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Defenders of Public Schools Pose Questions for Trump's Troubling Education Pick


Defenders of Public Schools Pose Questions for Trump's Troubling Education Pick

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Defenders of public education have a few questions they want to ask Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump's controversial pick to lead the Department of Education, when she appears at her senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday.


My personal favorite.


That's a good one. Just what we need another religious wing nut and a billionaire yet.


This woman wants the lil woman to stay home, her man to support everyone, and then read their bahbles.


She has NO experience in education at all, and is a religious anti gay and anti choice theocrat.


Yeah, I liked that one also


Most of those questions with appropriate editing could apply to almost all of drumpf's appointees. How many of them have any knowledge at all of the areas they are going to work in and how many of those who do have an accomplished track record in their area?

The Goldman Sachs boys are all implicated in the economic disaster that W laid on us. The military boys in general have a record of being incompetent in their previous positions. Carson has absolutely no experience at all in heading up any organization whatsoever. This twit has been a miserable failure in all of her dealings with education. Rex has absolutely no experience at all in dealing with international politics. The people proposed for the EPA and Labor have both shown that they are completely incompetent for their jobs by never having actually done anything that shows their ability to function in their appointed positions. And so on and so on.


It should be noted that she's very anti-gay as well:



Please find the site for Education Weekly to get the teacher's perspective on DeVos. I'm guessing some of the posters here are in education themselves. I'm currently in the process of trying to qualify for an elementary credential here in California. I can remember few times in my lifetime when I held as much fear over one person, one issue. Anyone who cares about our nation's youth should spread the word at any cost--she is truly evil. Sorry to sound grandiose, but if you want to know nothing but bad information you will find it on DeVos. All the way down to her money grubbing interests in student loan programs and thieving millions of dollars for the cleanups of the messes her anti-gay PACS created. Right now she OWES the federal government millions.
She is out to ruin public schools. If that's not evil, I don't know what is.


I get the impression that she would force Creationism into the classroom. She's anti-science. Just what we need to fall even further behind the other modern nations.


texasaggie, it is good to see someone from TX of sound mind and democratic thinking. being "from" there, too, it was hard to watch the state turn red, and become so obnoxiously pro right wing agendas, cutting women out of the dialogue as much as they could, and turning against taking care of those in poverty and ill health. it was always hard to tolerate the sexism i had to deal with, but also the total lack of tolerance of those democrats with the nerve to speak out. my father was called a communist for his efforts as union president decades ago. many stories come rolling back into my mind from that time. i am just glad there are people like you still there, still speaking out. i left the state and could not wait to go. that's how horrible it was for me. but i still go back to visit family and at least some of them are good democrats. have a good day and thank you for your post! gigem aggies!...at least the good hearted and logical ones.


People like her believe that evolution is "Just a theory".


I have a question ?

When are we going to take this system down ?


This crap turns my stomach. While in school a friend asked me to do a radio show with him on education. We ended up doing six shows on it. I had spent a considerable amount of time with this subject. The ESEA was started in 1964. The next year a government study was done on it and found that it was the most detrimental public education policy to be put in place. It ultimately made our modern bachelor degrees become the equivalent to the pre-1964 high school diploma. Then the gov'ment started placing secret service members at the head of the Education Department like in Russia and East Germany. Obama put Arny Duncan in and was former FBI, going back to Nixon. Children have the right to skip out on higher maths, one of the most critical elements of teaching critical thinking, putting them behind in life to be able to make certain types of decisions. Ultimately, the leading to the political ideology of dumbing down the masses, but publicly so noone would be the wiser (it's easier to hide things in plane sight, excuse me, plain sight. Someone give a shout out if you caught the depth of that joke.). Public funds were lobbied for by corporate schools called charter schools. The study for them the next year found that money went to the CEO, or Principal. And parents were being required to do janitorial work to grow profita in some states. The lobbied public funds where and will be THE reason that public schools are/have been shutting down. And lastly, corporate schools come out of the parents pocket in two ways, taxes and what the school requires. This issue here is that it is illegal to keep a child out of school, yet poor people will have to pay for it because it is the law. With this jackass coming in as the head of the department, schools will be financially debilitating to anyone on the bottom end of the middle class and all of the lower class, not that there are classes in a Democracy, just what the polticians keep saying. Think about how stupid our populace has become: We agree this is a Democracy as a whole, yet openly talk of a class system...huh.


Very ominous trends here, along with Arizona moving to stop free exchange of ideas in the classroom.


what is "#LGBT"? Specifically, what is the "#" in the question? So all political and public policy discourse can only take place under the 140-character supervision of a gang of tech-billionaire capitalists?


Let's start at the beginning, when there was absolutely nothing.

Perfect order. Nothing out of place.

No spilled milk. No dirty diapers. No dust balls under the couch.

"This cannot be", said Thermodynamia. "Let chaos reign as far as the eye can see!"

And so there was a big bang.

And it is still banging,

Faster and faster. Nothing is still exploding into something and it is now called Cosmos. The ultimate mess with an arrow of time racing toward a vast cold homogenous bland so thin it returns to nothing.

And after 14 billion years, cosmic powered biology manifest as human can see still banging is yet exploding as far as the eye can see.

Then along comes a few children who were good monopoly platers and never grew up. Yes. They are technically still part of cosmic powered biology manifest as human. But they have withdrawn behind walls and gates into golf club communities.

Less than ten of those children have now grown into austerity monsters that own more than half of all there is to own on Earth. And they are afflicted with gnawing fear that someone will get more than them. They fear they will be passed by the arrow of time and someone else will grab whatever is out there before they can.

Each new idea and understanding connects with every other idea new and old. Consciousness accelerates as fast as the cosmos that now sees itself with the power of living distributed intelligence.

So fearful greed decides cosmic powered biology manifest as human must be stopped from using education to focus distributed intelligence. Evolution of consciousness accelerating at an accelerating rate must stop.

Will the democrats and republicans be able to contain distributed intelligence until at last there is one lonely paranoid owner of the monopoly game?

I have watched Michigander and other billionaires who cower behind their walls and I don't believe they can.




Nope, not how it works. The unchartered, real public schools just get poorer and poorer.


That was a point, just not in those exact words. As for the quote, your right. Because the charter schools take public education funds leaving less, and as you say, make them poorer and poorer. Where im at, they had to shut down schools because of this. Eventually, i suspect that every school will be a charter school, which at least here, not only take away public funds but actually make parents pay out of pocket for whatever and creating a form of double taxing. If all schools become charter schools, poor people and the lower middle class will have a much harder time affording schooling for their children. A larger picture of this is taking into consideration we are in the "great recession", and over the next 4 years inflation will occur, hopefully we will not see hyperinflation during this time, meaning the power of the dollar goes down, energy will be more expensive, rent will go up, stagnation of wages indicative of of a recession, higher taxes to create the American version of the Wall, and food will be more expensive. Food alone has tripled in the 8 years of Obama's administration. Not totally unheard of, but how much does it cost to feed children and cover their schooling during this recession? All these things add up, and more quickly for poor folk. Charter schools have failed miserably. Common Dreams had an article about this about 2-3 years ago. It mirrored the study of the ESEA in 1965. Except because they are corporate schools, not only were they not providing proper schooling, but were committing to wasting of funds like paying out to the principal and teachers while forgoing cleanliness and whatever and not being able to show better test scores. Test scores are what the studies have a priority focus, but they do look at other things. Remember hearing about teachers complaining about teaching to the test? Thats what the ESEA has created for public schools, and what charter schools support. The government looks at schools as creating products that can be used to stimulate the economy, grow career fields, or create entrepreneurs. All governments do this. This is one reason why colleges have degree programs, to help supply corporations and businesses in general. Its all about economics, especially in a capitalist society. An example would be that majoring in Philosophy would not be the best choice in a capitalist society. It might be good in a socialist society though. You dont see Philosophy factories opening, so although philosophy might be great for self worth, it wont be as helpful unless taken as a minor to Business Management or something to that effect. The one thing I've noticed in my research is that here, it seems that education that betters one's mind critically or oneself has less use than educating for corporate or life in business. Here it seems tp be natural because of our mindset as a whole. Im pretty certain that the millionaires and billionaires in our country have little to only mandatory philosophy or ethics classes. And again, there are no Philosophy factories opening up anywhere on this planet.