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'Deeply Disturbing': Bombshell Piece Exposes 'Unethical' Clinton-DNC Fundraising Deal


'Deeply Disturbing': Bombshell Piece Exposes 'Unethical' Clinton-DNC Fundraising Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Former interim chair of the DNC Donna Brazile highlights the agreement that effectively gave the Clinton team full control of the organization as early as 2015


So much was obvious. Both major parties are puppets of the corporate oligarchy.


Sad to say none of this is really “news”. Everyone knew Hillary had it rigged from the start. This just provides the corroborating details.


Gee…what a surprise! Actually, there is one surprise here – that Donna Brazile was this honest about it.


Brazile is a slimy opportunist who would throw anyone under the bus. She knew about this corruption months ago but kept silent – in fact, was part of it. I suppose she’ll now get rich off of book contracts.


ICan’t really call the US, at least at the federal level, a democracy.

That this is not criminal matter reveals how the US is a corptocracy not a democracy. Or the courts are openly corrupt.

Sanders should not have taken it stoically- what happened to the DNC is similar to Citizens United.

The Russia story also financed by Clinton is a distraction.

Sanders should be all in on any civil/criminal actions and denounce the Russia story - whoever is responsible for the leaks did the country a service.

Sanders needs to hire Corbyn’s handlers and put together a scorched earth strategy for taking over the Democratic Party.

If I hear him say one more time “I like so and so but we disagree” when the so and so is a certified scum bag then I am convinced he is disingenuous.

Corbyn hated Blair - because that is a justiified position -


Deeply disturbing bombshell? Only to the politically, dumb and dumber!


No surprise at all. Hopefully this will silence for good the pro-Clinton trolls.

Appalling and cowardly that Bernie would not  blow the lid off this stinking pile of cancer ridden  so called democratic process.  Then, after he officially loses,  goes on to say on stage that  he "...was proud to stand  next to  Hillary Clinton." 
Had this been exposed the perps could have been sent down the road and the party hopefully reformed in time to take down the Trumpenfuhrer.  This latter process would have been the sign of a healthy party; but no they are still mired in their elitist corporate mode. Pathetically they are running around with their heads spinning blaming the Russians for the "Queen of chaos'" loss to a fascist spoiled brat. Meanwhile  our ex-Potus  has been making $400k speeches to Wall Street.


Maybe, but only if a lot of people are foolish enough to lay down their hard-earned money for it. Speaking of which, does anybody have accurate and unbiased sales figures for “What Happened”? If truth matters, it should have been pulped by now.


One can hope this will silence the pro-Clinton zombies. But there will always be some who will defend her no matter what. Why anyone bothers to vote anymore (at least at the national level) is beyond my comprehension.


no chance of that. they’ll be here as soon as Rachel Maddow or David Brock tells them what to type, so we need to give them a bit first.


Exactly. It is hard to be angry at someone for not voting when the entire election system is such a huge scam with zero resemblance to an actual democracy.


Question: does HRC still own the DNC and its direction and campaign policies? IOW, can the DNC operate freely now? Just curious.

So Hillary was solely responsible for the election of DJT… She made moolah mistakes during the 2016 campaign, and thus insured his ascendency.


Clinton scum and boobus Amereicanus gave us a crooked candidate. People get the govt they deserve.


The only good thing about What Happened is that the answer lies in the title. Clinton happened.


Clinton made mistakes? She was an arrogant entitled smug braggart. She attempted to destroy a real left wing grassroots democratic movement and in her zeal to win managed to unleash horrible amounts of propaganda and sexism on anyone voting or supporting Sanders. She is a neoliberal war hawk and a snake. So yes, she is responsible for Trump. Her refusal to support the movement, her dismissive arrogant attitude towards those who dare dislike her, her constant lies… the list is endless for this cretin. She still whines about being a victim. The coming from a woman who loved war and killing people in other countries.

She needs to go away and not return, and take her Pantsuit nation with her.


I don’t believe this. I doubt if the European Jews agreed with it beginning in 1939, either. “The government” almost always has evil elements in it that can take over the government. But I sure don’t blame the victims of a powerful government, and you shouldn’t either.


At least you have to give Trump credit; for once in his life he told the truth when he called Hillary…“crooked Hillary”.


“Close, sailor – but no cigar.”   The Majority of The People get the government they deserve.  Unfortunately, many minorities must suffer along with them, and almost always suffer even more.