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'Deeply Disturbing': New York Supreme Court Judge Rules Protesters Can Be Detained Indefinitely

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/deeply-disturbing-new-york-supreme-court-judge-rules-protesters-can-be-detained


Just send us all down to Gitmo. Protesters can languish with everyone else in perpetual detention. Throw in a little torture and rape, and we can have the revolution our captors are itching for.
That’s after this is sent to the Kavanaugh Court for final approval.
Then this country will finally be nothing but the ingredients for another “bad guys attack America” movie.


Sounds impractical…

How is the greatest economy in the history of mankind supposed to thrive with half of us serving as inmates, the other half as jailers?


Were the dystopia novels and movies conditioning tools? Are the police mere tools of the state in the overall game? Are their family members immune to this reality? DO THEY FUCKING THINK?


Just another violation of the Constitution. Doesn’t even qualify as news any more.


That has been a question I’ve been asking myself and others for quit a while now. I came to the loose conclusion that “they” have a plan for that too.
Really, with nobody making the widgets who is there to take advantage of?

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I also wonder how many of the tens of thousands of police are going have, or claim they have PTSD when they get back off of suppression duty.

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His constitution is out of his bank vault not the Smithsonian

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It’s as if we are in a house of distortion mirrors with the joker (and his enablers) holding the key ------ each day that brings more bad news feels as if we (those with compassion/empathy) are all locked up.

Ok. . settle down. . . let’s look at who might help:

Obama? What a speech he gave recently replete with his usual “uh’s” and smooth shit (lol)

Biden? He just had his basket of deplorable moment: (h)ttps://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/biden-says-10-15-of-americans-are-not-very-good-people-campaign-update-1.1446005


Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams??

OMG get me the F out of here!!

Each day brings us more over the top disturbing news like this piece.
The trump environmental rollbacks, the extinctions and the arctic burning up with excessive heat . . . I could go on.

To top it off, everyone (in my town) is acting as if covid was never here.
The market is up almost 1,000 points.

Homes in certain parts of the u.s. are sold within 24 hours with multiple offers.

What is real?

I can’t stand Biden but the polls show he has a significant lead. It seems all he has to do is keep his mouth shut to win but he can’t even do that. That is assuming we have an “election” in November or whatever you want to call it.

Happy “weekend” everyone!


“I Am Not Your Negro” documentary about James Baldwin’s unfinished book. And yes, the media system requires you to pay for this
excerpt on youtube ‘Corroborating Reality’

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Prisons are dangerous places these days. Detention in one for an indefinite period may not be tantamount to capital punishment but the risk of contracting a serious illness seems very very high.


Fill the jails to overflowing while the ACLU and others file lawsuits against all these fascists. Every corner of US America needs the presence of those protesting injustice.


Which then is tantamount to the death penalty in the era of SARS-CoV-2.

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Repression in China, and the murder of more than 10,000 Chinese 31 years ago this week in 1989 led to a large spike in foreign direct investment in the PRC that continued for 20 years. Much of it was from the US.

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Let’s stop looking for famous people to be of any help, when the venue in which they are famous – the agitprop machine – is not only rotten to the core, but manifestly absurd, to boot. (The dystopian movie I feel trapped in is Luis Bunuel’s That Obscure Object of Desire, where things keep blowing up for no reason. Also Brazil, by Terry Giliam.)

Who might help? We might help each other. Amy Goodman played an excruciating tape of a journalist sprayed in the face with so-called “tear gas” – and the subsequent rapid-rescue op by protest medics equipped with milk, saline, and a constant chatter of calming thoughts. That really helped.


That was my point in— apparently-- an obtuse manner Aleph. I was being facetious. Thanks for clarifying in the way you do!


Not quite, but there definitely is a severe risk of death or life changing illness, especially for the disabled, elderly, and those not receiving adequate medical care.

I would expect the risks to incarcerated people to be substantially higher than to the general public because of the stress alone, not even considering any of the other factors. Stress substantially impacts the immune system. Prisons could almost be thought of as the very worst place to get sick.

You also bring up the fact that by loading the pro-bono legal sevices system with lots of cases, they are effectively denying poor people legal representation. (only the poor are generally eligible for pro-bono legal help in the US, people with incomes are generally on their own, unless some NGO takes on their case because it is somehow unique.)

I wonder what the ratio of demonstrators to looters is in the jail. It seems like at least some of the looters may have been being paid by or belong to right wing groups?

My own personal feelings is, demonstrators have a right to demonstrate. Seeing hundreds of doctors join the demonstrations shows that these demonstations are a unique event in our history that needs to be seen in the context of theft of democracy. Americans have a duty to speak up against oligarchs who would steal our democracy to turn it into a corporatocracy. This issue transcnds political parties and I think most people would agree, if we dont do what we can to preserve essential freedoms like the freedom of speech, we’ll lose them.


Well there’s also plenty of reason for good cheer on the non-absurd side of the barricades. We’re faced with the problematical issue of how to deal with allies (against Orangeman, at least?) such as General Mattis – oh dear! But not exactly the worst-case scenario, not yet anyhow.

Meanwhile, the scent of Johannesburg fills the air, and it’s – like the old days – something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: Open discussion of police abolition, even on the TeeVee. My goodness.


Corporations already love the heck out of it. Alabama’s sanitation workers demanded improved protective equipment, so they all got fired and replaced with parish “prison labor” making a buck fifty an hour. And no protective equipment. That’s exactly how they mean to proceed, for real.


Prison labor?