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Defending Democracy To the Last Drop of Oil


Defending Democracy To the Last Drop of Oil

Eric Margolis

Poor President Barack Obama flew to Saudi Arabia this past week but its ruler, King Salman, was too busy to greet him at Riyadh’s airport.

This snub was seen across the Arab world as a huge insult and violation of traditional desert hospitality. Obama should have refused to deplane and flown home.

Alas, he did not. Obama went to kow-tow to the new Saudi monarch and his hot-headed son, Crown Prince Muhammed bin Nayef. They are furious that Obama has refused to attack Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Syria’s Assad regime.


The Saudis seek 10 billion in loans from abroad? Let me guess but does that sound like the US taxpayer will loan money to the Saudis now? Just sayin'.


Survivor: The House of Saud. A reality show I might just watch.


Thank you, Mr. Margolis for the honest, sobering assessment.

Since the unleashed merger between big banks and Wall Street has led to many trillions in unsecured funds, the $650 billion "donated" by the Saudis indeed helps to maintain the fraud that's now tainted the global economy. Just as fractional reserve banking requires some funds to inflate the big fiscal tent, the Saudi money helps prop up the Grand Illusion... and were it to suddenly deflate, the reverberations could be massive.

That's why Obama made the visit, hat in hand.

This statement is worthy of repeating since it nails the basic operational plan:

"Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have been de facto US-British-French protectorates since the end of World War II. They sell the western powers oil at rock bottom prices and buy fabulous amounts of arms from these powers in exchange for the west protecting the ruling families."

One could almost hear Tina Turner singing, "What's Democracy got to do... got to do with it..."


" Obama should have refused to deplane and flown home."

That is the last thing Obama would do, because like W holding hands with these most despicable regime leaders Obama has to kow-tow; otherwise, he could put the petro-dollar in jeopardy. And the fact that all US leaders have been obsequious, acolytes to one of the most corrupted and sybarite regimes in the world ( " the Saudi's have one of the worst human rights records in the world") they have no choice, like Obama, to bow and scrape before these punic leaders.

The US leaders are nothing but hand holding and kow towing sycophants because they know the last thing they want is to upset the Saudi regime. And all the proof you need is even though the President was greeted as personae non gratae when he landed, it did not matter.


This an excellent article on the Syrian elections. If people will remember some time ago a Saudi Politician claimed Syria had to have elections otherwise it was naught more then a dictatorship.

The Western Media and its Governments are trying to claim the elections not legitimate and do not reflect the will of the people and a sham yet their OWN monitoring groups concede that they are fair and that there was a 73 PERCENT turnout!

Western media claims they a sham because the Kurds (10 percent of population) did not vote in great numbers nor did people in areas occupired by ISIS. Again a crock given most people live in Government controlled areas. 73 percent turnout of all voters is higher than the USA gets. it is higher then Canada gets yet it deemed illegitimate in Syria and not representative because all the people did not vote.

This is why the US insisted over and over again that Assad not be allowed to run. The US knew that Assad had the support of the majority of the people. They sell us yet another lie as they claim to champion democracy while propping up corrupt Dictators in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

I am going to suggest that this not so much the Saudis driving US policy as vice versa. They put that King in power in Saudi Arabia after the fall of the Ottomans for a reason and these perceived snubs mean little in the great scheme of things just so long as that greater objective fullfilled.

That price of oil is still rock bottom. It hurts the Saudi's , yet hurt's the Russians , Brazil and Iran more. This is what the Empire wants.


How about if they expand it to the name from a book about TWO infamous families - "House of Bush, House of Saud"? I'd watch it if it included prosecution and prison time for the respective criminals.


The hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy continues to take my breath away. We will get in bed with the worst people imaginable as long as our "interests" are maintained, ie. for "resources" or geopolitical strategy. Looks like the Bushes aren't the only family that sucks up to the Sauds.


Hmmm, Syria has a voter turnout of 73% and we have a presidential turnout of 50-55% and midterms of 35% and we are calling theirs a sham! Our dog and pony show, muilti-bllion dollar "elections" are the real sham. Our government redefines the word "shameless".


"Let's roll!" Heads, that is...


If this isn't disinformation, then it's 100% ignorance.

One poster insisted that WE is just a "rhetorical frame." The use of a particular framing--whether rhetorical or not--is intended to set up consensus.

Just who is it that is getting into bed? Is it you or me? Of course, if you are in the military, you might identify with such a frame.

And who is it that will benefit from ARMS deals with the Saudi? Is it the average American citizen or the war profiteers and war criminals and other misfits who have climbed to the top of the U.S. hierarchy due to owning the morals of sociopaths?

STOP conflating what's done by specific interests for their own purposes with the alleged will (and to the alleged benefit) of the American people.

The nation's infrastructure is collapsing.

Family after family is fighting Fracking operators poisoning their water, or as is the case in the city of Flint, a city manager setting them up for a "sacrifice zone."

Public schools are closing.

Close to half of U.S. citizens live paycheck to paycheck.

Wages have NOT kept up with the cost of living.

My point is that for most people, their quality of life has been REDUCED since 911. So this CANARD that what's good for weapons' contractors somehow comports with benefits to the American people, at large, is just that.

It's phony. And the type of argument meant to prop up the military industrial complex by pimping the argument that its interests are also those of the nation's citizens.



Another illusion meant to assert consensus where there is none.

Who is this WE that deems their elections a sham? Could it possibly be the talking heads employed by the MSM to stay ON point, repeat the same Official Narratives, and thereby give the majority of viewers "their" opinions... a job that you're doing right here.

Chomsky termed it: "Necessary Illusions--Thought Control in Democratic Societies."

(P.S. It may not be necessary to have you arrested.)