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Deeming Pollution of Earth Sinful, Pope Proposes Climate Action as Sacred Duty


Deeming Pollution of Earth Sinful, Pope Proposes Climate Action as Sacred Duty

Nika Knight, staff writer

Pope Francis on Thursday put forth an urgent call for people to actively work to save the environment, proposing that the Catholic Church add such a duty to the list of "seven mercies," which includes feeding the hungry and visiting the sick, which Catholics are required to perform.


Pope Francis: " WE HAVE NO SUCH RIGHT".

Soooo true!


Here is where the rubber meets the road. Will our almighty oil industry CEO's pay heed to one of the planet's religious leaders? I submit that (as we can tell from the muted response to his encyclical) this will make no difference at all. There's one country that places "In God We Trust" on its currency. One would think that a good indication that said country is religious. California has a Jesuit governor (a self-proclaimed climate champion) who allows oilfield wastewater to be sold to drought-stricken farmers.
Profit first; every other conceivable concern - go to the back of the line.


Any idea what percentage of US Catholic voters will vote Green (Party) in 16 ?


Yes, as long as heterosexual men are still superior, then it's good with the Catholics. If you're gay, or a woman, then not so much.

Also, he tells people to ignore birth control, to have more kids, and then says climate is a problem. Hello!

And let's not forget this guy actually thinks his make believe friend talks to him from the sky. His holy book supports rape, genocide, incest, and all manner of violence. His church is invested in dictatorships, polluting corporations and destruction of native cultures.

And the history to this church is one of corruption, molestation and exploitation of resources, for oh, about two thousand years. Anti science, bullying, and authoritarian, they have destroyed pretty much everything in their path.

But this guy in the white dress says climate is now important and we're to forget everything else about him. Because he's a nice guy.



No indication of religious affiliation, but I do find this poll via nj.com interesting, with over a quarter million votes and counting:

Will you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president?

Jill Stein of the Green Party 65.85% (184,265 votes)

Donald Trump 15.9% (44,500 votes)

Hillary Clinton 11.72% (32,790 votes)

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party 2.9% (8,108 votes)

I will write in someone else. 1.6% (4,471 votes)

I don't know yet. 0.92% (2,582 votes)

Another independent candidate. 0.56% (1,572 votes)

I will stay home this year. 0.55% (1,548 votes)

Total Votes: 279,836


I wonder how many war refrugees are being allowed into the Vatican?


How many do you think will fit on 109 acres, the size of the Vatican? Chicago is 149,800 acres. The Pope took a few back from Greece. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/17/world/europe/pope-francis-visits-lesbos-heart-of-europes-refugee-crisis.html?_r=0 The Church runs a language school and other facilites for the over 100,000 refugees in Rome. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/25/what-happened-pope-francis-syrian-refugees-rescued-lesbos-vatican-rome The Pope has provided showers for the homeless in the Vatican, he visits homeless shelters, and does many caring things for the poor.


Catholic Church is an 2000 yrs old Institution; so it still hung to some "old ideas"; and because is also a worldwide and the biggest Christian Church things don't change from one day to the other. In order to change things several Concilios, etc have to be organize and sometimes takes decades.

However, Catholic Church in several areas is very advanced:.

  • The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church is very egalitarian.
  • The Catholic Church does recognize evolution.
  • The Catholic Church recognize that most sacred books are part mythology; but those myths explain the doctrine. Catholic only take into consideration the New Testament of the Bible, the part about genocide, rape, incest is almost never read in Catholic Celebrations. Protestants, not Catholics read the Old Testament in their Church ceremonies.

Catholics believe that all types of life are sacred so climate action is naturally a sacred duty; and for the same reason they are against Death Penalty, and don't believe in invading countries or resolve international problems in a "muscular" way.

One of the problems with birth control is that they still considers that life begins at the conception. They are also afraid of "ethnic and social cleanings", sometime in the past women were forced to have an abortion for ethnic cleansing purposes. Many women in the past, were forced to have abortions, specially young poor women, if they got pregnant by a powerful man that did not want to assume responsibility. In the past, some women were forced to have abortions, if the child they were carrying was bi-racial. So, in a way, they believe that abortion does not symbolize women rights. In a case of rape, they also believe that the child as well as the raped mother, are both victims. The child is considered to be a victim because was conceived by violent means. I don't personally agree with this, but that is what they believe.

However, they are getting modernized and they may change, but will take years to do it.

In regards to homosexuality, some of them specially the older and conservative elements, still believe sex is only for pro-creation. However, Pope Francis changed his view about homosexuality and is trying to change things within the church.

It is true that Catholic Church has a history of corruption, like most Churches and secular Institutions; but it seems that things are starting to change for the Catholic Church. Pope Francis recognized the pain brought to native cultures.

Pope Francis is trying to change things, but it is not easy, it will take decades.

I am an agnostic, but I was raised Catholic. Catholic in mass read the New Testament of the Bible; not the old, so there is not mention of rape, incest, genocide, etc.

Sorry, for my grammar English is not my primary language, I learned English long ago, but I am over 90 yrs old and somehow I am having more difficulties now.


'We certainly won't see a Global Revolution in our lifetimes, but it's coming."

To the contrary, it's already in nascent stages and without it... there won't be natural lifetimes to complete.


The Papacy's view on women certainly lags behind.

However, this Pope's contribution to:

  1. A discussion on global poverty
  2. An exposure of the rapacious grasp of corporate capitalism without conscience
  3. A call to protect the beloved natural world
  4. A call to an END to arms/war

Are all such powerful and spiritually sound positions as to make the wise soul honor the wisdom of this particular Pope without throwing centuries of Catholic Church garbage at him. He stands as a refreshing contrast with the stances (and attitudes) of many recent former Popes.


This good man has not been attacked because he rescued the Catholic Church from its scandal ridden downfall.


Every so often this Pope says something righteous.
At other times after hearing him speak I feel as though I've been transported back to the 16th century.
I wish he'd fully commit to modernizing the Church and stop playing the reluctant shepherd with the flock.


Ahh thank you for informing me , and the links

! I'm pleased for the twelve lucky rescued folks


I'm pleased.


it always has been. psalm 24 and many other biblical references indicate the earth belongs to the lord and all that is in the world (like us). we are the stewards of this planet. it is obvious by now that we have done a poor job. perhaps if ask god to forgive us and repent we will be spared.
the sad thing about this truth is that a vast majority of the earth's inhabitants are not responsible for the gluttonous use of the natural resources. americans consume a disproportionate share of god's bounty.


I think its important that the leader of the Catholic church is saying what needs to be said and done because, as many of the above comments point out, the Catholic church is not a place we are used to hearing progressive ideas espoused.


Glad you are back. I sense it is coming--that critical mass that will turn the tide and maybe it will occur in our lifetime--who knows...


The "however" serves grammatically to diminish the centrality of what preceded it.


\\ The Environment is the Future ///

I'm reading "The Invention of Nature", by Andrea Wulf, about Alexander von Humboldt and his travels, especially in South America and the Andes Mountains from about 1798 to 1803.

Quite aside from his formidable scientific skills, Humboldt pointed out vociferously that colonialism, trade and slavery, as practiced by the Empire then, Spain, was destroying the environment - and people - and society.

There were of course other empire wanna-be's then, as there are now.

And we are still destroying what's left of the environment, two hundred years after Humboldt's travels, after the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

We are obviously too self-congratulatory with our period names, as with many other things - for we are neither renewed nor enlightened.

It's 'business as usual' - of course - follow the money.

Why in the world would any American vote for the monstrosities that are Trump & Clinton - when you could vote for Jill Stein - WHY ?

A Jesuit Pope understands the situation.

Science understands the situation.

Just where have you Americans parked your brains??

Probably where most of the world has parked theirs, I'm guessing - but maybe you could enlighten me - Where is that ?