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Deep Shame on Suu Kyi and Myanmar


Deep Shame on Suu Kyi and Myanmar

Eric Margolis

Few people have ever heard of Myanmar’s Rohingya people. Not many more could find Myanmar on a map – particularly after its name was changed some years ago from Burma to Myanmar.

The exception is Burma’s sainted lady leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who became a worldwide celebrity and Nobel Prize winner. The media loved her, a sort of Burmese Joan of Arc versus its brutal military junta.

But now, tragically, the Rohingya are headline news thanks to Myanmar’s brutal ethnic cleansing of one of the world’s most abused, downtrodden people.


I visited Burma in 1980. A beautiful country with wonderful people. But…this is what happens when you allow the military to control the government. They always want to use their weapons on defenseless civilians.


I recently read the Prologue and Introduction to Canadian General (retired) Roméo Dallaire’s “Shake Hands with the Devil” (2003). Dallaire was the United Nations Force commander during the Rwandan Genocide of 1993/94.

Eric has already cited the Bosnia/Serbia conflict, among others - others too numerous to list unfortunately.

From what I understand, the much vaunted Scandinavian countries, also Japan, are relatively pure ethnically, and desire to keep it that way. I am sure there are others.

Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” comes to mind, quite naturally.

We geologists labored for more than a hundred years without knowing of plate tectonics, asteroid impacts, large igneous provinces and their greenhouse mass extinction events, snowball Earth events, etc…

Sometimes I wonder if my friends the biologists are not missing something important ?

It seems at times, actually most of the time, that many of my fellow human beings are not related to me, despite our nearly identical DNA. Climate change deniers and conservatives, for example.

I know there are significant differences in the gene’s alleles in each of us, and I wonder if this does not mean we are hard-wired to conflict - despite the best ‘rational’ efforts to live together harmoniously.

Romeo Dallaire was asked if he believed in God. He said ‘Yes, because he had met the Devil’.


Please be a little more transparent bro…can’t tell if you are in anguish due to racism or if you pushing some ‘scientific’ rationalization in favor of it…


Margolis is of course right, but Suu Kyi likely has no way to express what I believe she must feel, given she is a tolerated figurehead only in the de facto military dictatorship called Burma - any suggestions the military junta/regime are not still in absolute control, or would tolerate any real dissent or freedom of expression a fantasy…


“This is what happens when you allow the military to control the government. They always want to use their weapons on defenseless civilians.”

The US military controls and has controlled the US government for a long, long, time.


I was afraid it might sound that way after I posted.

No - not a scientific rationalization of racism - thanks for bringing the matter up.

But a complete puzzlement as to why it is very nearly impossible to get thru to dogmatic people.

Is it nature or nurture - everyone says both - which answers precisely nothing.

It wouldn’t be a matter of such importance if we weren’t committing ecocide.

There is a dopamine receptor in the brain apparently, controlled or made active by the DDR4 allele, as I understand it (I’m not a biologist). This may help explain my addiction, and others of course, to risk sports and risk taking in general - think of the dude who first proposed we leave Africa, or cross Beringia.

Maybe there are other alleles which code for conservative and dogmatic personalities - it would be a good idea to nail this down, and might save a lot of time and effort trying to explain the current situation to un-receptive people ?


half the nobel “peace” prize winners should have their little awards revoked. the damn thing’s a rogues gallery.


Especially an Islamophobic, racist, Buddhist military…


Maybe you need to reconsider your views on Suu Kyi…


Scandinavian countries - notably Sweden and Denmark, are NOT “relatively pure ethnically”. Copenhagen and Stockholm are about as ethnically diverse as Toronto and Vancouver are and like those cities, they are generally welcoming of immigrants.

Also, I think that you are trying to be entirely too “scientific” about this. Participation in “risk sports” is largely a function of economic status and culture. For example participation in all sorts of “risk sports” is much higher in Europe, not becasue of genetics, but simply their political economy provides people with the financial security and time off from work to participate in the sports. As a hang glider pilot, I’ve seen the sport decline to near extinction in the USA (only partially offset by the rise of paragliding) largely due to the rise or economic insecurity and the lack of leisure time among the current-day US working class.

Hell - when I recently went down to SE Tennessee to hang glide and view the eclipse, I noticed that even simply taking the day off to travel to the totality zone and view the recent eclipse was itself largely a luxury only afforded the bourgeois upper-middle class.


I think she could threaten to resign and leave the country if the persecution continued. I don’t think the people would want to face the prospect of being left to the tender mercies of the military thugs that ruled it for so long.

Aung San if you do not support the persecution then resign in protest and leave the country unless it stops.




Easier said than done I think…the junta - military thugs will commit any atrocity needed to silence dissent to maintain power…Suu Kyi is between a rock and a very HP…whatever…all… she loves is no doubt under threat


Maybe you should consider that “heroes” more often than not, aren’t.

The simplest explanation for Suu Kyi’s behavior is that, like those saffron-robed Buddhist monks who have been beating Muslims for years now, maybe she hates Muslims and wants an ethnically pure, Burmese, Buddhist Myanmar. It’s not like anyone ever asked for what she thought of Muslims back in the days of her imprisonment by the military government. Her agenda has probably always been a narrow one and the worship of her by western liberals has always been based on more hype and BS than fact.


The ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya is not new, what we are seeing is just the final push of a racist “final solution”-type campaign that has been going on since 2012, and the oppression of the Rohingya has been ongoing since 1962.


Likey that one Yunzer. Although, her imprisonment was house arrest which sounds a lot like a very, very comfortable arrest, an almost non arrest when compared to actual imprisonment in a Myanmar ( Burmese) prison. Question, is Aung San Suu Kyi’s silence her consent?


My grandfathers family brought him to the US from Sweden around the beginning of the twentieth century. It’s my understanding that a famine at that time causing a mass exodus was due to a series of ethnic wars between the Scandinavian countries.


I would say that categorization is indeed part of the way animals think, and we culturally learn how to apply that knowledge.


Aung San was a puppet of the US from day 1. Long ago I read that she was selected by the US for Myanmar to be run by a minority for a recurrent crisis situation.
And the Nobel ? We all know what they are worth.