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Decrying 'Unacceptable' Brutality, UK Lawmakers Join Half a Million Britons in Calling to Halt Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Exports to US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/decrying-unacceptable-brutality-uk-lawmakers-join-half-million-britons-calling-halt


All chemical weapons should be banned. And, police should be de-militarized. And, the military should be abolished. All funding for police and military should be redirected to community health, mental health, restorative justice, transformative justice.

All these “investments” in militarization and war are paving stones on the road to total societal collapse.


"All chemical weapons should be banned. "

ALL weapons should be banned. Especially nuclear. Ban the bomb.


When did you ever expect to hear such an international outcry?
— It’s about time!!


"The petition points out that the U.K.'s own criteria for exporting military equipment stipulates that the supplies must not be sent abroad if there is a “clear risk that items might be used for internal repression.”

Oh so it’s ok to use these supplies on other people? But not internal people.?
Well that makes it just fine and dandy then doesn’t it? Just keep making your bloody weapons you bloody brits. What do you really care who they are used against.?




Thanks for speaking out against Trump and the “Unacceptable Brutality” and to HALT
Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Exports to US –

But don’t expect any of this to make Trump feel shame – he’s incapable of it.

Our MIC/Intelligence Complex is costing us 70 cents or more of every tax dollar we send
to Washington, DC.

That’s criminal, immoral, theft from the public by Elites who profit from WARS –

and in return what we get is NSA spying on all Americans 24/7 — !!!



I’m glad they’re doing it and I hope they get their million signatures.

But when Biden becomes President, and does the same thing, it won’t even be news.

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A paltry figure in a population of 67 million. Still, better than nothing.

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Well, there are 12 million African Americans in US who I’m sure share the
interests and overall concerns of the protesters these past weeks – but not
everyone of them is on the streets.

I too share their concerns re continuing oppression of African-Americans here –
and brutal and violent police actions against African Americans – but I wasn’t on
the streets protesting, either. I have taken other actions in support of their protests,
however – and imagine that many of us here have also done so.

We are a nation of more than 300 MILLION – has anyone calculated that HALF A

It’s possible – a good number of us are involved in giving FEEDBACK to the press –
and if you look at various “Comments” across the internet you will easily find very
negative comments on TRUMP – and the “Trump trolls” faded away long, long ago.
And are outnumbered now I’d say 1,000 to 1 on the internet.




That is very encouraging.

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Hey Greenwich, yes apparently the British Isles have much more moral fiber than we do. Reminds me of the story a few months ago, about Ireland donating over a million dollars to one of our first nations tribes(I don’t remember which tribe), when they became devastated by COVID 19, and received almost no help from our government. It seems that same tribe had donated approx. $270 to Ireland during the Irish Potato famine. Ireland never forgot the tribes generosity.

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According to isolationist Trump, we should be making all of our own anyway.

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Moral fiber, or racial integrity? I believe it is more of the latter.
And it’s a lot to do with the Brits evolving in a tighter community.
A different culture. More equal if you will.

We have to admit that our whites, and people of color grow up in many separate cultures within one America. It may take generations to stop teaching children to be racists in many areas. Baby steps, or revolution. If there is to be change we have to choose.

“It may take generations to stop teaching children to be racists in many areas.”
True in some cases, on the other hand, I’ve personally seen it stop in one generation here in the deep south. True story, if you’ve already seen it in a post of mine before, sorry.
Race relations were bad when I moved here (MS Gulf Coast) in 1973, and still bad when I hired on the fire dept. in 84. I promised myself if I moved up through the ranks, I would do my best to change that attitude on the FD. Fast forward to 95, I was promoted to a Company Officer position, and decided it was time. After hearing a racial slur used by a FF on my shift, I assembled everyone in the classroom, and explained it would end as of that day. Anyone committing such an act would have to explain their actions or words to the Chief (who I knew would back me up). I asked if anyone had any questions or problems with what they were just told, no one raised their hand. Then excused everyone to go back to what they were doing. Everyone except 2 young FF’s left the room, one of them being the son of a Battalion Chief on another shift raised in Selma, AL. I was almost certain this kid was raised to be racist. So I closed the door, walked in front of them, and asked what the problem was. Their answer floored me, they both said they had no problem, and thanked me for the speech, saying it was long overdue on the dept.
They left, and I sat there for a long time thinking about the situation, and realized this kid was smart enough to overcome his racist teaching in one generation, and would not be handing down that racism to his kids.
I learned that day to never underestimate the power of kids of different races, playing and interacting together, to overcome these types of issues.

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The world has decided tear gas is inappropriate in warfare, but not domestic “riot control”(Geneva Protocol of 1925 and 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention). The worst thing to be used in the midst of a respiratory pandemic.

As for those “safe” rubber bullets? Tell that to the young Sacramento woman who may well lose the sight in one eye. The video of the act may serve her well when she recovers and decides to sue. Then there is the community activist in San Jose who used to work to bring police and communities together. He may well never be able to father a child thanks to the deliberate shot to the groin. Explain it to the head and neck surgery resident at George Washington University who spent hours cleaning a victims wound, removing plastic and metal fragments embedded in his face and removing the nonviable tissue left by the damage.

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Hi wings –

Looks like the KKK had to send out a “leader” in order to get something done
in Virginia?

KKK ‘leader’ charged for attack on Black Lives Matter protesters
Jun 09, 2020 · A self-described Ku Klux Klan leader has been arrested for allegedly driving his car into a group of Black Lives Matters protesters gathered on Sunday in the US state of Virginia. Prosecutors say…

I’d be more encouraged if we didn’t have BIDEN set up as the next president –
FASCISM doesn’t go away because it’s closely associated with Capitalism which is fascism.
And because Elites always can hire someone to do violence for them.
Look at our Supreme Court – they’re certainly doing violence to all of us for them.

Elites have increased the possibility that they’ll NOT be going away by $565 BILLION in just
the 11 weeks of VIRUS.

And as long as we continue to have police departments operating the way they have been
across the nation, they are also BLOCKING our inalienable and Constitutional right to

To end the fake DRUG WAR –

and to end GUN VIOLENCE across our nation – damaging our societies/communities.


It seems that British politicians are more concerned about the welfare of American citizens than many US politicians are.

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Been waiting so long for a national outcry; this is just a bonus.

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