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Decrying System That Favors 'War and the Wealthy,' Poor People's Campaign Unveils Agenda to Combat Poverty, Racism, and Militarism


Decrying System That Favors 'War and the Wealthy,' Poor People's Campaign Unveils Agenda to Combat Poverty, Racism, and Militarism

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s original campaign against poverty that kicked off 50 years ago next month, the Poor People's Campaign (PPC) on Tuesday announced plans to revive Dr. King's radical moral vision with mass action nationwide and unveiled a series of ambitious demands aimed at combating the economic, racial, and environmental injustices that afflict tens of millions of people in the world's wealthiest nation.


Hoping that the war drums can’t drown this out forever. Hoping for another Occupy to spark a flame of resistance, one that won’t be reduced to a smolder this time.


As I wrote 4 mo. back - nothing to add now but last par:

Barber calls for a religious value centered poor people’s movement in the mold of civil rights - like that earlier movement, mobilizing both poor and liberal- to-progressive middle classes, but now focused not only on racial but economic inequality.

What will drive the poor now? The earlier movement had concrete and immediate goals - equal rights in housing, drinking fountains, public services, voting. Mobilizations by a poor-centered movement to achieve these goals - was likewise concrete: individual, small group and mass nonviolent resistance to state laws.

Thus poor people - supported by movements and liberal political forces – were direct actors to achieve their goals.

Dr. King was moving from racial to linked economic inequality, and Dr. Barber takes up the reins of that broken project. I support Dr. Barber, think mobilization of poor is vital. But it seems a harder project now - in terms of both ends and means.

The goal of overturning systemic inequality - what is the short term goal? And the means of demanding that goal - mobilization of the poor? What in the near-term are they gathering to demand? What actions can be a direct intervention into the workings of capitalism as occupying a white only lunch counter was?

Don’t have an answer - think national healthcare-centered demands could form a starting point, and gun control - joining people of color’s demands with essentially middle class young protesters’ and kindred organizations’ demands - not just for direct action, but for an alliance of middle class, often white progressives and poor peoples’ movements.


This is where the rubber hits the road and Dems and lib/progs will have nowhere left to hide.

See y’all in the streets.


We are witnessing the ‘failure of success’ of predatory capitalism. Poverty is the result of IMPOVERISHMENT from the zero sum model. In order for capitalism to be ‘successful’ and for a capitalist to become wealthy, value is EXTRACTED. Today as throughout its history, the psychotic hording cannot remain viable for the greedy unless it is applied across the board in ever intensifying scramble as the end game of the delusion rears up and threatens to unseat those riding the coattails of sociopathic robber barons, manipulators and thieves.

Impoverished young men are sent to boot camp where they are beaten into submission and forever changed into good soldiers for a mortally infected system.

The executive summary closes with:
“The Souls of Poor Folk is providing an empirical basis to
build and strengthen that unity. It also is only a
beginning. It does not, and cannot, address the full range
of issues under each theme. For this reason, we hope
that it encourages more research, debate, and analysis,
so that we may, together, identify the solutions we so
desperately need.”

to this I would then add the observations and tools provided, with precisely the same spirit as cited by the Poor Peoples’ Campaign, that these are tools that are strengthened in aggregate and creative in alliance:

The Center for Dynamic Community Governance

The Three (or Four) Basic Principles

Observing the basic principles is important because they ensure that the organization doesn’t slip back into autocratic or disorganized decision-making. There are many more practices and methods that are essential to implementing the basic principles but these requirements guide the adaptation of those methods to specific circumstances. The three basic principles are essential.


The principle of consent governs policy decision-making. Consent means a member has no argued and paramount objections to a proposed policy. “Argued” means reasoned or explained. “Paramount” means all important. An objection is not a veto; it is a valid reason why a particular decision will prevent a member of the group from doing their job or otherwise supporting its aims.

Objections are solicited because they provide positive information. The reasoning behind them allows the group to improve the proposal so all members of the group can work toward the aim more effectively.

Policies are decisions that limit or permit future operational decisions and actions. They include budgets, strategic plans, allocation of resources, including money and people, and the basis for leadership by the Operational Leader. Policies govern the day-to-day activities of the working group.

An extension of consent, and sometimes presented as a fourth principle, is that people are elected to roles and responsibilities by consent. The members of the working group nominate and discuss the task description and nominees availability and positive ability to fulfill the task, and then consent to the assignment. The nominee must also consent. This process ensures that the team selects the person that the group believes is the best for the task and that they will support on the task. The task description and the discussion ensures that the person elected understands the group’s expectations.

A sociocratic organization is governed by “circles,” semi-autonomous policy decision-making groups that correspond to working groups, whether they are departments, teams, or local neighborhood associations. Each circle has its own aim and steers its own work by performing all the functions of leading, doing, and measuring on its own operations. Together the three steering functions establish a feedback loop, making the circle self-correcting, or self-regulating.

In circle meetings, each person is equivalent and has the power to consent or object to proposed actions that affect their responsibility in the organization.

On a daily basis, activities are directed by a leader without discussion or reevaluation of decisions. This produces efficiency and forward movement. If there is disagreement, the leader makes the decision in the moment. the issue is discussed in the next circle meeting, and a policy is established to govern such decisions in the future.
Double Links

To ensure that feedback travels up and down and across the organization, circles are arranged in a hierarchy of overlapping circles. The overlapping is formed by the circle’s operational leader and one or more elected representatives who are full members of both circles. This overlap is called a “double link.”

The double-link is unique to sociocracy and forms a feedback loop that allows the system to self-correct. The operational leader is elected by the higher circle to communicate the decisions and needs of the larger organization to the circle. The circle then elects one or more of its members to communicate the decisions and needs of the circle to the higher circle. While each link participates fully in all aspect of circle discussions, they are responsible for communicating specific information.
Other Methods and Practices

There are many other methods and practices that support the governance of the sociocratic organization, but the beauty is the simplicity of the basic principles. As long as the principles are maintained and the values—equivalence, effectiveness, and transparency—guide the application of methods and practices, they will produce organizations that are harmonious and productive. The sociocratic vision.

None of us are socially whole on our own. Our weaknesses and strengths are mutually complimentary in the life of the planet - which is fundamentally social in nature.


America’s wealthy have become accustomed to looting and plundering America murdering the indigenous and exploiting the poor black white and brown alike. Since WWII the US has made the exploitation of people and earth’s resources a global practice and along with it’s allies in crime such as Israel and the EU.
Until now there has had been no powerful enough foes to stand in the way of the US plunder and abuse. Especially since the collapse of the USSR the US has been acting like a big bad bully. However things have changed, the Zionist fascist and the militarists are in a panic mode threatening Russia, Iran and China with nuclear war.


The first baby steps of rebellion. At least that is what I hope. The Fascists you can bet took notice of it and didn’t like it one bit. They are already working up files on the movement leaders and tapping their phones and the like. They know the crimes they commit and they know one day even the dumbest horse will eventually run out of a burning building…so they don’t like it when people start talking about the truth. I wish Reverend Barber and the rest the very best in their pursuit of economic justice.


I think right now the demands regarding voting are the most important. Since Obama was elected there has been a well-orchestrated effort to restrict voting so that a minority that represents extreme wealth can rule the majority. This effort has had a lot of success and it is critical for racial minorities and young people, who are the main targets of this effort, to fight back. Perhaps Barber is the person who can lead a movement such a Martin Luther King led. What has gone between voter ID laws and gerrymandering is clearly an injustice. Minorities particularly are being deprived of rights as citizens. The Koch brothers and the people working with them are well aware that their view is not shared by the majority of the country and that they can only win by either preventing people from voting or using gerrymandering so that even if they do vote they will not get the percentage of elected officials that the deserve.


“Hope” won’t cut it. ACTION will!


Pipe-dreams…in a representative republic it might have a chance…in a democracy it might have a chance…but since we have neither…not.


We know that production by labor is the creator of value. We also know that corporatists push austerity with their privately owned government called democracy.

That leaves only one path open to humans who enjoy life over money and war;

Create a new parallel government that is a real democracy, autonomous democracy free from corrupt corporatism.


We all must become the good Rev as best we can.

See You in the Streets!




No one talks about the poor, especially the mainstream media … https://www.thenation.com/article/41-million-americans-are-food-insecure-why-are-the-media-ignoring-them/


Although not a USAn, one American does talk about the poor and has instructed pastors all over America to talk about them: Francis writes of what it means to be holy in the modern world, with many specific examples: viewing a person sleeping on the street not as an obstacle or a political problem but as a human being; refraining from gossip in the grocery store and impatience with our children; reading the Bible even in a time of constant online distractions; avoiding being “caught up in networks of verbal violence through the internet.”
“Our defense of the innocent unborn, for example, needs to be clear, firm and passionate, for at stake is the dignity of a human life. … Equally sacred, however, are the lives of the poor, those already born, the destitute, the abandoned and the underprivileged, the vulnerable infirm and elderly exposed to covert euthanasia, the victims of human trafficking, new forms of slavery, and every form of rejection.”

The presence of constantly new gadgets, the excitement of travel and an endless array of consumer goods at times leave no room for God’s voice to be heard. We are overwhelmed by words, by superficial pleasures and by an increasing din, filled not by joy but rather by the discontent of those whose lives have lost meaning. How can we fail to realize the need to stop this rat race and to recover the personal space needed to carry on a heartfelt dialogue with God? Finding that space may prove painful but it is always fruitful. Sooner or later, we have to face our true selves" (Gaudete et exsultate).


The economist Henry George formulated the way to economic democracy over a hundred years ago.
Treat the land as the natural common right of all instead of a commodity to be bought and sold and monopolized by the few. In brief, this is accomplished by getting rid of all taxation save a tax on the land. Every time it has been implemented the result is economic justice for all.


Our political democracy is in shambles because we never established an economic democracy to serve as its foundation.


Yes, let remember that Pope Francis is a real Américan…


Hey Fokker,

Glad to see you survived your censure.


Perhaps the coalition I have been urging is finally beginning to form. I pray that it is, for that may save us and bring some sanity to this government.
*Tossing our future back and forth between the “D” and “R” sock puppets of the Oligarchy has brought us nothing but misery and poverty for many decades.
*It is time for We the People to set aside all of the petty stuff and start working toward one goal. The goal of taking back our nation and making sure that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are back in the Halls of Government, intact and functioning.
*By just using the Constitution properly, we could rid ourselves of the crooks, fascists, Nazis and crazies that currently are destroying the nation day by day, and possibly the world, and nullify the damage that is currently accelerating every day by unconstitutional acts.
*It is certainly not going to be easy and it will need commitment and dedication by all of us, but the result will be worth it.