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'Deeply Disturbing': Trump's Defunct Voter Commission Wanted Those With Hispanic Surnames Flagged in Texas

'Deeply Disturbing': Trump's Defunct Voter Commission Wanted Those With Hispanic Surnames Flagged in Texas

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
If fulfilled, warns expert, "Texas voters would have been subject to unreasonable and unlawful privacy risks."
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No, there is not massive voter fraud. It is fabricated myth among right-wing extremists.

In the US or worldwide, issues regarding voting integrity have always involved the fraudulent counting of votes (like recently, Honduras) not the fraudulent casting of votes which makes no sense if for no other reason that it would be an absurdly ineffective way to change an election outcome.

The US is the only country that claims to be a democracy that even has a “voter registration” process that individuals must go through. In Canada, one is automatically and permanently “registered” upon either being born in Canada or becoming a citizen. A friendly polling place reminder is automatically sent upon turning 18, and whenever the citizen moves.

Go here and wear yourself out:


Or is snopes(dot)com part of the “liberal fake news media” too?

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The incidence of fraud voting (pretending to be a qualified voter of another name) rates between 0.0003 percent and 0.0025 percent of all voters.
"it is more likely, the report noted, that an American “will be struck by lightning than that he [sic] will impersonate another voter at the polls.”

What abut Russian, Chinese, Italian, Arabic? Is this maybe the beginning of monitoring how everyone votes? Everyone must have a legitimate address and ID, sure, but ethnic flagging sounds to folks like the beginning of the end.
New Mexico is a majority Hispanic ethnic base. So, flag everybody? Many of their families go back to when the land belonged to Mexico.

Think back to requiring labels on the minority religion in Germany.
I’m fine with some form of address or ID, including a lease, DL, or other proof of address. I’m not ok with ethnic profiling.

Why are we being forced to live under the tyranny of a vile narrow-minded minority? 3 million more voted for Clinton and 7.6 million voted for the spoilers. That’s 10.6 million more people voted for somebody else in this, “so-called”’ ideal democracy. World class? Why are they being defended as “just learning”. Why are vile hate filled creatures like Stephen Miller allowed in the offices of national power? OMG!