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Decrying Policies That Serve the Powerful, Ocasio-Cortez Demands Housing Be 'Legislated as a Human Right'

“What community would vote against low income housing projects?” Quite a few. Think back–"The Projects "
I agree with the sentiment. I agree with the idea. Implementation? Think back.
My old town, good old Ft. Lauderdale, now quite famous or infamous perhaps.
The sixties? Very segregated, but black or white, everyone away from the beach was in single family homes. My dad did his deliveries and bill collecting on weekends, so I pretty much saw all the neighborhoods. The seventies, the poor neighborhoods, not having grass or landscaping besides trees, were considered “blighted” and these areas were sold to real estate moghuls for resale to highways. Other areas which they needed had prostitutes installed on corners until they also became blighted. I can recall several of these. Federal housing came in with lovely lovely high rise housing. Cough cough. Across the country similar things were happening. The projects became horrid hotbeds of crime and despair. Maybe the problem was lack of jobs? Criminalization of marijuana? Inadequate schooling?
Along came Jimmy Carter who said everyone needs their own house and started Habitat for Humanity. The problem I see is that with the population increasing so fast, single family homes waste an awful lot of land that could have trees. Single family housing in a city commands a car. More cars, more roads, a scorched earth policy. Hi-rise housing, can the US tolerate it???
AOC is right of course about the bed. Let’s just make sure these people get a full package of care for the best results. Living on the street is very very very sad. Redesign for green communities.

It’s funny you mention Warren but not Sanders, who is more progressive. Is it a woman thing?

Biden is at the highest percentage of support he’ll see. It’s nowhere but down for him from here on out.

As for AO-C, she’s well-meaning and a mild pain in Pelosi’s ass, but ultimately a sheepdog.

Good for Alexandria O-C –
This is FDR’s Four Freedoms – or is it Five Freedoms?
United Nations Human Rights Manifesto –
Don’t think they did clean air? But Shelter, Food, Health Care, Educations – Jobs –
Jobs above all – everyone deserves a job.

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Simple enough, she runs at the next opportunity.

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Housing is a basic human right = Federal law must guarantee & provide low-rent housing - no more than 1/3 of income - to ALL who need it.

The pictures tell the story. These are on the scale of homelessness in Los Angeles, the second largest City in what is called “The Richest Country in the history of the world” . This is third world stuff and worse. As another mentioned the added health care costs must be closer to billions than millions.

This article points out that there a cost savings of 15000$ per person that is homeless if they are housed instead.

Apparently the “system” can not afford to provide those homeless people above with Public Washrooms. They are defecating in the streets and urinating in alleyways. Meanwhile Oprah Winfrey sees the need for 14 bathrooms. Why does any single person need 14 bathrooms? The reality is that Capitalism is a con. It needs a permament underclass to function because it needs workers to do work no one else will do such as clean Oprahs bathrooms given she would just have to add more of them to her house if she had to clean them herself. By the way she has 5 other homes across the USA. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Now add to that the US Military. As an organization this institution is likely the most harmful of any to the well being of US Citizens. It impoverishes people. The requested increase in Military spending for this year could end homelessness in the USA and have billions left over. Not only does it impoverish US Citizens at home helping to lead to this homeless crisis, but it creates homelessness and Poverty the world over as it bombs Hospitals and houses and Mosques and Factories the world over. There was a telling interview on the CBC a few weeks back with a Syrian Refugee from Raqaa now living in Canada. He described visiting the neighborhood he grew up in . The home he was raised in and the entire neighborhood around had been blown up by guess who?

Libya had a constitution that listed having a home as a right of every citizen. The USA and NATO blew that to hell in the name of “freedom and liberty”. Now Libyans are being bought and sold on street corners. It called “the ownership Society”