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Decrying 'Utterly Inadequate' Efforts to Tackle Climate Crisis, UN Chief Declares 'Our War Against Nature Must Stop'

Sooner, if the bloody french have anything to do with it:


With all due respect, it wasn’t the Donald Dumps of the world patting one another on the back after signing the dangerously inadequate Paris Accords.

It was the corporate tools like Obama.

And it’s the corporate tools who control the d-party who won’t agree to stop taking fossil fuel money or to hold a debate focused on climate.


Not just the clowns of government; clowns/ignoramuses of entertainment such as this poser:


The reasons for the French Revolution abound with the present U.S. government, and in particular this administration.
But are the people ready to do something about it.
It doesn’t look promising.

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Oh. I thought he was talking about world leaders now. You know like donald dump who says climate heating is a chinese hoax.


Who do you think enacted the “utterly inadequate efforts to tackle” the climate crisis such as the Paris Accords, which is specifically cited? You’re right, Trump is nuts on this issue. But I’ll contend that putting a band aid like Paris on a gaping wound and calling it anything other than a CYA distraction is actually worse.

Pretend solutions like Paris are the subterfuges that paper over business as usual…


And so these people become the enemy? To be turned away at border crossings. drowned at sea, interred in prison camps and separated from their parents/children, siblings, deported? Am I one of these 5 million too many? Are you? This horse is dead; stop beating it with each post you make. Population is not the sole cause of all the world’s ills! And becoming birth control Nazis is not the answer either.


Q: Will you quit smoking?

A: Yeah I know it’s bad for me. Not now, too much stress.

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Also, considering sending Riley and Elayna (and their toddler Lennie) a small donation for giving Greta and her father a ride to their destination on time. Believe it or not, they are not rich yachters, Riley is an ex-oil rig roughneck and they got that nice catamaran sailing yacht - which is their home too - for only $100K and their income comes only from their youtube channel - and yes, they have faced cancelled subscriptions and donations from the regressive youtube-right-wing.



Another contributing factor:


Gretta has shown a way: Boycott corporate products.


Thank-you. This population obsession among boomer-ex-hippies is one part racism and xenophobia and two parts misanthropy. The exploding CO2 emisison are coming from wealthy countries with stable or even declining populations. Population growth takes care of itself through elevating living standards and especially empowering women.

And the sheer white racist colonialist consdecension about birth control is disgusting. Yes, people in even the most rural and remote parts of the Congo or Bolivia know what a condom or birth control pill is and can get them easily if they want to. But in a poor rural area, children are the only way to survive by providing labor in the family’s fields or tending the herds and care for the elderly. And the the carbon footprint of such a poor rural family (no car, no A/C, no central heat, often no electricity at all and at most a motor scooter for transportaion) is tiny.


I did not mention the Paris agreement. I specified Guterres’ appeal to world leaders; thereby invoking dump as one world leader who denies climate heating. Nothing to do with what went on before.


Consumption times population minus regeneration equals destruction. Destruction begins with a cooking fire. Look at how far people walk, usually girls, to collected a bit of fire wood to cook a meal, and look at the denuded landscapes in the semi-arid landscapes from the endeavor. At the other end is a hydrogen bomb, though billions of vehicle do just nicely, too.


We are in bad shape, but you keep focusing on easy stuff, Democratic politicians you don’t like, as if Republicans in Congress, on the Supreme Court, and the millions of voters who support them, are going to do anything about climate change. I continue to see these complaints as easy ways to avoid what’s really difficult: changing actual human behavior. Unless people stop using steel boxes that burn dead dinosaurs to get around, we’ll be lucky to get close to meeting the Paris Agreement targets.

Oh, and I know I’ve posted it before, but the House has already passed a bill that requires the Executive Branch to develop targets to meet the Agreement’s goals and prevents our withdrawal.

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BINGO! The greedy climate deniers are so close- minded that I predict that they will not even make any harsh conclusions or acknowledge the reason for the coming cataclysm… once it happens!

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Mine too because our own history has shown that simply trying to being it to heel is futile as the worst elements keep resurrecting.


If you’re under the impression that I hold out any hope whatsoever of changing actual human behavior until climate chaos is catastrophic, you haven’t read my posts.

I know you want to deflect virtually all criticism of your precious party, which is fine and dandy. But c’mon, the House bill you cite is CYA window dressing, just like the Paris Accords themselves, as they were intended to be. And WTF difference does it make at this point anyway? We aren’t in bad shape, climate chaos is a runaway train that will utterly disrupt civilization in the near term. The Green New Deal, which will obviously never see the light of day, is decades too late in any case.

I’m no longer responding to you on this topic. I respectfully submit that you’re completely delusional regarding our prospects.


Plant Hemp.you can have all the paper you need without ever cutting down another tree.
50 00 products and counting all sustainable.
Hemp takes in 4x the co2 as the same area of trees.
Why the France are we not growing it .Ask Du-pont…they chemicalised nature.Thinking that they could create a substitute for nature .Nothing we an do takes its place. We must find a balance between nature and technology.


Great post one of the best I have read .
So true we educate girls and women ,let them self determine their own futures .
To do this we must transcend Organised Religion and the patriarchy.