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"DEFCON 1-Level Bad": Uproar After Steve Bannon Gets Loose with Lefty Magazine


"DEFCON 1-Level Bad": Uproar After Steve Bannon Gets Loose with Lefty Magazine

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the wake of an site-crashing interview with the founder and editor of The American Prospect—in which he talked about administration in-fighting, tensions with North Korea, looming economic war with China, and his high hopes for Democrat's focus on identity politics—top Trump advisor Steve Bannon, according to responses gathered by Axios, is possibly in pretty deep(er) shit just about now with his White House colleagues.


I’d comment, but I have to go to the vomitorium.


He is a fool . . , bigly. The USA going up against China in a trade war would be like an old has been boxer who has taken more than a few bad beatings going up against a fresh young top championship contender who was several weight divisions heavier.

Before this country could possibly compete with China on trade the infrastructure would have to be repaired to support vastly increased productivity. The Chinese with their enormous population will have plenty of cheap labor to enable them to manufacture whatever is selling.

The US economic system is faltering so badly that the US dollar will stop being the world’s go-to currency which is the primary advantageous edge the country has with which to wage a trade war. If the currency becomes devalued the US will not be able to get off the stool and answer tha bell for another round of trade warmaking and will have to negotiate a humiliating surrender to keep from being beaten to death.


Bannon cannot be understimated, here. He and Trump are counting on holding The Solid South, holding W. Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Ohio. He’s then fighting with a homefield advantage in Iowa, Arizona, Missouri, Pennsylvania and N. Carolina. That’s the guts of a riverboat gambler drawing into an inside straight. But, the Trumpster Dumpster thinks he can sell anything, to anyone, at any time. And, Bannon still has Trump’s ears. Maybe he even has more.

Since Trump is going to be challenged, if he’s still around ( a huge if ), by every Republican wannabe left of Sen.Joe Manchin ( the sewer rat king DINO of Democratic Party political ratfuckery ); that leaves Gov. Kasich as Saviour? Oh brother, here it is- ready for it America: hold onto you baseball caps, here; ooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnoosssssssssssss!
here comes the Neo-Conservatives with a big heart!
Clintonistas & BushieCrats with Affirmative Action and Medicaid at least, for all. Plus a $10.50 minimum wage. No problema! And, da nada, too.

As to the palace intrigue in the Trump Adm.; that is their shiny object of weekly Orwellian Reality TeeVee. Keep tuning in, American rednecks.
" Your fired! Now, go make a bunch of money on Wall St. or as a lobbyist for the U.A.E. " It’s a 1%ers subterfuge, since you’d have to be living under a rock not to know who The Imperial Wizard of Donald is, " he’s a drug store truck driving man, he’s the head of the Klu Klux Klan, When summer rolls round He’ll be lucky if he’s not in town ". G. Parsons/R. McQuinn
Additionally, the Republicans love having Uncle & Auntie Whitey ( UAW ) up their voting sleeves ( the direct descendants of the DAR ). Especially, in the culturally conservative and religiously insane rural parts of the American Bible Belt. They’d love having their adoring nieces and nephew in that racist sleeve, too. The only party organization endorsed UAW of Republican politics, btw. But, oh those devilish " others ". Not so Americanish or Christian-centered. Not nearly enough, anyway. Got to stop that many-colored runaway train. Those folks need some good ol’ white law and order. Again!
Bannon and Trump think they can hold the bigoted and economically downtrodden white voters until 2024. They can do that dirty deed only by playing to the ignorance of the dwindling middle class. But, nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. And, President Trump & Co., with the Bannonites, have no plans of being the first Republican Adm. to break that longstanding record of pure and unadulterated glorious patriotism. By growing broke, that is. Only little people do that. God bless us, one and all. Just speculatiin’.
FYI- The N. Korea conflict has always been a Trump marketing program, and it worked. He gained 7% in the polls ( all Republicans for sure ) by stirring it up.
Go figure, because these scumbags sure are.


You are one of the very few, who are realizing how badly we are being outscored by China .
China is in the process of unifying the whole Eurasian continent with infrastructure projects , has instituted the AIIB, in competition to the US dominated IMF. All of our our major allies but Japan, which has its own issues with China in the South China Sea, have joined in. China is involved in school, dam and infrastructure projects in 36 African countries, plans and/or builds their high speed rail projects in Africa and South America in addition to the vast OBOR in Eurasia.

Ah yes, and then there are the oversea military bases:

  • The US has more than 100
  • Russia has 3 and
  • China has one

It was an American, Dale Carnegie, who wrote the book ‘How to Make Friends and Influence People’, but China is practicing it.
Another thing sets China apart from US: They have a strict policy of non-interference in the internal policies of the countries they are dealing with. That is how they manage to get such mutually hostile nations like India and Pakistan to join into their overall unifying strategy.


America’s chief “product”, financial illusion, is rapidly losing market share in the world. The emperor has no clothes and Toto continues to tug at the curtain that is seemingly smeared with peanut butter leftover from the circus. Between morons like Bannon and morons with “Nobel Prizes” in Economics, America is caught in a pincer movement without historical precedent. Nature bats last and she is ever so patient.


Quite correct. Unless people still living in the Homeland (I’m on the other side of the world living in a place now in danger of being caught in the middle) lose their belief that “America” is sacred and any criticism of it or any saying that it isn’t the “indispensible last best hope on earth, God’s special chosen land and people,” then it is as doomed as we pessimists tend to feel that it and the rest of the planet it lives on are, dumbed down and doomed…

To say that the United States of America is not a Holy Land is to cause a gasp of shock that’s quickly transformed into a belief that if you don’t “love America” you must be on the side of those who are its enemies, who want to hurt it and must wish to destroy all hope for humankind which depends on “America the Beautiful,the Land of the Free and Hone of the Brave” about which saying anything critical is tantamount to sacrilegious treason.

Many people in the United States of America. (which is only one part of the richest – though that is rapidly dissolving – most well armed part of .America) can only get a chance of surviving if it gets over itself in a hurry.


This is true. The only thing knuckle draggers in this neck of the woods want to say is “go back to Africa” Yes. I thought that line died about 40 years ago–guess who revived it?

And who will they vote for again? They waited 8 long years to get back at Black Obama, and they are not giving up, but revealing the full depth of this countries’ racist, misogynistic, xenophobic voters.


I believe it was Napoleon who said, “Let China sleep, when she wakes, the world will be sorry.”


A couple of interesting things. First, Bannon is wrong in regards to China. That game is basically over and we have lost. Bannon’s thought process in regards to China is 30 years out of date. It is quaint to think China is stealing US technology but they aren’t. China blew by us a long time ago and views much of our technology (particularly in the computer/mobile space) as inferior. Just go to China and see for yourself. However, in regards to domestic politics, he is absolutely correct in pegging the democrats. Identity politics is a losing strategy which is plainly obvious except for the depressingly clueless elites that run the democratic party. It’s simple, if the democrats want to win, you bring out Bernie Sanders. Duh.


Your ideas about the US dollar are simply wrong. The dollar has been a handy currency to trade in; nothing more. If everyone decided to use the Euro or some other currency as the default “go-to” currency, it would do almost nothing to the value of that currency. If the dollar were to become “devalued,” that would simply lead to more export jobs here in the US. While there are winners and losers throughout the world’s economic players, this is and always has been the case. With China’s large population and if they have reasonably smart leadership, they will slowly gain in economic power in the world. That is simply a likely fact.


Bannon is playing an aggressive White queen’s Empire chess-match against the existing multi-Vichy Party Empire’s ‘media/propaganda-sector’ — and he may well win — simply because he is using a ‘strategic narrative’ that his opponents don’t understand and can’t defend against when the next Black-swan lands.

Of course, a serious Red queen counter-move with the one better and more competitively effective ‘strategic narrative’ of a peoples’ peaceful “Political Revolution against EMPIRE” could win this global chess-match, topple the White queen, and have the ultimate benefit of also humanely saving all the red pawns — without the violence of even using the Red rooks, bishops, and knights.

But hey, let’s just allow the Empire to out maneuver the people and survive as either an American or global continuation of Empire.


“To me,” Bannon confessed, “the economic war with China is everything. And we have to be maniacally focused on that.”

“maniacally focused” being the operative descriptive, it might be worth considering this in light of the fact that the background of the speaker can be characterized as being narrow in the extreme, chooses to wear blinders, favors silos, and other isolated/isolating methodologies becomes more ________.

The mafia model of meeting to assert advantage (and cripple by sowing chaos or simply resorting to organized killing) is fundamentally different from diplomacy. NONE of the appointees in the Trump administration are being held accountable for carrying the “transparency” to the extreme.

What we are witnessing is not necessarily new, but the FACT that it is “transparent” places a much greater measure of responsibility on the people of the US to PEACEFULLY pull ourselves up by our proverbial bootstraps and ultimately make this model-in-collapse irrelevant.

How?? Breaking from the Bannon model of “maniacally focused” might be a good start and demanding of representatives in town halls that the common ground of the interrelated nature of societal well being be central rather than kissing the A$$ of corporate funders.


The practice of world trade being conducted via the Dollar is absurd and an artificial construct. Already more than thirty nations (at last count, some time ago), including Canada, are bypassing the USD when trading with China and among each other.
The measurement of the value of various currencies against the USD will eventually be replaced with a ‘basket of currencies’.
In the last little while most currencies have ‘risen’. That is simply not so. The fact is, that the Greenback has dropped and is becoming outdated as a measuring stick as well as the world trading currency


The US dollar is very near its historic average for the last 40 years. It simply does not matter what currency nations use for ease of trade.


I feel like I’m in 1941 France and the peewee Gestapo is running the show.


The US Empire is on its way out.


“To me,” Bannon confessed, “the economic war with China is everything. And we have to be maniacally focused on that.”

This is pure, dangerous ignorance. The statement on it’s own is gibberish. There’s no economic war with China. What’s happening between US and Chinese capitalist corporations is capitalist competition. If Mr. Bannon doesn’t like that, then he doesn’t like capitalism. The main weapon in this in this competition is cheaper commodities. The primary way to produce them is firing workers and replace them with machines or pay them less than the Chinese workers.

If you don’t like this scenario Mr. Bannon, you don’t like capitalism. I’m pretty sure you’d denounce Nazis before you would ever admit you don’t like capitalism!


I hope you’re right because .I’m only in early stage old age and would like to have things hang together a long time until demenia sets in enough so I won’t understand what’s happening and won!t know enough to feel the hopelessness, panic, and fatalistic fear,

The difference between us is that you are certain you’re right so that my opinions about the limited future of the .US Dollar and everything that depends on it pisses you off where I am only making semi educated guesses based on the very few fellow pessimists I read.

Peace, love, and plentitude to ya for as long as possible. Sayonara whenever.


mrsannhitts, Joe Bageant would be proud. Rave on! (Buddy Holly.)