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'Deeply Concerned': Worries Mount That FCC Rule Change Would Force Consumers to Pay $225 to File Complaints Against Telecoms


'Deeply Concerned': Worries Mount That FCC Rule Change Would Force Consumers to Pay $225 to File Complaints Against Telecoms

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Under a proposal that the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is slated to finalize Thursday, two House Democrats are "deeply concerned" that consumers would have to pay a $225 fee to get agency staff's help resolving complaints about communications companies' shady business practices.


AT&T is the worst. They bought DIRECTV and have never quite integrated it into the bigger company. I had their service called DIRECTVNOW which is a wi-fi TV. It sucked! There was never enough bandwidth. I’d be watching the NBA Playoffs when all of a sudden I’d lose the signal and the spinny ball would show up for a bit, then I’d be fine and seconds later the spinny ball again. It did this on regular TV shows too. It is just a poor service and the promise of 50mbps is simply a joke. I think I got 9.

It gets worse though. DIRECTVNOW has it’s own website but only Chrome and Safari are supported. So if you need to log in or check passwords don’t plan on using Firefox. I guess AT&T cannot figure out how to write software to support Firefox. There is NO PHONE SUPPORT! If you have technical problems they divert you to Chat with a rep on the website. Trouble is many times the website won’t let you log in. You get a black screen and nothing. If you call AT&T they are no help. They say they don’t service DIRECTVNOW and send you to the chat on the website. It’s a circular pattern of no help.This is the kind of customer service you get. I don’t recommend this service. If the FCC won’t help consumers we need to warn people before they get involved with these terrible services.


It’s OUR country and OUR airwaves. We make the rules. If that Trumpian who thinks his job is to destroy OUR FCC starts to think he is really something, all he needs to do is look at that hunched-up dog he just fell out of the back end of to know his relative importance in communications matters.

Constitutionally, the US Post Office was the ONLY organization created to deliver the communications in this country. Unless there has been a Constitutional Amendment passed while I was sleeping, the US Post Office is STILL the only duly-empowered entity to deliver our communications. While it is true that the FORMAT of those communications has changed over the years due to advances in technology, like fax, telephone, Internet, etc., all of that is STILL the nation’s communications and STILL, Constitutionally, the task for which the US Post Office was created. So why am I paying over a hundred bucks per month to a private shakedown company to get on the Internet that WE, THE PEOPLE, already paid for and own? And who is this human dogshit at the head of some “FCC” making rules that obstruct my Constitutional Right to communicate?

We need to run those guillotines night and day until our government again serves the common people whose blood built and defended this country.