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'Deep Sense of Despair': UNRWA Chief Says Palestinians Suffering Dual Pandemics of Covid-19 and Poverty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/12/deep-sense-despair-unrwa-chief-says-palestinians-suffering-dual-pandemics-covid-19


THE native people of the area are the Palestinians. I think Rome had the land longer than anyone else in history. Sadly too, the leaders of Israel have in a way become the Nazis, while the Palestinians take the place of the Jews of WW 2 time who were murdered and had all their land and property stolen. Every night is now Kristallnaght in Palestine.

Weirdly, it was Cyrus the Meade who released the Jews from Babylon—and of course, the State of Israel appears to unreasonably hate Iran. I guess that once a nation has been a world leader—they ( i.e. Iran) realize that trying to run the world makes their own nation a Less- than it could be place. .Sadly neither America nor Israel appear to realize this or even recognize that history.
Neither America nor Israel seem to recognize that the people of Iran who are the very people who are the sons of Cyrus. The first world leader was Persia, aka now called Iran. Both America and Israel denigrate Iran’s history, and sadly both nations go on to show a growing lack of worth in how they treat the people of Palestine. It does appear that other members of the UN body are beginning to see that what passes for governing by those 2 nations of America and Israel is truly just hypocrisy. : (


Thank you for the astute historical lesson.
The Zionist/USA genocide of Palestinians continues and accelerates, and
“the world community” does nothing about it.
Here in America, ultra-orthodox Jews in NYC are beating journalists unconscious and threatening violence against other people as they spout Q-Anon bullshit in support of Fuhrer Trump, who loves neo-Nazis.
As Christopher Hitchens so aptly said: Religion poisons everything.



The Ottoman Empire would be the longest occupation and colonial control in modern history, yet is rarely cited. To the Brits the “Jewel in the Crown” was for the vast majority of its THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE a very late concern. The French from the Crusades forward through history have made a hash of their remote colonial and Foreign Legion (North Africa rather than the Levant or Fertile Crescent) profit-maximizing entrepreneurial ventures.

The 19th century revival of Hebrew language and culture and the rise of political Zionism didn’t much threaten the Ottoman Empire as the Turks were the major Near East Caliphate to welcome the expelled Jews (and Muslims) of Spain under decree by the Catholic Crown. Moreover, the Ottoman Turks accorded Jews fleeing the Catholic Expulsion from Spain full acceptance under citizenship and even opportunities within the Ottoman Islamic hierarchy. Mizrachi (Eastern) Jews in the Diaspora and in Israel know this better and more culturally and intimately than Euro, Afro or North American educated communities.

In its pre-state of Israel eras Palestine and the Turkish professional education system was a destination for Jews fleeing Christian and Imperial pograms in city states, nation-states and surrounding kingdoms and feudal (sheikhdoms) fiefdoms. The first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion held an international law degree from an Ottoman Empire Turkish law school in Constantinople\Istanbul and found himself torn between the Fascist Zionist Nationalists and the Secular Socialist Zionists seeking to establish more than an Ottoman Empire Yishuv or Settlement, but an actual modern state.

Something that refugee Ben Gurion found in parallel within his Greece-born neighbor Ataturk who would lead the Turkish Nationalist Movement known as THE YOUNG TURKS that overthrew the 400+ year institutional corruption that brought the folding Sultanate, never big on prayer, to its knees. The Euro Colonials circa WW I era Sykes-Picot Accord that dissolved the Central Asia to North Africa and Eastern through Central European reach of that 4 century run of THE SUN NEVER SET OVER THE OTTOMAN TURKISH ISLAMIC Caliphate era. The Young Turks followed the collapsing Islamic Sultanate’s Hamidic scape goating and desperate to hold together caliphate’s massacres of the Armenians (an indigenous non-state diaspora settled in the Near East and Levant long before the Turks even arrived from Central Asia).

Following the last of the Armenian Feudal Kingdoms that fell or melted away in the Levant or the newly emerging USSR, The Young Turks seeking to retain as large a nation-state as possible with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, headwaters of and fertile crescent between the Rivers of Eden MESOPOTAMIA, in their frenzy rallying nationalist zeal and the Grey Wolves Turkish Racial Fascism Terrorist Extremist shock troops chose to become another (if huge) western imperial secular state. That required in the view of the Young Turks as it had occurred late to the Ottoman Sultan and his Caliphate hierarchy an ethnic cleansing of those perceived to be NON-TURKS (even like the Kurds if they were primarily Sunni Muslim). This led to what amounted to genocide of the Armenians and the displacement of Pontic Greek Eastern Christian and the Black Sea Laz peoples. The Kurds chose to participate in the ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims, but that didn’t spare the Kurds when the early 20th Century Sykes-Picot Agreement put a Kurdish National State on the map on territory that would become post-colonial Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

Despite the shift from religious state to secular state tragedy was not averted. Israel along with its Jewish Diaspora and Zionist Christian and other Muddle Eastern minority allies need now to face such consequences if a two-state settlement and new era of inter-dependence doesn’t fill the nation-state vacuum from the Jordan River valley to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Galilee’s border with the Cedars of Lebanon and Mountains of Syria down to the Sinai Peninsula, the link between Asia and Africa.

Meanwhile the same long-deferred post colonial and Islamic Caliphate crunch time is playing out in post-USSR nation-states of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The trans national Corporate Caliphate has filled the vacuum. See TRUMP TOWER BAKU’s currency vacancy rate and the investors who had it built on an oil boom town’s speculative Caspian Coast with partners including the President of the United States family business and elite real estate investors among the Iranian Islamic Guard and Military Forces.

Tragedy can’t be undone but can be averted. We need to learn from how Fascism not only holds hands with both religious and secular regimes, but if the Jewish mistress Sarfaty of Il Duce Mussolini and the Italian Jewish Financiers like Ettore Ovazza of Mussolini’s Fascist Movement illustrated, Fascism is also in bed with religious and secular nationlisms. Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Donald Trump and Bill Barr all men who enjoyed the personal freedoms (also from responsibility) a liberal social life-style bestows recognized at different points in their political careers that Fascism was their personal opportunistic UP ESCALATOR.

Like U.S. Southern scribe Faulkner said of the Reconstruction of the South, see Wiki on one of Faulkner’s more experimental works and the source of this unstuck in time and newly mapped space excerpted quotes by the Mississippi mage:
"Requiem for a Nun is the source of one of Faulkner’s best-known lines, "The past is never dead. It’s not even past."

Faulkner didn’t much consider nor note Jim Crow Laws and Red-Lining & Lynching in the Northern Abolitionist states in the analytic nuance of that fictional character’s observation and\or critique of the New South, Southern Reconstruction and the expanded U.S. Union from his Hollywood bungalow quite as masterfully as nuanced Michelle Alexander has in her recent best-seller that neither DNC nor RNC seems to have taken the time to read and ruminate over and titled THE NEW JIM CROW). Neither party in our political Duopoly hosted any such discussions of the coast-to-coast loss of trust in law enforcement due to decades of non-prosecuted institutional corruption and the bid-net as usual of the Militarization of Municipal Police Departments by our own Daddy Warbucks and the counter-insurgency training sold by Israel’s security contractors along with weapons vendors.

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