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'Deeply Disturbing': Trump Gets About One Intelligence Briefing a Week

Guess what? It looks maybe like the CIA is trying to fire him! Their rag, The Washington Post, says it, so it can’t be fake news, right? At the behest of ex-CIA double agent Barack Obama (aka, “Barry Soetoro”) who ordered the investigation, and according to the CIA, The Russians hacked the election getting Trump elected.

Maybe that’s really why Trump is skipping the intelligence briefings. They all say he is not really the President, since the Russians hacked the election!

The report highlights and exacerbates the increasingly fraught situation in which congressional Republicans find themselves with regard to Russia and Trump. By acknowledging and digging into the increasing evidence that Russia helped — or at least attempted to help — tip the scales in Trump’s favor, they risk raising questions about whether Trump would have won without Russian intervention.

Trump, after all, won by a margin of about 80,000 votes cast across three states, winning each of the decisive states by less than one percentage point. So even a slight influence could have plausibly made the difference, though we’ll never be able to prove it one way or another.

CIA briefers told senators in a closed-door briefing it was now “quite clear” that electing Trump was Russia’s goal, according to officials. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)
While saying that Russia clearly tried to help Trump doesn’t inherently call into question the legitimacy of Trump’s win —earlier Friday, the White House made sure to emphasize that it’s not making that case — it’s not hard to connect the dots. And Trump and his party know it. The Post’s report cited Republicans who expressed skepticism about the available evidence when presented with it in September, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

In addition, any GOP effort to dig into the matter risks antagonizing the president-elect, who has said flatly that he doesn’t believe Russia interfered with the election, despite receiving intelligence briefings to the contrary. And he’s proved more than willing to go after fellow Republicans who run afoul of him.

If you quit reading them, they will go away!

Well that’s very interesting. The quote I posted from the Washington post is no longer in existence. It now redirects to a story that says something different.

Here’s the one my quote block goes to in my previous post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/12/09/the-cia-concluded-russia-worked-to-elect-trump-republicans-now-face-an-impossible-choice/ But the story will no longer come up every time.

Odd that.

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I’ll bet he never misses any board meetings though.

Trump already knows all he needs to know; that is, he recognizes the opportunities for advancing his wealth and “brand.” What else could possibly compete with those concerns?

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Bravo! Maybe this mutton head will deep six Obama’s sick murderous killing spree.

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Sorry, but that’s a poor excuse for Trump’s behavior. One would think that Trump should attend and monitor them more closely on their errors.

What Trump is saying to all of us is this: “I am a successful businessman, and I delegate. I can’t be bothered with this trivia. Mr. Pence will handle it and I have full confidence in his abilities.”

What he’s actually saying to those of us who pay attention is this: “I am lazy and lack sufficient information to attend. Those security experts intimidate me and it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like to be uncomfortable, and I don’t have to be uncomfortable, so I choose not to be uncomfortable. And if anyone challenges me, I will dismiss their challenge by saying that the meetings are hogwash.”

Trump’s behavior so closely parallels that of “President Berzelius Windrip” in Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 book “It Can’t Happen Here,” that it’s startling. Windrip refused to live in the White House, preferring his hotel. Windrip, being lazy and of low information, immediately delegated most of his duties to his veep. Windrip appointed a larger-than-normal number of military to his staff and cabinet. And Windrip was shortly deposed in a military coup by his veep, subjecting the mythical 1930’s to a short-lived fascist regime that ultimately was overthrown by popular effort.


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And I noticed the article said Pence is taking about 6 briefings a week … I think we’re seeing how this incoming administration is actually planning to operate – Pence will run the country while the Orange Marvel will play the figurehead (not unlike Darth Cheney and Duh-bya). :cold_sweat:

Make. It. So.!

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Job as “head of the free world” requires no qualifications, no understanding of human behavior, government, economics, international law, international cooperation, nuclear policy, environmental standards, diplomatic skills, judgment AND no need to try to acquire any of them before starting the job! Bring your friends, twitter all day and hope all goes well. Anyone can do it-just lie and promise anything, reward the toadies and punish your enemies.

Does anyone really believe trump has any interest in governing? He just wants his way and to be known far and wide. Attention is what he is all about. Nothing else matters but building his own name. It will never make any sense that people could be so taken in by this pathetic man, unless they are equally pathetic in their understanding of the world.

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“It is unclear why the incoming commander in chief, who has never held elected office, is deciding not to take in the Presidents Daily Brief (PDB) bulletins more often. According to an anonymous U.S. official who spoke with Reuters, Trump has requested national security briefings including “routine” PDBs and other specialty bulletins on certain topics.”

Because “The Donald” will never run things, All of those big business tycoons and revolving door think-tankers are the ones in charge. Oh and by the way, it would have been no different had Queen Hillary been the one decreed “in charge” by the imperial electoral college. It has also been that way for most of the past 53 years.
The last president who acted like he was in charge of things was JFK and we all know what happened to him.

Obviously you missed it when Trump stated he was leaving the day to day decisions to Pence. With Pence being in charge of the Transition team, could this mean that this so called Cabinet belongs to Pence himself? I wonder if these appointees will have to stop by the White House daily to kiss the Trump ring? Anyone notice that Trump is the bigliest person over his nominees? Many of the old admin. will be fired as well as those that don’t cowtow to Trump. Will he do it personally? Will it be televised or tweeted?
Many Questions. Will be watching for the Answers. To Trump it will be great, totally great, a bigly great thing. Why would it not be televised?

What’s Trump going to do when his base turns on him?

I guess I did miss it … to be honest, i’d like to miss a lot more of this – especially the “YOU’RE FIRED!” business. Uh, wake me up after he’s impeached. :weary:

He won’t be impeached. Unless he starts disagreeing with Congress and doesn’t sign their bills into law. They’ve certainly given him enough rope to hang himself and he’s not yet been sworn in. Maybe you should ask someone else to wake you, I don’t do that anymore since my Black belt son woke up swinging. Ouch, was the last word out of my mouth. Have a great weekend.

Good post. Yes, it is true he is all those negative things. Having been raised in Indy, I thought those folks had more sense than to elect a guy like that as governor. Please do add one lone solitary thing in the plus column, while we’re doing our taking stock of the situation. Which is this: he is a politician versed in the political process, so when Trump says stupid things like “off with his head!” Pence will be able to tell him he isn’t allowed to do that.

So remember this: Rights are things we have only as long as we can make good on our claims to them. Think about this: If they have eliminated our ability to assemble in protesting wherever the hell we need to, then we have lost the “right” to protest.

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Maybe this guy doesn’t want to hear the daily lies from the intelligence and want to take time to think.?

The thing about intelligence is that you must respect it to have any. That is true on every level.

Trump does not need the briefings since VP Pence will be running foreign and domestic policy.