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Defending Arms Sales, Boris Johnson Says Yemen Carnage Is No 'Serious Breach'


Defending Arms Sales, Boris Johnson Says Yemen Carnage Is No 'Serious Breach'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Saudi-led military campaign that has indiscriminately killed nearly 4,000 Yemeni civilians, is the driving force behind massive humanitarian and refugee crises, and has been accused of war crimes, has not breached international law sufficiently for the United Kingdom to cease selling munitions to the Gulf nation—at least according to Bri


Well, Johnson is in the tradition of Clinton supporter Albright, who in addition to holding that women who do not support Clinton should be in hell, determined that the U.S. murders of hundreds of thousands of civilians was "worth it" and famously responded to Colin Powell's (surely well-informed) advice against U.S. military action with the rebuke, "What is the use of this great military you're always talking about if we never use it?"

Ah, it's going to be a great next four years (assuming without presuming that any macroscopic life form survives those four years).


Boris Johnson is just another stooge for arms sales.

" Yemen carnage no serious breach."
Okay Boris, may I ask you what you would consider a serious breach?


What did America get that made it worth it.


Why do elections tend to elect the worst people?

Direct Democracy


What the loathsome Albright said was that the deaths of an estimated 500,000 children in Iraq as the result of U.S-led sanctions in the 90s was "worth it". She is a twisted monster and the question is begged - how is it that such appalling people keep attaining such power and influence in our government?


Thanks! I thought that it was "an estimated 500,000 children in Iraq as the result of U.S-led sanctions in the 90s" but I knew I wasn't sure and so thought it best to keep it more general.


Keep in mind that "we the people" are in charge of nothing.
The oligarchy controls the 'important' things in life like war and peace.
They cull the "high achievers" from the pack early on and mold them into their image and likeness.
These addled brained youth are the protégé of skull and bones members and other plutocratic movers and shakers in our society.
They bring them along and see that they attend the finest schools, then place them in particular jobs of merit for further refinement.
In other words the leadership all around us has been trained since birth to understand that they are special and that we (99%) are here to serve them and cater to their needs.
The game is fixed and has been for a very long time.


The bizarre cant bucket carried by Obama of "look to future" has got to be constantly laid bare for what it is. Its a sloshing smoke and mirror routine that should by now function like 'don't think of a elephant'. Boris would seem to be positioning himself to be the new frothy Obama 2.0. Its the can't cant cancan ...but....


This revolting little amoral toad obviously has very low standards. He would be the first to screech if it were HIS family being targeted. Entitled prick.


What's a few thousand dead ragheads among friends?


That's a big jump up the chain of command for Boris, Ex- Mayor of London to England's Foreign Secretary. Part of his new job description must be, Evil SOB Gutless Killer!


Albright says the sanctions were worth it. It led to the starvation of many Iraqis. That was neither good enough for the USA nor the UK. The USA & UK were bombing Iraq from the No-Fly Zones even after Gulf War I was officially over. Albright is Jewish or part Jewish & would be upset if someone said the Holocaust was worth it so the Jews could no longer wreak havoc on Germany's economy. She thinks some lives are more important than other lives.


It's nothing according to Johnson, Albright, Clinton etc. because they can't come back to life to haunt them.


Hard to haunt a vacant conscience


They have vacant consciences. Their ghosts would have to haunt them the way Patrick Swayze haunted his murderers in "Ghost".


I'm sure there must be grounds for his arrest as part of the supply chain in the Saudi war crimes. War crimes must not be limited to just perpetrators. Suppliers and facilitators too must share in the guilt and arrests


Johnson is Foreign Secretary? Good grief.

The US and UK are complete buffoon countries.


Because Presidents are selected, not really elected. Elections for POTUS are just a delusion, a dog and pony show for the brainwashed masses to make them think they live in a democracy, when nothing could be further from the truth! If you do not believe me, ask yourself: over 300 million people in America, and we get these two! And someone like Dr. Jill Stein that makes so much sense has no chance and cannot even get in the debates!


"When the Judgment Day comes civilization will have an alibi, "I never took a human life, I only sold the fellow the gun to take it with." " _ Will Rogers