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Defend the Sacred: How Could the Peace Movement Prevail?


Defend the Sacred: How Could the Peace Movement Prevail?

Dieter Duhm

The fight for Standing Rock is over, at least for now. With the help of Donald Trump and the banks, the oil industry has imposed its agenda. The construction of the pipeline has been completed. Our prayers are with that handful of people who are still there, still standing their ground. Last year, thousands of people, from every culture and from all over the world, traveled great distances to come together on the land. They came despite the freezing cold, to take part in the resistance. By now, nearly all of them are gone.


For this type of peace and love to cover the planet, we need to end factory farming and the killing of animals for food. I, for one, believe that the way this will happen is through technology. Growing meat in labs might seem weird and gross but my hope is that eventually killing an animal for meat will be considered passe and brutal.


Why eat meat in the first place? Vegan for thirty four years and counting.!


We also need to recycle deserted buildings and make them into shelters or low cost housing safe for the environment. Right??? Also, get involved with your community about things like this. Posting is fine, but should never take the place of any other involvement. Many on this site just want to debate to have something to do. I have been guilty and have fallen into the "trap."


Bottom up democratic based communities are a salvation waiting to happen. The big impediment are the sociopathic creatures entrenched in power structures of capitalistic governance. This is where resistance and rebellion comes in to help force a paradigm shift in collective ethical, moral, changes. War, pestilence, disease, and poverty are the symptoms of the capitalist disease and socialistic shifts in all aspects of life is the cure of this global affliction. All the tools are already here to have and affect change without any more technological innovation. All that's missing is the will and determination to usher in a whole new way to live in peace without all of the demonic trappings of capitalism and it's evil twin consumerism. Isn't it really time to go back a ways so we don't destroy the garden Earth has allowed us to live on? The time's now, Earth's losing her patience.


What a beautiful article. It reminds me that beyond the obscenity Trump and politics floods us with every day, there is a deeper world of beauty, mystery and infinity. This one for example:


What have you been smoking-it must be good! Sorry but when I read about the largest attack on the Afghan army just happened(ow yea the longest war the US is still fighting)and is hardly reported on-something is wrong with all these media outlets in this screwed up country(biggest arms dealer in the world)------How many killed in Chicago today??????? Sit back -drink the water-everything is beautiful???????????????????????????????????????????


That's great for you and the impact your veganism has made but I think that it will be easier to get the masses switched to Frankenmeat than to go vegan.


I agree with what you are saying, but:

Why do you assume that people are only talking and not acting? I'd guess that CD commenters are far more socially active in the real world than the average commenter of politics on the Internet.

Also, I think discussion and debate is an integral part of social activism and social awareness. I discuss and debate more to develop my own understanding of things than to feel like I am making a difference by persuading people.


Never heard of Frankenmeat. You sound like a real wierdo. Please get real, and stop thinking that this cause is funny.


I don't understand what your problem is. I thought it was clear that I was referring to lab-grown meat as Frankenmeat. If using such a lighthearted word is too "funny" for you to handle in this conversation, I suggest you stop taking life so seriously and add more humor into your daily routine.