.

The new left scares me. I truly believe they are ready, right now, to accept ‘ghetto’ type exclusion ‘zones’ for people ‘identified’ as ‘racist’ or somehow ‘in conflict’ with ‘liberal’ dogma.


It’s a club and you’re not in it - to paraphrase George Carlin. The (social) power club, regardless of other labels. Works the same everywhere, only the external labels and appearances change. And while it is about who is in control and who is an owner it operates from a largely social base in terms of knowledge (like 10-year olds learning sex ed from each other) which is why they are so incompetent directing resources in an enterprise, they know nothing of how to make “it” work (whatever the “it” is) such as operating a cash register or performing a task or skill required. And they have no interest in the enterprise as sustenance (such as a family farm or very small “mom & pop” business). These are often MBA trained and have never and could never work “the line.” These are the executives and board members who are massively clueless about the businesses they are placed in charge of. They should thank their lucky stars for all the peons they pee on because the places wouldn’t run otherwise.


Well, this Irish girl doesn’t want to have to wear a hijab and scream, ‘Allahu Akbar!’… I’ve read through your topics, this site is nothing but a Liberal propaganda forum. Why on Earth would you ever side with the slave-owner Democrats is beyond me! They would enslave you just as they have black people!


I bet your Irish grandmother or great-grandmother wore a headscarf, as my Ukrainian Baba did. No different than a hijab.


Ah, but then there’s Joe Kennedy III, calling the IAs you mention and more out for their lack of compassion!


Yeah. Every time I hear about hijab bans, I always ask: “What about babushkas?”. Up until a couple decades ago, old women with their babushkas were seen everywhere in the 'burgh, especially in the Ukrainian s’athside.

Of course, the rest of her trolling comment (she joined moments before writing it) consists of that distinct style of fantastical fabrication among Trump supporters that is hard to put into words. They are assertions that are so outrageous that they leap or even fly over any means of rebutal or falsification - and thus, once they land back on the ground, obtain the status of “truth” among the Trumpists, while we are left scratching our heads at such manifest insanity while we mutter over and over again “No, that wrong”. It is similar to a class of scientific or mathematical assertions seen in very bad rejected papers that physicist Wolfgang Pauli used to call “not even wrong”.



Not to mention all those Irish nuns whose head-and-body coverings are basically Catholic burkas.


Yeah - the old-style nuns habits; how could I forget about them! They used to wear a bandage-like thing that covered all but the front of the face below the forehead - and the nuns who wore them were always the most meanest and vicious ones back in Catholic school - they made my aspie life hell as a young kid. Maybe that is why I forgot about them.


I don’t recall any time when even “old school” liberalism considered racism to be a “whatever float’s your boat” kind of thing. What kind of sick mentality informs you?