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'Deeply Disappointing': Supreme Court Slammed for Refusing to Examine Doctrine That Bolsters Police Immunity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/deeply-disappointing-supreme-court-slammed-refusing-examine-doctrine-bolsters-police

Qualified Immunity is a “Get Out Of Jail” card for the 1%'s hired mercenary force that taxpayers are on the hook for.

We the People must have “Guardians Of The People,” not “Enforcers Of The Corporate State.”

We sent King George III and his enforcers back to Britain centuries ago.

If We must, We will fight once again.

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It is looking more and more like we need a coalition of American patriots and Black Lives Matter.


They also approved a gas pipeline to be installed under the Appalachian Trail from West Virginia to North Carolina. I was surprised to see that Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted for it. Not sure if she is on board with the vital need to attack climate change.

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Proving once again our un-supreme court is illegitement IMO. This is another branch of government that needs to be broken up and rebuilt.

I was thinking that before the cops somewhat calmed down. There’s enough veterans, who are tired of war, and have woken up, to volunteer to put themselves between the protesters and the cops, to protect the protestors. Similar to what happened at Standing Rock, but on a much larger scale. The cops would be much less likely to attack, knowing they’re attacking war veterans.

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Obama was president for 8 years and 2 years with a veto-proof congress. He did nothing about it. Pelosi in all her years never proposed limiting immunity or advocated for it. The contrary is really true. The Dems advocated for stronger police protections and lesser defendants’ rights. Don’t blame the Supreme Court for this. It is typical of the Dems to point their collective crooked fingers at someone else to divert attention from their conscious failings.


Bunch of cowards. It’s their job to examine difficult questions. But they can see that their choice is to decide between basic decency and fascism. And they are too afraid to openly state which side they are on.

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AND the mayor of Atlanta just finished a long diatribe: of should, could, if, and maybe, to replace; if, should, maybe, however, on the other hand, justified by law.

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How can racist cops ever calm down? DEFUND THE POLICE NOW!

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In relation to the daily protests, we’re not seeing nearly as many attacks by the police, as when it first started. I to want to defund them.


This the latest video released on the Murder of George Floyd. This is very graphic. The people are yelling that Mr Floyd is not moving and has not moved for minutes and the Cop continues to kneel on his neck as the other officers keep the crowd away.

The officer kneeling on Mr Floyds neck has to KNOW he is/has killed Mr Floyd simply because people standing 20 feet away can tell he is dead.

As per the text in this link Chauvin is entitled to over 1 million in pension payouts. Immunity has to end. That pension should all go to Mr Floyds family. All of those officers participated in this blatant murder.Even if Chauvin convicted he keeps that pension.


This is horrifying. The people are calling for the Police to check the mans pulse from the beginning of this video and this goes on for around 4 minutes before the ambulance arrives. Mr Floyd was dead for some time.


Yup and we just have too damned many marginal humans wearing a shield. Training doesn’t change a persons’ IQ level.We have hired numbers instead of intelligence and now we have to reap the consequences. Check the city streets. Twenty years ago 5 police with brains, today 20 mentally questionable, with military equipment. It sounded like a good idea. I even bought the idea, less brains bigger bullets.

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What I have seen and herd I would have voted for murder one, but then I’m operating as an 82 year old. I remember an era when cops had brains. Periodically I tune into FOX. They are literally scary. I don’r recognize the country the are reporting from. A really scary crew of tit jerkers.

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Did nothing about it? Where do you think Obamacare came from. How about the dozens of things trump is rescinding from the Obama administration.

It would be interesting to see the percentage of training of new recruits in some of the bigger city police forces in use of force, negotiations, empathy, working with the community, racial sensitivity training, de-escalation tactics, weapons training, use of military equipment, etc. I would bet the last two would receive the highest percentage.

I know where Obamacare came from. It came from the Heritage Foundation and was drafted in concert with the health insurance companies. It was adopted in Massachusetts by Romney in an attempt to quash the single-payer movement. It worked for him and it worked for Obama whose plan was also to prevent single payer. But, what does Obamacare have to do with qualified immunity for police officers?


That’s all folkes??
After 8 years of Cheney to clean up after.
And ACA is all there is.
Its not even viable unless our young people sign on for their health care.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Remember that it takes four justices to support hearing a case. Thus, a Justice will not support hearing a case if they think they are going to lose. The fact that Thomas and Alito wanted to hear this case and none of the liberal justices wanted to indicates to me that they didn’t vote to hear it because they knew it would create a bad precedent.


Just read an article (can’t find it sadly) that detailed the history of qualified immunity. The reality is courts have given a great deal of deference to law enforcement on this matter, in some very alarming cases way too much. So you make a very valid point. At the same time, qualified immunity, especially as originally intended, can serve a useful purpose in protecting discretionary decision-making on the part of public servants. My feeling is this is an issue best resolved via legislation than in the courts.

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