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Defeating McConnell: The Real Stakes of the Georgia Runoffs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/05/defeating-mcconnell-real-stakes-georgia-runoffs

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“Mitch McConnell cares about only one thing: Power”
— Well said.
IRONICALLY for the RIGHT, McConnell is exactly
the merciless anti-American they claim to see in all corners !!
• Our nation is at the mercy of people like him.
— That should not be !!


This proud Progressive Independent says his secular prayers that McConnell’s reign of terror will soon be over. He has brought so much misery to the People of the US. He is and has been a traitor to the Constitution for quite some time. His lack-of-compromise style of “governance” has been a blight on the Senate and the nation. The GOP is best represented by him, party ueber alles, nation and its People be damned. Between his fealty to corporations and Trump’s appeal to the incels with AR-15s the GOP has devolved from a party with which one could have a principled discussion of disagreement into a dangerous laughing stock that is locked and loaded and led by a stochastic terrorist. That was never what signed up for when I served this country in so many ways–maybe not in uniform, but in a career intended to push the country forward. The GOP is lost in the wilderness, McConnell and Trump are the current two prime culprits, but there were plenty that preceded them. Go Blue Georgia-the People need you!


"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it."

Abraham Lincoln

That’s where we are now Robert (Reich).

This is no longer a policy issue - it is democracy in action, as Mr. Lincoln so ably put it in the quote above.

Now we shall see - how strong is the ‘idea’ of America.

@WiseOwl Let’s be brave - I think Georgia will go blue.


Not if Lincoln is right in the quote.

Or de Touqueville - ‘in a democracy you get the gov’t you deserve.’

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I can smell the “Turtle Soup” cooking.


It’s like the Fourth of July heh Pony !!

Here’s hoping ~

I’m in a good mood - feeling positive - for no particular reason at all.

If Georgia goes blue - do I get an ORACLE of CANADA button or something ?

PS: Maybe a T-shirt - I’m short on t-shirts ~

PS #2: I’ve heard turtle soup is very good - prime - ??

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Here’s a t-shirt slogan for ya, Many.


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OK - you’ll have to enlighten me -

What’s with the “Turtle” ??

I like it - that T-Shirt idea - but maybe I should find out what it means ???

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McConnell is known as the turtle. Because of the way his face looks.

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Manythanks !

Poor turtles!


Rather than a turtle, he looks more like a turd to me.


Check it out, ManySummits.



OK - either the green or blue shirt !

Maybe one of each ~

I am watching live coverage of Ga at the Washington Post - so far so good Pony !!!

But actually, I like your shirt best:


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8:40 pm in Ga - 53% of vote in - blue & blue.

Turtle Down !

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Maybe Mitch is wondering what would happen if he had done the checks-----I think he is cooked

I will never understand how anyone could vote for these two republican candidates----a state with a min wage of $5.50-----and people vote for these richy rich republicans???

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Apparently a minority of voters agreed with you.


I thought is was because of this all this time…

Looks like a turd, talks like a turd, walks like a turd . . . must be a turd.

No need for eloquence or civility in describing the sociopathic nadir of humanity.

The Anti-Defamation League for Turtles

I’m no fan of Biden, Harris, Schumer, the Democratic Party. However, the likes of Trump, McConnell, Cruz and his gang of fascist seditionists don’t even deserve indictments by the incoming Justice Department or trials. They should all be apprehended and taken to federal prisons for the duration of their pathologically sick lives. In a more civilized nation that’s actually concerned about taking care of ALL citizens, the executive might even dispense with incarceration expenses and just start building the gallows. Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Wayne Gacy, et al. have nothing on these non-human aliens bent on destroying anything left of our shriveled democracy.
And if Biden, Harris, et al. can’t see fit to defend our laws against these transgressions, those occurring now and in the future, then perhaps they might deserve a similar expedition into the nether world where all wantonly sociopathic criminals get to go. Defend the law and condemn the lawlessness with action, Joe, or your collaboration with criminals might take you out, too.

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