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Defending Attack on Libya, Clinton Blames Obama—And Suggests Repeat for Syria


Defending Attack on Libya, Clinton Blames Obama—And Suggests Repeat for Syria

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

During a heated Democratic debate in New York on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton sought to both defend and deflect responsibility for her central role in destabilizing Libya—by blaming President Barack Obama.

"The decision was the president's," she said in response to criticism from rival Bernie Sanders over her leadership as then-Secretary of State during the 2011 military intervention to overthrow Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.


It's a sin to question Hillary's fudgement.


That's why the media never does question it.


After last nights debate. One thing has become very clear.Hillary Clinton represents more evil. And should not be allowed to become President.


Ol' Hillary mighta jus stepped on her own dick.


When the moderators in these debates say "now it's time for the foreign policy segment of our debate" what they seem to be saying is "this is the war preparation/perpetuation segment". I don't know about the rest of the country, but I for one am sick of being in perpetual serial wars. With Hillary, we are definitely going to continue the same policies that keep us embroiled in conflict around the world. How can I be sure of this? Because she said as much last night and all through her career as SOS and for once I believe what she is saying. With Bernie I truly believe we have the chance of operating a little differently.


When a person like Hillary doubles down on her comment that she wants to establish a no fly zone over Syria Despite the fact Russia is established in Syria with tactical nukes. This shows she lacks judgment and therefore is unfit to become President.


Too bad Bernie retracted that Hillary was not qualified to be president because truer words were never spoken!


Yes! now it's time for el presidente to show some cojones and tell us precisely how useless La Clinton was as a sec. of state. She says her job was to do the due diligence thing, but I thought a sec. of state did far more than that!.


And let's not forget about Hillary and Honduras. What she was/is responsible for there is chilling and her version of what happebed and what she did is just a pack of lies.


Awesome word, "fudgement", loved it



She keeps tripping on it, damn dat woman has grown one bigger than Obama's


Typical #WhichHillary behavior: throw Obama under the bus on one issue; bash Bernie for being insufficiently appreciative of his wonderful record on another.


How else are we going to deny Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, GE, CIA, Pentagon and Boeing for fleecing the taxpayers? How much did that F-35 cost? What about that $600+ toilet seat? Thousands of people in this country are employed by the worthless non productive war industries and they are addicted to the paychecks. We have a huge task of providing alternative well paying jobs so these people would stop supporting the policies of death and destruction in order to put food on the table while the executives and stock holders rake in billions without scrutiny.


this woman belongs in a psychiatric facility, not public office. how can people support this monster? (that's rhetorical, of course). she's managing to make Obama look good.
And Hill, leaders don't take all credit and redirect all blame. That's the hallmark of an opportunist.
Shame on Clinton's supporters for enabling this nut to acquire power. She's even bragging out loud about killing, and yet you still adore her. You need almost as much help as she does.


Hilary belongs in our prisons not our political system. She is a dangerous loose cannon.


You mean Iraqi children under the age of 5 who died as a result of our government's sanctions against Iraq despite the fact that Iraqi government officials invited anyone to come look for nukes but they were sadistically dismissed.
And thanks very much for stating the fate of those sick veteran's waiting for health insurance and dying daily, what a damn crying shame for the richest nation on the planet.


I bet ya. Those 30.000 emails that disappeared. Would show that Hillary was a lot more involved in Libyian and Syrian policy then she would like us to believe.


I totally agree.


Well said, I concur.