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Defending Public Schools, Demonstrators Greet Betsy DeVos at ALEC Annual Meeting


Defending Public Schools, Demonstrators Greet Betsy DeVos at ALEC Annual Meeting

Julia Conley, staff writer

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was met by hundreds of protesters in Denver on Thursday, where she spoke at the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC.

Demonstrations outside the Hyatt Regency included teachers and parents who disapprove of DeVos's agenda, particularly voucher programs (also known by the innocuous-sounding term "school choice"), a pet cause of ALEC, as well as for-profit education companies.


WTF… the secy of education, Ms. Devoid (of brains) attending an ALEC meeting. Everything about that picture is nauseating. A major donor to the cause meets with her paid pals while simultaneously working to dismantle public education in the US…with their blessings, of course, as they will profit mightily from privatization. What an effing pigsty the entire U S cabinet is…


Betsy Delouse is an Amerikkkan joke, who bought her seat at Mafia Don’s table. The Mango Mussolini has also surrounded himself with Erika Prince’s slimy mercenaries. He seems to be ready , when it comes time to remove him from office. When Donald goes so too does all his Henchpeople.


This can’t really surprise you can it?
She’s the Sec. of Education to destroy it.
The most disgusting thing to me is the Dems. helped confirm her.


Repealing the 17th Amendment is at the top of the agenda at this ALEC meeting.

Repeal will result in governors and state party bosses appointing US Senators…the way it was done prior to the 1913 amendment that enabled a popular vote to elect Senators.



Kudos to the ever growing numbers of the toiling and impoverished classes that are protesting against the privatizing oligarchic scum that is rising to the surface of Trump’s putrefying swamp. Allow the protesting lead to rebellion, passive but noisy if one must. Think Zuccotti Park. As I like to characterize the Dem Party, which passively stands on the sideline, it is as dead as Monty Python’s dead parrot - with a head that has already rotted and only the body remains intact.


Where would we be without those teachers and the nurses?


Got to hand it to DeVos - she’s dropped all pretense of her intentions. Not that they were ever much of a secret. Break teacher unions, funnel money to christian schools and control what students are taught by privatizing. Oh, and there’s that little obsession of the right about making profits on public money.

Did anyone notice the Secretary of Education (much less Obama) meet with the teacher’s union when Wisconsin employees were under attack? Nicki Haley had no qualms about stating that she’d do everything in her power to keep PRIVATE unions out of South Carolina. Can you imagine? The state’s highest elected official taking a stand on the labor/capital rift - in my opinion, the underlying issue driving all our problems. When will a democrat make a corresponding stand for labor?


Ridicule her at every turn. She hates that since her middle finger salute is rooted in her belief in her wealth-grounded superiority. Big enough demonstrations, you know, where people rush the podium, will similarly scare the arrogance out of her. But only ongoing extreme protests toward her agenda will stop her. And don’t argue that we must be civil in our approach. There’s nothing civil about her desire to create an elitist order whose main goal is to eliminate those who don’t fit its profile. It’s her and her vicious anti democratic game plan that must be eliminated, by any and all available means.


I want to know how to kill ALEC, the creepy shady shit hole created by the Kochs and the rest of the winger dingy oligarchs.
DeVos is a symtom.


Not surprised, just disgusted at how overt the corruption is and how unashamed the likes of DeVoid are with their cozy relationships with corporate criminals. As for the Dems contributing to her confirmation, they battled to the end and there was no way getting around the Repug stranglehold on the Senate (and House): “After a heated debate Tuesday morning, senators on the Health, Education, Pensions and Labor Committee have voted 12 R -11 D along partisan lines to support DeVos’ nomination, sending it to the full Senate for action.” Had two R’s (Collins and Murkoswski, say) used their consciences before voting, DeVoid (of brains) would be back in Michigan organizing fundraisers, leading bible study groups and attending ladies" (wealthy, of course) luncheons. Party over people…the ongoing GOP slogan.


I was at that rally. The disgusting thing is our Denver School Board is aligned with her agenda and policies. The ONLY thing they differ from is her voucher system, other than that they are DEVOS people. They all are supported by DFER, Democrats for Education Reform which is all about privatization, charter schools, school closures (mostly minority neighborhoods and a phony 'Choice" process which just diverts students to the nearest charter school where teachers are unlicensed and way underpaid. The turn over rate is crazy high in charter schools… Check out this young girl putting the Denver School Board in check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSTg6gl2Tho (The 19 year old young man standing next to her is Tay Anderson who is running for school board and trying to unseat one of these DFER school board members) Our Denver Our Schools is fighting to vote out 4 of the incumbent school board members this fall. Check out Our Denver Our SchoolsFacebook page and join the email list!! There are many Democrats that fall in line with her privatization scheme, it’s not just Republicans! Our superindenent has ruined our neighborhood public schools with the same DEVOS policies. Check out a group called Chiefs for Change (linked to Jeb Bush) and see all the superintendents around the U.S. on their membership list… just trying to transfer our public schools to corporations to profit off our kids and tax money! So shady!!


You’re right , I miss spoke about the vote.


Well, what the Democrats did is right in line with what they always do-no mater how repellent, potentially felonious, etc the nominee is they roll over, play nice, and pretend it’s business as usual. They would normalize a nuclear attack. This started in earnest under Reagan-James Watt, Secretary Of The Interior. And the wussed Dems just sailed it through, while the Sierra Club and all the environmental groups were screaming bloody murder. 1980, I was 22, an as I’ve said, the whole thing soured me permanently on this carny country. What a fucking joke.


Where would we be without the teachers and nurses? Mostly dead and/or illiterate. Perfect for slaves in a precious gem mine hidden away in the third world. Supplying baubles for Trump’s amoral toilet paper friends.