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Decrying Policies That Serve the Powerful, Ocasio-Cortez Demands Housing Be 'Legislated as a Human Right'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/31/decrying-policies-serve-powerful-ocasio-cortez-demands-housing-be-legislated-human


“Internationally, the right to adequate housing and
protection from evictions, is enshrined in article 25
of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDR)
as well as Article 11 of the International Covenant on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).”

“Section 26 of the Constitution of the Republic of
South Africa, mandates the state to take reasonable
legislative and other measures within its available
resources to achieve the progressive realisation of
the right to adequate housing.”


Ocasio-Cortez: You are a beautiful, intelligent, honest, lady! A rare politician, to say the least!


Researchers are discovering that if street people are given their own rooms to sleep in, they still might have drinking problems but their medical problems, that we pay for, get far less expensive for us. Also, they’re a bit easier for the alcohol counselors to reach when they’re somewhat healthy.

So yes, everyone without exception needs to have the right to a warm bed.



Not only because she Represents my old neighborhood in the Bronx, but because she epitomizes what a Congressional Representative should be doing, Representing her Constituents and not the highest bidder to her donation fund.

Legal Bribery has tainted the Representative Government process.

Weak, Greedy Representatives have succumbed to casting their vote to reflect what their largest Donor/Briber request and not what is best or demanded by the majority of their Constituents.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes to Washington needs to replace Mr. Smith as the symbol of Righteousness, Integrity, Honor & Decency we should expect from our Representatives.


OC please run for President. I had my doubts but she is demonstrating a lot of authenticity. Not that I wasn’t already, but I’m even further radicalized against Corporate State Democrats.

Thank Pelosi for protecting this fascist President for that one. But I predicted that very thing (I mean, protecting an Administration full of war criminals sets that bar pretty damn low), and sure enough she is still at it. Last talking point I saw from Pelosi the Trump Protector was that the case against Trump needed to be “ironclad”.

Cluck off Pelosi.

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I abhor arguments pointing out tax dollars.

That is entirely beside the point.

FDR, arguably the best President ever, included housing as part of his Four Freedoms, didn’t he?

Many people are homeless or live in destitute conditions because the imperial oligarchy hits them with everything in their dirty bag of tricks. After months or years of this, they just give up. It is very expensive to be poor. Huge fees for missing utility payments or overdrawing their bank account, cheap processed food, the only stuff they can afford, causing obesity and diabetes, dirty tricks by republicans to squash their votes, environmental chaos in poor neighborhoods close to deregulated polluting factories…the list is endless. Thank you, AOC, for fighting for these people, not just in the Bronx but all across America. You and Bernie and a few others are indeed beacons of hope in this cruel world.


i’m sure you know the Constitution requires the President to be at least 35 years old. But her party could make her Speaker of the House.


Not explicitly, but “Freedom from Want” is the third.

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Yes, somewhere in my chicken brain I have stored that factoid. Speaker of the House, sounds perfect.

She is a young politician, but one of the rare honorable ones, our illustrious elected representatives.

And she is an inspiring politician, advocating for all the right things. She and Warren might be cut from the same cloth in that regard. Those two are for the people above all else.

Can honest politicians survive the cesspool that is DC? It’s very difficult. But I find OAC to be an inspiration. A congresswoman speaking for truth and honor in the halls of Congress. How rare.

Thanks for clarifying.

Everyone needs an address, even if there is no bed. But there should be. We can’t all become brain surgeons, and we don’t all have everlasting good luck. What community with a solid tax base would vote against low income housing projects.

Her party will treat her like they do Bernie. Those in power don’t hate him, they hate his policies and how he threatens their power and unearned privilege. If she ever runs, people must realize that she will be treated no differently, and I see little evidence that the worthless anti Bernie types reflected on or learned anything from 2016, or at least they want others to not do so. I actually think that the Russian nonsense was a means of not doing that and placing blame elsewhere. But if she ever ran, again, they would throw the sink at her. Many of the zombies online that hate Bernie have no logical reasons to hate him, but they have been manipulated by those that do have logical reasons to oppose him, and she poses the same threat. That rotten party just might puke out a Biden and Harris ticket, and I think the primary voters are lost enough to go with it. The collective irrationality of the Democratic Party is something to behold and never gets better, even as things get progressively worse thanks in large part to them.


I certainly don’t think there is a chance in hell that OC would be allowed to attain any leadership position in today’s Corporate State Democrat run party. I agree.

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Excellent question, I have no answer, except to say probably not.

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This may be the End Times. Maybe we only have twelve more years on this Earth, but gosh darned it, NOBODY BUILDS CHEAP WALLS and HOMES like DONALD J. TRUMP.

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She has good ideas.