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'Deep Lack of Moral Clarity and Courage': Pelosi Accused of Moving to Kill Green New Deal Committee


'Deep Lack of Moral Clarity and Courage': Pelosi Accused of Moving to Kill Green New Deal Committee

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In response to reports on Thursday that the Democratic leadership is taking steps to revive a defunct climate change panel, environmental groups and youth climate leaders warned that the move is an attempt by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and others to kill the surging demand for a Green New Deal Select Committee and called it a failure to fight for "solutions on the scale we need" to achieve "a livable future."


Of course she is; that’s her job. And it’s not a lack of “moral clarity” or “courage” either. This was the problem of the “Backbone Campaign”: The Democrats don’t serve progressive interests due to a lack of courage or spine, it’s because they serve the interests of Big Business. They don’t represent you. It’s long past time to get out of the Democratic Party Sisyphus trap.


This is the side of Pelosi and Dem leadership in the House that is so problematic. They just don’t get or refuse to get that this is not a time for status quo politics.

Use your power to move the ball forward on climate change…rapidly. That is what the situation calls for. Otherwise move over and let other leadership emerge. Don’t stifle it.


“…the remark sparked fury from progressives, who viewed it as another sign that much of the Democratic Party and its leadership is woefully unprepared to take the ambitious steps science says are necessary to confront the climate crisis.”

Every time I read the comments after an article about Nancy Pelosi and/or Chuck Schumer I see the same tired old thing: “We need Nancy’s experience! We need someone who knows how things work!”

Well, Democrats, here is “how things work.” Nancy and Chuck have the experience to know just which lobbyists are most likely to pay them off for supporting their planet-killing agenda, and they will fight for them at all costs.

This is all about the money, and facilitating the greed that will finally make the planet uninhabitable. If you think a few inexperienced young idealists are going to change that, guess again.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard Pelosi take a position on Climate Change. Does she even believe that it is happening? Does she think that it is in large measure a result of human activity, and if so, what human activity is causing it.

We know she thinks this nation is a capitalist nation. I doubt will ever hear from her that the practice of industrial capitalism is the human activity that strongly aligns with climate change.


I sincerely want and hope the youth of our country to take meaningful civil charge of our course of ship.


When our grandchildren look us in the face and ask “What happen to the world grandma/grandpa?” You can tell them we allowed the rich to rule for the love of money. Their names were Pelosi and Schumer.


Amen, brother. This inexplicably world spinning in the middle of nowhere provides us with so much that so many take for granted.


And to few appreciate. We are a people filled with racism, war, hate for others. What happened to love? Where has it gone? Is there any left?


Sometimes I don’t understand why the people that I am most simpatico with are in cyber space. Most of my neighbors are too afraid of a genuine conversation. Saddens me to a great degree…


Its true in my family as well. We are divided.


Kethy Castor herself has not signed the pledge to refuse fossil fuel money campaign contributions. At least, i can’t find her name on the list.


Thank you for the chat. I am going to try to get between today’s squalls and get my dog’s important business done…


My neighbors want a border wall and a closed border to stop the “invasion” of refugees from the countries the CIA has destroyed. They all have guns to “defend their homes.” Try to have a conversation with someone like that…


As we will be reminded in this thread, the main motivations, the important things, for the “leadership” in the Party and in Congress, are protocol, seniority, ego, stability, established committee jurisdiction.

Not the actual civilizational and ecological crisis response, and political and economic restructuring that are demanded. That’s so small-minded! Pay attention to your betters, and get in line. Maybe in a generation or two we can get the kind of action that is demanded by the actual crisis we face. No need to upset the apple cart. Be realistic!



The best way of snuffing out momentum for any issue is to hand it over to the Democrats. Always a mistake. Same old, same old. Any hope of real and substantive change must use a strategy that excludes and ignores the Democrats.


With every new ‘news’ item like this I just shake my head, puzzled by the folly of loyalty to a political party that is consistent in one thing - their participation in the duopoly running and ruining our lives in this country and the world.

How many times do they have to clearly demonstrate with both words and deeds that they’re not where they are to ‘represent’ the common good? As with Tom Larsen’s most apt Sisyphus analogy, we could also include Einstein’s quote about insanity.

Keep voting for these criminals, expecting them to change, to do what matters to you, to all of us, to the planet, and be so surprised when they don’t. Nuts!


And is anybody surprised that the Party of Wall St will not take any stand that it not endorsed by corporate CEOs.


The seniority system is unAmerican.


Here we go again. The Dems will be responsible for electing Repubs AGAIN!!